FULLERTON (CBS) — The two officers charged in the beating death of a homeless man will soon be placed on unpaid administrative leave, according to the acting chief of the Fullerton Police Department.

Acting Chief of Police Kevin Hamilton released a statement Thursday stating, “I intend to place Officer Manuel Ramos and Corporal Jay Cicinelli on unpaid administrative leave, effective
October 8, 2011.”

Ramos and Cicinelli are facing several felony charges in the July beating death of Kelly Thomas, 37. Officials say four other officers were also involved in the beating but have not been charged.

Ramos, 37, is facing second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges. Cicinelli, 39, was also charged with involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force. Both are currently free on bail.

“The intent to change their pay status was made after consulting with our City Attorneys regarding law that is relevant to this area,” Hamilton’s statement continued.

“Officer Ramos and Corporal Cicinelli will be afforded an opportunity to respond to this proposed action and will have until the end of business on Friday, October 7, 2011 to do so,” he added.

The status of the four officers who were not charged in the Thomas case remains unchanged, pending the completion of an internal investigation by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the FBI.

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  1. Chrstina39 says:

    Since when do two murders get to roam the streets? And since when does a Police Department raise their bail. What is happening to this country? Kevin Hamilton has already been proven to have fasified police reports.

    1. Andrew says:


      HAVE THEY BEEN CONVICTED??????!?!??!!!??? WAKE UP!

      1. Sergio says:

        No they haven’t been convicted. But there are dozens of eyewitnesses, as well as video of their horrific crime. And they didn’t give Kelly Thomas a chance to have his day in court either did they? No, they brutally beat and tazed him while he was restrained and no longer posed a threat. I think it is you that needs to wake up Andrew.

      2. Christina39 says:

        I guess you have to agree with the police on this website. Look at the after picture of what they did to an unconscious man.

    2. S. Burgess says:

      Every Crime is bailable. The question is in providing for bail is are they a flight risk and are they a danger to the community. As suspended police officers, there is no opportunity to perform the duties that allowed them to be in their current predicament and the flight risk question is answered by the amount of bail. There is no other question that is applicable. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not the press.

  2. Christina39 says:


  3. joe achtner says:

    I’m interested to know if the Fullerton DA has any intention of releasing the video showing these cops, specifically showing the actions of the four that weren’t charged. Why didn’t those four do anything to stop this? If they weren’t complicit in murder, which I think they were, at the very least they are true cowards. Speaking for myself, I know I would have been in the middle of those cops, doing what little I could to protect that poor defenseless man.

    1. Andrew says:

      “Speaking for myself, I know I would have been in the middle of those cops, doing what little I could to protect that poor defenseless man.”

      Sure Joe. Keep dreaming.

    2. MIKE says:

      they would have ate you -up, just like they did kelly thomas!!!!

    3. Christina39 says:

      There is a basic human instinct in human beings to jump in and help someone. I know I have done it on the street in the case of someone becoming ill or being attacked. We seem to be overcome with adrenlin and wonder later how we did it. We lose our sence of safety and jump in to help. Even on jobs where there is the threat of losing your job, you will jump in if you see a co-worked being treated unduly unfairly. IT IS WHAT MAKES US HUMAN, THESE COPS ARE NOT HUMAN

      1. wobbles says:

        “There is a basic human instinct in human beings to jump in and help someone”

        Really? Because I’ve seen upwards of 100 videos of accidents or violent crimes with bystanders not doing a thing to help, and I didn’t even have to get further than watch an hour or two of tru-tv for that. Your faith in humanity is misplaced. You must be young to be this naiive.

      2. Christina39 says:

        Nope, Old and I grew up in Los Angeles and people would get involved. I am sorry but I have seen much police violence growing up in Los Angeles even when I was young. I really don’t post only on this subject because i just randomonly picked a subject. I have been waiting a lifetime for the police to get theirs. I knew a few millionaires who sued and won for wrongful death from the police, but must don’t get anything, just a nagging hatred.

      3. rich says:

        clearly your wrong because there were MANY MANY people there who claim to have seen this happen and NON JUMPED IN TO HELP so i would say your idea that it is a basic human instinct is WRONGGGGGGGGGGG basic instinct is to get out of the way and cover your own tail

    4. Christina39 says:

      You don’t think you are every going to see the video of rapid cobs going nuts do you now? Since this has become “show and tell” when I was 14 years old walking down a street in Hollywood with my cousin, a young Hispanic kid around 14 or 15 ran past us and was shot in the back by a police officer. My cousin never got over it, luckily I did. It didn’t how up in the papers or so are parents told us.It was the lat 50s. I have no particulars. TO: TONY F***ER HE DIDN’T GET TRIAL EITHER. HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK, I SAW IT YOU BALLLESS CREEP.

  4. Christina39 says:

    We are on earth to forgive. In histor there certainly are situations that test that belief. This is one of them. I try to forgive these thug pigs but in my heart I hope they suffer long and hard.

