LYNWOOD (CBS) — Family and friends are mourning the loss of a senior who died after being stabbed several times at South East High School.

cindi santana Family Mourns Loss Of South East High School Senior

Victim Cindi Santana

Cindi Santana, 17, succumbed to her wounds hours after police say she was stabbed by her boyfriend in the school courtyard Friday afternoon.

“Just a wonderful, amazing student at South Gate,” LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy said. “The family is beyond grieved. It’s the worst thing you can imagine could happen to you. I spent some time with them and my heart is broken.”

Police identified the suspect as 18-year-old Abraham Lopez, a fellow senior at South East High School.

He was arrested immediately following the incident and through further investigation, was believed to may have also placed an explosive device in one of Santana’s family members’ cars.

That led to an hour-long search at Saint Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, one that turned up nothing.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reported that two others — a student and a school dean — were injured while trying to stop the attack. They have since been released from the hospital.

“When something like this develops, you know, it’s difficult to understand it if somebody gets stabbed. But then when we lose a student as a result of that, let’s face it, there isn’t anything worse,” LAUSD Police Chief Steven Zipperman said.

Meantime, grief counselors will be made available to students at South East High School on Monday, as well as to the victim’s family.

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Comments (20)
  1. Latravelingman says:

    Abraham Lopez deserves the death penalty (with a knife) but that is a joke here in Ca. So just give him life and us tax payers will foot the bill (3-4 million$).

  2. dave says:

    I get why the family would want/need to talk to a grief councelor, but why do they need to supply them to the student body?? when i was in high school one of our girls got nailed right out front of the school as she left with her boy friend on his motor cycle he was drug half way down the block and she died when her head hit the curb no one brought in councelors for those of us that saw it happen and non of us needed one seems like a waste of money to me

    1. jim says:

      you must be in the tea party. “so what you just saw someone get stabbed to death on the lunch line…walk it off”

  3. dave says:

    i saw the girls head go SPLAT on the curb i saw her boy friends leg get riped off so yes seeing a stabing would not cause me to need a shrink it does not impact me she was not my family did it suck YES did i feel sorry for her family YES but tell me this what good would it do to talk to a shrink?? would telling what i saw remove it from my mind? would it in any way shape or form change what happen NO IT WON’T so it is a pointless thing to do

    1. Art says:

      Your a perfect example of why counselors ARE needed. People like you are so numbed out to their feelings they don’t even know it. You probably have not had a good cry in a long time.
      People like you end up on Alcohol & drugs and don’t even know why.

      1. dave says:

        what i am saying is this. THE SCHOOL AND OR CITY OR STATE who ever it is providing the councelors DID NOT KILL THE GIRL its not their duty to provide councelors. plus i see no point in PAYING for such things if your upset by something you saw talk to older family, friends, your minister or something of that type. i was once FORCED TO see a councelor after some events on a prior job. a co-worker who was upset because her husband left her shot her self in the office. YES the events bothered me but all the councelor did was have me talk about it, tell her what i saw what i did and how i felt about it. the company paid this woman 500 bucks PER EMPLOYEE and there were 30 of us that day. so this shrink made 15,000 off this one event and it DID NON OF US ANY GOOD WE WERE STILL SAD, MAD, OR A NUMBER OF OTHER EMOTIONS AFTER SHE TALKED TO US. we could have talked you our own ministers or family or friends and accomplished the same thing FOR FREE so its not the TALKING i oppose its the paying someone large sums per talk that i am against. and as i stated in my first post here I UNDERSTAND WHY THEY PAY FOR THE FAMILY TO SEEK COUNCEL but not why they have to pay for the students

    2. Benjamin says:

      Its not about you Dave, no one cares about your life experiences. The councelors are already on LAUSD payroll you idiot. Stop crying about money. How much can you possibly make being a moron without a college education? If your mom was shot in the head in front of you, the first thing you would do is check her pockets for beer money.

      1. dave says:

        i do not and have not used rude word on any other poster here Benjamin so please do not use them on me if you want someone to respect your opinion then respect theirs. and i do have a college degree in accounting but thats beside the point you state the councelors are already on the payroll well that further makes my point if they are on the payroll and they only get called into service druing this sort of thing then they are even more a waste of money since they do nothing when things like this are not happening and equally as little when it does happen. the districts cut teachers because they can not afford them yet they can afford to have a team of shrinks on hand for events like this.

    3. leah says:

      what the hell is wrong with you’?….of course the counselors are needed for people who cant deal with what happened and need to know there is someone they can go to to talk about it and help them through a difficult time…you have major issues if you think its a waste….and how can you be so insensitive to say well she wasnt my family so its like o well….just because you dont know them personally doesnt mean that it isnt sad and tragic and its people like you in this world that make it a sad place…you seem pretty heartless to me

  4. Benjamin says:

    This has nothing to do with you Dave. How can a hillbilly be affected when your in inbread, your lucky enough to make 30,000 a year. This is about a terrible tragedy that was voilent, horrific, and could of been prevented. People like you would of taken your cell phone and token a video.

  5. dave is cool says:

    you don’t behave, biatch, that’s what happens.

    1. Marty20 says:

      U heartless azzzz hole…..»:/…..hope that doesn’t happen 2one of ur family members!!!!!..dummmmm asssss!!!!!!

  6. SUSIE says:

    Wow…People, a young girl was just murder, and your fighting over city budgets. spending…WOW. GROW the **** up. Rest in Peace Cindy. No one can hurt you now. Youre in a safer place.

  7. Alex says:

    -_-; It angers me that you people can’t understand how drastic this event was. I actually spoke to her during my 2nd period class. She was part of my day…to find out that part of my day has been distorted by some heartbroken psycho is a feeling beyond belief. May you r.i.p my little piglet 😥

    1. Benjamin says:

      Yes Alex. That was such a horrific ending to that poor girls life by a psycho who shouldn’t even be mentioned since he no longer has any value in our society since he will never spend another day in it. May Cindi’s soul rest in best and mt condolences to her family, faculty and student body at South Gate East High.

  8. Art says:

    Yea let’s not forget a very young girl Died because of an Evil deed.

    I hope She can rest in peace and We need to pray for her Familia

    1. R says:

      Yes please remember it’s not about who the heck flips the stupid bill for what. A poor girl was horribly murdered, got up in the morning , went to school and never came home. God bless her poor mother, may she find peace in knowing that her child is at rest now in a far better place where no one can hurt her now. Lord may this poor child rest in peace and in your care forever.

  9. Jose M. Palacio says:

    May the lord bless Cindy and her Family!!! Angels East, Angels West, North and South just do your best to guard Cindy and watch her while she rest!!! AMEN

  10. RasberrySwirl says:

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