SANTA CLARITA (AP)  — A Los Angeles police detective says the second car pulled out of a ravine along a treacherous mountain road belongs to an 88-year-old man missing for two weeks.

The car was found when a 68-year-old motorist missing about six days was found alive Thursday after a 200-foot plunge in the same spot in Angeles National Forest.

Detective Marla Ciuffetelli of the missing persons unit said Friday the license plate on the second car matches that of a Toyota Camry belonging to Melvin Gelfand, who was last seen Sept. 14 at his Los Angeles home.

The coroner’s office says a male body found in the car could not be readily identified due to decomposition.

The surviving motorist, David Lavau, was seriously injured but is expected to recover.

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Comments (5)
  1. Timothy McGarry says:

    Maybe they need to have a look at that road, huh? How ’bout some signs? “Smile as you go over”, or maybe ” Three days without an accident”- “Don’t crash here, they never look here.”?

  2. rich says:

    this is odd that 2 old men over ever the edge of the same piece of road

  3. rich says:


  4. wobbles says:

    So why exactly is there no guardrail there?

  5. mattymays says:

    hi have a nice xmas to every one – matt-mays

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