  5. Christina39 says:

    The bottom line is that after reading medical reports on line and eye witness accounts online and viewing videos on line. these are some pretty scary thugs. Worse than most criminals. I truly believe the cops are CRIMINALLY INSANE.

  6. Tonf F. says:

    Christina, based on your pathetic rants and the fact that you have already convicted these men without the need of a criminal trial shows how crazy you really are. The only one around here that qualifies as insane is YOU….

    1. Christina39 says:

      Based on what I have seen and experienced from cops, I may not be insane, but their criminal behavior has made me a fanatic.

    2. Christina39 says:

      Do you really need a trial to see pictures, videos, reports. What a stupid man you are. No you are a pathetic man with no balls. God forbid you are ever around when something needs to be done.

      1. Tony F. says:

        Yes you DONKEY, you need a trial in order to convict anyone in our Country. I didnt know that law enforcement officer gave up those rights when they got hired……

    3. Christian39 says:

      You’re an idiot go away

    4. Christina39 says:

      To: Tony F*** By the way, law enforcement officers did give up the right to torture, maim and murder when they joined the force

      1. Serious? says:

        They deserve to be tried by the courts, not by you. When you were born, you gave up the right to torture, maim, and murder too. Any citizen does not have that right, and if they do, they will be tried in court. Shut up and let the justice system do its thing.

      2. SB3 says:

        Actually they didn’t. What you might consider as torture, maiming and murder might also be considered as that force that is a reasonable and necessary effort to provide self defense or a defense of others in life threatening situation or using the force that is necessary and reasonable to overcome resistance in order to effect an arrest. I’m sure these concepts are too much for your bleeding heart and biased head but are what the police have to consider every second of every day. Police officers have the legal right and often the legal obligation to do whatever is necessary including kill someone in order to effectively meet their legal obligations. Most times it works out the way it should and sometimes it doesn’t When it doesn’t, it doesn’t automatically become murder, maiming and torture just because you don’t appreciate nor can you empathize with the challenges of the job they have to do.
        Who you gonna call when they come for you???

  7. lipstick on a pig says:

    one thing for sure …if the homeless person was black, everyone here would be happy. and the cop would have gotten promoted. thank god this man was white an have a father to stay in the media to get the right attention, there is nothing racist to speak about. but white an mexicans cops are viewing to many hollywood cops shows and wanting the public to see them this way. it would be great to see these two get place { accidently} in general population…in folsom. and those other cops that was there should also get a ” oh my god” from the f.b.i.

    1. Tim Lucas says:

      ya, got to play the race card like a good little liberal, ya ya, good little liberal….

      1. Christina39 says:

        I agree with you. What does race have to do with this!

  8. Christina39 says:

    If the homeless man was black and the cop got promoted I really don’t think everybody would be happy. I agree that the father got it to stay in the media. But if a cop did that to any race AND GOT PROMOTED I would be going to prison.

  9. Deutcher Konig says:

    All 6 MUST be placed in front of a jury on murder, mayhem, and civil rights violations. Many police will be killed if this case isn’t properly adjudicated.

    We still have no justice for Douglas Zerby murdered by Long Beach PD and Allen Kephart, murdered by San Bernadino Sheriffs.

    Are we all to live as soldiers prepared to enter into a deadly confrontation every time a cop contacts us? What happened to “protect and serve.” More like “kill & get away with it.”

    1. Christina39 says:

      I agree the cops are getting scary! There is no acountability for them so every sociopath who wants a license to kill, joins law enforcment. I believe we are in danger of them. I keep posting because I had my own horrible experience with them in Lancaster, CA.

      Had I been a criminal or even if I could fathom why they did what they did, I would not be always posting. They’re nuts.

  10. Jennifer says:

    My uncle patrols Van Nuys with LAPD so I get to hear a lot of legal and illegal things that go on in his beat ALL the time. What people always forget is the fact that every employer has their share of bad apples. Bad apples are usually masters at selling themselves during one on one and panel job interviews hence this is how most of them slip through the cracks. Point being, bad apples will never, I repeat never go away. Every large employers has them. Even if all 6 fullerton officers involved in this incident were to be fired I guarantee you that there are a few more in that 100+ officer city that are as crazy as that ones arrested. Unfortunately its the bad ones that ruin it for the good ones. And when good officers see other officers doing something illegal they have to look the other way and even back up the bad partner because that person who you are backing up might save your life while on patrol. It gets even worst when the officer hasn’t passed their 2 year probation. If they snitch on any officer (even if their complaint is legit) they will mysteriously not pass probation. If the community really knew what some (very few officers) do…they would have nervous breakdowns. Everything from pocketing large amounts of cash from drug dealing suspects to having sex with prostitutes…(the cute ones)…while they are ON DUTY and of course on patrol by themselves. I will stop here because the LAPD tracks my IP address and comes to interview me for speaking the truth 🙂

    1. Christina39 says:

      I think this was the sanest and most truthful commentary about law enforcement I have heard and somewhat reassuring. When I had my problems with the Antelope Valley Sheriff Dept, it was actually a sheriff with the AVSD who had it stopped. They have to go along with each other even though they are not all bad apples. Even the good ones and there are good ones turn a blind eye soemtimes for the bad ones. I hope they know who I am by the IP address. I want them to know they ruined my life for fun. Maybe in the future, they will leave old ladies alone.

