LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A female student who was stabbed Friday at South East High School during a lunchtime argument has died, a sheriff’s official said.

The girl died sometime this evening, said Deputy Aura Sierra of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau. Authorities confirmed Saturday that the victim was 17.

The stabbing occurred at about 11 a.m. at the South Gate high school located at 2720 Tweedy Blvd., county fire Inspector Matt Levesque said.

Sheriff’s officials confirmed reports that a possible bomb threat at St. Francis Medical Center this evening was related to the stabbing.

Officials have described the girl’s assailant as an ex-boyfriend. Friday evening he was identified as 18–year-old Abraham Lopez.

A male student and female dean intervened in the stabbing and also found themselves stabbed. Their injuries are non life-threatening, said officials. In the melee a school police department officer was also reportedly injured but he suffered a back injury and not a stab wound.

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Comments (46)
  1. Tammy Shaver says:

    Why the H*** was he allowed to have a knife on school property? Do we have to start making them empty their pockets and search book bags for weapons?

    1. comic_guy says:

      Looks like you answered your own question. Knives are easy to smuggle just about anywhere.

    2. nataly says:

      i so agree withyou

    3. Denise Mendez says:

      Really? That is such a broad statement it’s not even funny. No one is “allowed” to bring weapons to a school!! People do stupid things. In this case someone concealed it and snuck it in. As a matter of fact, just having possession of such a thing calls for automatic dismissal from Los Angeles Unified District as a whole.

  2. Wondering says:

    Why was a 14 year old allowed to date an 18 year old?

    1. comic_guy says:

      Conflicting reports have her listed at 17. I don’t recall many 14 year olds enrolled in high school. In any event, I don’t her parents “allowed” it.

      1. christina Munoz says:

        even if she was 14 you can be 14 in highschool , my daughter is 13 and a freshman

    2. vsencion says:

      She was 17 not 14

    3. j.ramii says:

      im a little offended by your comment. ONE HISPANIC family doesnt represent ALL HISPANICS. careful with what you say. Im hispanic and i sure as hell would care and very much so if my daughter went through that same example you just gave.

      1. JebbieBush says:

        Check out media outlets all over the country.

        I call ’em like I see ’em.

        Misogyny is the norm south of the border.

    4. nataly says:

      the girl that got stabbed was 17 years old she was a senior

  3. Dikran Krikorian says:

    every school should have a search of all the students that enter the school.you can blame the school security and the SRO for this one.

    1. Erika says:

      At 14 you should be a freshman (9th grade). My birthday is in October so I was actually 13 when I started high school.

    2. Serious? says:

      Don’t blame the school or SRO’s…blame the liberal idiots who complain if the kids are searched and the ACLU for filing lawsuits against the schools for searching students and their lockers. RIP

    3. Michael J. McDermott says:

      Hmm, I wonder whom is to blame… hmmm…

  4. Raxana says:

    I say make our schools safer and yes a 14year old can be in high school, she might of been smart, be if she were she would of know better then to date someone that old, hope that guy goes to jail, I watched on channel 9 about the bomb threat hope he get charged with it if it was his fault, that boy was sick. As a latino he gives us bad names.

  5. South Gate Resident says:

    She was in the 10th grade and he was in the 12th grade. My condolences to the Santana Family.

  6. Christina39 says:

    My consolences go out to her family and I hope the boyfriend gets life.

  7. Timm says:

    He will be charged for life.in jail.

    1. Xen says:

      The coward should be executed.

  8. vsencion says:

    I was doing some research of my own on suspect Abraham Lopez, the suspect in the Southeast High School stabbing and came upon something in the Los Angeles County Sheriff Inmate Information website that made me cringe…. Upon entering the suspects name it came back with three results. Two of them are related to the suspect. However, they both have different booking numbers. The earliest arrest had a booking number of 2889428, the arrest date was 9/25/11 at 1850. The arrest information says he was arrested and charged with a felony, his bail was 50,00.00 but it says he was sentenced to 0 days and was released on 9/27/11 at 1537. Tragically here we were only 3 days later and now, after these poor parents have lost an innocent child he is now back in jail and now has a booking number of 2895243 and is being charged with another Felony, however this time there is no bail set. Could this be true? Was he just released from jail just to commit this atrocity?

    1. South Gate says:

      sadly yes his prior arrest was for making criminal threats against her.

  9. LADriver says:

    This girl’s death is a huge tragedy for all involved. My prayers for her family and friends. High school is obviously charged with emotions. But, the suspect coudln’t handle whatever prompted his rage. He has sentenced both families to a lifetime of hurt and pain.

  10. Eric says:

    It’s clear the government needs to start controlling the buying and selling of knives, that will keep a tragedy like this from ever happening again.

