LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you have a suit that’s no longer your size or your style, one Southland group wants your donation to help someone less fortunate land their next job.

“Clothes The Deal”, a program that provides appropriate business clothing to low-income earners for job interviews, is running short of supplies.

Spokesman Brad Brusavich told KNX 1070 something as simple as a gently-used suit can make a big difference towards someone’s interview performance.

“It’s really the basic things sometimes,” said Brusavich. “What to wear, as silly as that might sound, is really a critical piece of the picture.”

The group helps an estimated 6,000 people per year prepare to re-enter the job market, said Brusavich.

“Clothes The Deal” also provides workshops to help people from across the socioeconomic spectrum prepare for the job interview environment.

“We have a position for $9/hour and I’m getting people who are working their master’s degree applying for those jobs, so we’ve really seen the demographics change towards really hitting your average Joe,” Brusavich said.

The group has 11 drop-off sites throughout Los Angeles County, in addition to around 70 clothing drives throughout the year in conjunction with local companies.

For donations and other info, please visit the official “Clothes The Deal” website.

Comments (2)
  1. ray says:

    Goodwill also has a good variety of older suits too. Looking good does not cost alot of money folks so get out there and get those jobs!

  2. Still unemployed says:

    Get real folks!

    I have five nice suits with all of the extras that go with them, and over two years of unemployment. My suits have done nothing for me but the employer showing me the door.

    You need jobs to get a job!

    And I keep trying folks, suits and all!

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