Judge Orders Attorneys In Conrad Murray Case To Not Speak To Media

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two Los Angeles City fire paramedics, who tried to revive Michael Jackson, testified Friday about their attempts to resuscitate the King of Pop even though, they say, they knew there wasn’t much hope.

Paramedic Richard Senneff was the first paramedic to arrive at the Holmby Hills mansion on June 25, 2009. When he walked into the second floor bedroom, he testified that he saw 58-year-old Dr. Conrad Murray in the process of moving a lifeless Michael Jackson from the bed to the floor.

When asked to describe Murray’s demeanor, he said he was “frantic.”

Paramedic Martin Blount, who arrived seconds later, described how Murray looked to him:

“He was a little flustered ma’am. He was sweating profusely,” Blount said. “And uh… he was a little agitated.”

“When I first moved the patient, his skin was very cool to the touch… I took a first glance at him, his eyes were open, they were dry and his pupils were dilated. When I hooked up the EKG machine, it was flat line,” Senneff said.

Senneff also testified he first wanted Murray to tell him if the patient had any serious health conditions.

“I asked again what his underlying health condition was. He did not respond and then… I think it was the third time, he said ‘Nothing. Nothing. He has nothing’,” Senneff told jurors at the involuntary manslaughter trial. Murray, who has pleaded not guilty, could face up to four years in prison and lose his medical license, if convicted.

The paramedic testified he then wanted to know what medications Jackson had been given.

“And then he followed that up with ‘I just gave him a little bit of lorazepam to sleep,” he said, adding that Murray never mentioned giving Jackson doses of propofol.

After trying to resuscitate Jackson unsuccessfully, Senneff testified paramedics were prepared to pronounce Jackson dead. But Murray insisted his patient should be taken to UCLA Medical Center and said he would ride in the ambulance.

While Jackson was being loaded into the ambulance, Senneff testified he went back to the second floor bedroom to pick up his medical equipment and he said that’s when he saw Murray standing next to the bed.

“He has a bag in hand and he’s picking up items from the floor,” he said.

Also on Friday, Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor had a heated sidebar conversation with the attorneys about an interview Matt Alford — a partner of Murray’s lead defense lawyer Ed Chernoff — gave outside the courthouse to “The Today Show.”

According to the Associated Press, Pastor described the interview as shocking and ordered the attorneys in the case to not speak publicly about it.

The judge ordered Alford to appear in his courtroom on Nov. 15, for a contempt hearing, the AP reported.


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