Frisky And Risky: 2 Southland Cities Rank Among The World’s Most Promiscuous

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — It seems Americans, and Southern Californians specifically, aren’t very good at practicing safe sex.

An OKCupid survey says three cities within the state – two in the Southland – are among the 10 most promiscuous cities in the United States.

While Portland, Ore., topped the list, San Diego came at No. 9, followed by San Bernardino at No. 7 and San Francisco at No. 5.

This data becomes even more alarming when looking at a different survey released earlier this week.

“Your Right to Be Informed about Contraception,” which was compiled by various coalitions for World Contraception Day on Sept. 26, shows widespread ignorance of contraception methods and alarmingly levels of risky unprotected sex among people ages 15 to 24 across the globe.

The survey shows how 28 nations stacked up when it comes to the percentage of sexually active young people who acknowledged having unprotected sex with a new partner.

Thailand and China topped the list, followed by Estonia at No. 3. The United States, however, came in at a dubious No. 4, with 53 percent of Americans practicing unsafe sex.

  • Kevin

    How about a world abstinence day or just teaching the truth about sex and relationships.

  • greg

    blow me

    • ???

      greg-you want kevin to bl0w u??

  • alabi2k

    how about the rest of the list..4 out of 10?

  • wgaf

    Crack wh0res.

  • Alan Walsh

    Oh Boy! We’re promiscuous!

  • Jeff

    The article states “Cities”, Thailand and China aren’t cities.
    The article should of had a “link” to the survey.

  • HollywoodSaint

    I would say Santa Monica is one of the most premiscuous. my ex-girlfriend was with the whole city I think. thank god for penicillan

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