      1. Erin says:

        Totally agree with you Jennifer – there is no way to filter out the loosers people hire. It’s a never ending cycle. I dated a cop once in Glendale and he told me that the 2 most famous and overly used and abused phrases they write in their arrest reports when they are falsifying (and you know they falsify a lot hahaha) was: “The suspect resisted arrest” and “There was probable cause” when in fact that wasn’t the case and they just want to get away with something they were not suppose to do. I hate cops now and wouldn’t date them anymore even if they were fine like the one I dated. Just because a city gives them a gun and fast car they act like they are God.

      2. SB3 says:

        There is no such thing as the Antelope Valley Sheriff’s Department or the AVSD. Take a government class and go on a ride along with a law enforcement officer and get a view of the real world,

    2. MrFox says:

      “And when good officers see other officers doing something illegal they have to look the other way and even back up the bad partner…”

      This is exactly right. Therefore, there are no good cops. They either play ball according to the system or get run out. If your so-called “good apples” will cover for the bad apples then the good apples ain’t good. They’re rotten to the core, just like the rest.

  11. j says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    At the corner of Calaveras and N. Park Victoria in Milpitas California two corrupt DEA allmost caused the death of an elderly lady while they where harrassing a suspect.
    The elderly lady was crossing the street about 15 yards ahead of the suspect’s car that was going west bound on Calaveras after having just pulled out of the Shell station. One of the DEA in the bus stop near the Shell station tried to gain the attention of the suspect thereby almost causing the car to hit the elderly lady. The other DEA was at the Shell station.
    Both DEA are in their mid 20s and have many years of corruption in their carreers ahead of themselves.

  12. j says:

    Several of the individuals that provided logistical support for the 9/11 Al Quida attack on the World Trade Center are currently residing in Milpitas California.

    They may include several former and current employees from the C.I.A., D.O.J., D.O.D, pre- Home Land Security agencies and non-governmental agencies.

    Most Americans realize that not one person involved with helping the 9/11 attacks occur have ever been brought to justice.

    Yet how is it that majority of the terrorists could not speak English, 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland, take flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers, they needed lodging, several of them where on State department terror watch lists, etc…

    It just makes sense that a logistic support network existed before and after the attacks. After the attacks they helped mislead the 9/11 investigation by capturing patsy’s designed to take the fall.

  13. MrFox says:

    All six officers beat a man to death after he was clearly unconscious or they watched as others beat a man to death who was clearly unconscious. All six should face murder one charges. Afterwards, all six should face the pillow for about 20 years.

    1. Christina39 says:

      I have to admit the cops were all rapid dogs on that August night! They were going to “kill” somebody that night. Kelly Thomas was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  14. Lawrence Shields says:

    Jump in and help someone a policeman has in custody has a name. Please someone tell me what it is called. I know it is not called the chief of police. Nor is it called being a good samaritan. The report would call it obstruction of …. But we all have the name on the tip of our tongue. Cop killer is not correct either. Reply here to be the winner.

    1. MrFox says:

      The ones who file habeas corpus is usually called an attorney.

  15. Lawrence Shields says:

    P.S. The winner should receive an award of some kind. So please recommend such with your reply.

  16. BeMySanQCellmate... says:

    I call dibs on the one with the crazy eye.

  17. Christina39 says:

    Mr. Fox. It is so true that all cops jump on the bangwagon. When I had my harrasment problems, that is what the sargeant told me. It really is a “gang’ mentality. It seems like psychologists are correct when they say ‘in group violence’, some people will do things they would never do if acting alone. The group hatred is spuring them on. No one is taking blame. These are not the kind of people we need on our police forces. We don’t need people on the police force who are capable of “gang” thinking.

  18. Christina39 says:


  19. John says:

    A uniformed mob, of union-protected, sadistic, thug-cowards brutalized a lone 135 pound, mentally ill homeless man that night. This gang-banging band of sadistic cowards either directly murdered Kelly, or insulated, protected and enabled the murder of Kelly. While Popeye and his fat little bloated, refried hispanic girlfriend were charged criminally, the other four should have been charged as well. SIX (not five, not four, not three, not two, not one) SIX! nimrod cowards were on that scene.

  20. Lin says:

    Shouldn’t Obama be placed on unpaid leave for not doing anything for our economy but spending money like there is no tomorrow?

  21. sscarzz says:

    What do their home computers reveal?

  22. jamie says:

    how come the other four did not call time out for Ramos and Ciicinelli and it would have all gone away if it were not for the witmess and the father
    and these murders could have gone on to murder again and just because
    you put a uniform on a person this does not change their charactor and also
    the one in the station watching in live time this going down and did nothing
    is a accossary to the fact and all should be chargee and watching the video
    and then swaying the report (falseifying) is a crime and all shoud answer

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