LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The governor of California wants to amend the state constitution to guarantee funding for county jails ahead of the transfer of thousands of state prison inmates.

KNX 1070’s Charles Feldman reports Gov. Jerry Brown hopes to make sure funding to local law enforcement agencies that will soon share more responsibility for housing prisoners won’t be hijacked by future legislation.

“Because we’re doing something new, we’re in some territory that we’re going to have to look at very carefully as we go forward,” said Brown.

The so-called realignment program — which rolls out October 1st — will move many public safety programs from the state to local governments in order to help California cut down on state expenses.

Brown said the effort will stop the early release of inmates from state prison because of a court mandate to reduce overcrowding which will now send many lower-level criminals to county jails.

“This is a viable plan that, as we work together, will not only ensure public safety, but will fix a prison system that has been profoundly dysfunctional for decades,” said Brown.

While the move may ultimately cut costs for the state, many local governments remain concerned that they might not have funding into the future to pay their increased costs.

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  1. Big John says:

    lower level inmates = people who should of never been sent to prison in the first place. but please do not take my word for it, do some research & you will find the racket they got going on. in 1981 there was 13 prisons & that included camps, now today we have 40+ prisons & each inmate cost 40.000 to 70.000 to keep locked up & you have 100s of thousands of inmates. where is this money going? you also have 100s of thousands of inmates who get money from their family’s & only have one place to spend it. please do not be so foolish as to think prison’s are about crime. sure there are people who should be locked up for life & there are people who deserve to die for the crimes they have done. but do not confuse CDCR with anything to do with stopping crime. if they stop crime they lose their job, would you do that or would the system grow the crime rate so as to keep their jobs. easy thing for you to check out. how much will a officer get paid on a regular day & how much will he get paid on a lock down day. once you know the answer to that you will start to see.

    1. wobbles says:

      lower level inmates = people who are every bit as dangerous as any other inmate but haven’t been caught enough for it to be blatently obvious. By the time someone gets to jail they’ve usually done lots and lots of time in the county jail system already. They are hardly first offenders, unless that first offense is extremelyu serious. That’s the way the system is set up. They give them the opportunity to fix themselves by only sending them to jail until it becomes obvious that they ahve chosen a life of crime and it’s time for prison.

  2. Ray says:

    If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime maybe we should ship them to other states that can housed them for less and the tax payers of California could save money. Then you have the illegals if we were to deport those then we could save money also

    1. T says:

      @Ray – Ray – they already do that … my very small town that I came from has more prisons than i can count there – and now what used to be a good community has been over run with criminals they have let out (that they promised to send back where they came from when they were released) and an area that the main source of employment is a prison – but you cant walk down the street at night….all of my very large family live there and the impact to the community is tramatic – believe me – they are already being shipped everywhere ….

  3. T says:

    You have a point – i was reading one fo these articles that said we spend over 40k to 70k to take care of them – Most medium income families in the USA dont make that much money and were spending THAT much on people that got themselves into trouble and are being punished that we have to pay for????- Why should we spend that much of our tax money to keep them in jail – instead of investing in to familes that need to eat and have a roof over their head that CONTRIBUTE to society and do whats right….Just doesnt make any sense – gotta be a better way …..

    1. wobbles says:

      Ask WHY we are spending that much per inmate while no other state pays anywhere near those costs. What are we doing wrong that they are doing right? I can tell you now. We coddle them and give them all manner of luxuries and comforts they ahve no right to whatsoever.

  4. wobbles says:

    This is a nightmare dreamed up by the liberal elite in their ivory towers. They live in their nice neighborhoods, behind their tall fences, with their security systems and guards while we the people will have to be the ones getting victimized AGAIN by these criminals. There simply isn’t anywhere near enough infrastructure to support this proram on the county level, and clearly by this article there isn’t even a viable plan to fund this nightmare….but Brown and the liberal elite don’t care and they are going to flood these monsters back onto the counties anyway. all this is in reality is an early release program.They don’t care how many of us “little people'” get hurt or killed.

    Well, if the state refuses to do it’s duty to us to give us justice, I think every citizen is entitled to take it upon themselves to defend their families by any means necessary.The state has abandoned it’s role of enforcement of the law and administration of justice, so handle your business and don’t bother calling the cops I guess. That seems to be what they want. Chaos and vigilantism.

  5. Big John says:

    everybody who posted on here this time has valid points but what we should of been doing with all the money wasted on prisons is make the American family strong. some how we lost the way where we teach our kids what is good in life, when kids learned hobby’s in school in my day they taught leather craft, metal working, wood working & so much more. life just was so much more. we need to empty the prisons by showing our kids that life has much more to offer. remember that every person in prison today was a kid that no one showed a way to a better life. we can empty the prisons & make the USA strong. it will take a lot of work & people with different points of view. not every law is a good law but if enough people with sense were to get together just think of what they could do….

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