  11. Stephen Caraway says:

    We should be more like Texas and Florida. They are executing these killers by the truckload. Do away with the parole system (you get 10 years, you do ten years). Impose extremely long chain gang sentences for violent offenders. I am for deterrence and those who do the crime do the time!!

  12. South Gate Teacher says:

    This is a tragic event! Students and educators lives are at risk at schools. These young minds are growing up fearless of authority and no heart for a human life. Condolences to the young girls family and to the dean who also risked her life many blessings for her recovery. This is a true example of an educators who gives her all for the students.

  13. jasmine rodriguez says:

    wow. some of this stuff is ridiculus. i went to the high school. they were both seniors, both 17 yr old.s, abraham was not bailed out a couple days ago -_- they had an argument, she broke up with him and he went a little too far. to in the city of south gate there are two h.s. south gate high, and south east high, this incident happened in south east high which this article got wrong as well.

    1. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

      “She broke up with him and he went a little too far” WOW! You Think????

    2. Jasmine's Stupid says:

      “…he went a little too far”? Boy, are you an idiot! Then again, with a name like Rodriguez you’re probably used to “your kind” beating on and killing their women. Be careful, you could be next, little girl.

      1. shey says:

        A liitle to far? He killed a life!!! how dare u say that Stupied Jasmine!!!! U sound like a selfish cold hearted person!!! its a big deal!!!! he went way out of line!! he deserves the death penalty!!

      2. your an ignorant racist says:

        “your kind”… this has nothing to do with race all women and young girls are at risk of being next.. who do you “stupid jasmine” think you are making this about race let’s not forget about statistics and the percentage pressented to all races when it comes to domestic violence.. this shouldn’t happen to no one

    3. J. Rodriguez says:

      its called irony idiots. i was trying to make the story short which a lot of people seem to have wrong. save ur racist comments, im half white half ecuadorian, “my kind” seriously? This kid has issues, always has had anger management problems, his race shouldnt be the issue.

    4. DeputyMarshal says:

      What a dope!! Murder is a little more serious than going a “little to far” If brains were dynamite you couldn’t blow you nose!

  14. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    I date many mexican women, they all fear for their lives after a break up,Mexican men are jealous with murder in their system.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You are very ignorant (and racist), many men kill because of jealousy.
      Also, why are you assuming he’s Mexican? There are lots of other Latinos with the last name “Lopez”

  15. JebbieBush says:

    Igor is right.

    They ARE misogynistic.

  16. Georgina Penalosa says:

    This tragic event should be a warning to all women not only on being careful on the person you date & choose to bring into your lives, but also the importance of speaking up against domestic violence. From what I’ve understood Cindi’s mother had expressed concern over her daughter’s safety prior to this tragedy. As parents, we need to be diligent in knowing who the people involved our children’s lives are, listen to our children & watch for signs of abuse. Teen dating violence is very real & this seems to be a very real case of it. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Sincerest condolences to the Santana family in their time of grief.

  17. nataly says:

    i dont understand why the guy whent to the extreme of stabbing well i feel sad for the girl that got stabbed and even though i didnt know he just want to say R.i.p babygirl

  18. nataly says:

    i live by southgate in watts and i dont know wat really happened i just know that the girls ex because she hyfriend stabbed her during schhol because she dont understand wad dump him the guy whent to the extreme of stabbing well i feel sad for the girl that got stabbed and even though i didnt know he just want to say R.i.p babygirl ❤

    1. nataly says:

      sorry i dont know why everything got spelled wrong but what i was actually trying to say that i live by southgate in watts and that i dont know what actually happen i just know that the girls exboyfriend stabbed her because she had dumped him but honestly the guy went to the extremed on stabbing well yeah even though i did not know the girl i just want to say R.I.P BABYGIRL ❤

  19. Maria Vaquero says:

    damn ima miss my friend sooo much…bt she in a better place knoe n thanx for all yall leaving the nice comments

  20. Taylor says:

    I’m Caucasian, so please keep the serial killer comments to yourself.

  21. south east student says:

    i go to south east and it really sucks that something like this could happen so close to home and i hate the fact that people are using this as a social event to hang out and make jokes about what happen and not honor Cindy’s memory.

  22. angelica enriquez says:

    Aww how sad!!! Tsss that girl was way to pretty for that ugly ass guy in the first place!! >.<

  23. CountSpankula says:

    You cannot and should not blame the parents for the unconscionable act of a fool who believed that if he couldn’t keep her not letting her be a free agent and fly away; he believed he should hunt it down and kill it? Domestic dating? The school grounds are to be considered hallowed grounds whereby our children needn’t fear getting killed because of an unrequited love in the mind of a determinedly sick individual. The killer, no matter how young he is, should be tried as an adult for his pre-mediated murder since he did on purpose bring a lethal weapon onto a school.

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