LOS ANGELES (CBS) — B of A announced they would soon start charging a monthly fee just to use your debit cards for a purchase.

The following sites are offering practical advice on their websites:

• Cuna.org

• Bankrate.com

• Money-wise.org

• Consumer-action.org

• Consumerwatchdog.org

• Calpirg.org

• Dca.lacounty.gov

Comments (3)
  1. Cut um Up says:

    Why is advice from web-sites needed???? Cut up your B of A cards! It’s that EASY!…

  2. mark says:

    if BofA does this, I will find another bank, they are the ones that said use your debit card, it’s free, they get everyone dependent, and then they want to charge us to use it. Get em hooked and then CHARGE! Next they’ll be charging for ATM use and online banking which is so much cheaper for them, they don’t have to have as many tellers and they still want to make the public pay for their poor management.

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