LAKE FOREST (AP) — Ducks are dying from some type of toxin in an Orange County city’s lakes and watersheds.

In the past two weeks, residents of Lake Forest reported finding dead mallards in the lakes and on nearby grass.

The Orange County Register  reports Wednesday that more than 30 hens and drakes were reported as dying or dead a week ago. The number has doubled this week.

Ryan Drabek, director of OC Animal Care, says botulism is suspected in the deaths, but that has not been confirmed.

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Comments (14)
  1. clay says:

    Only 30 ducks a week?Aren’t ducks allowed to die?.Are there only 59 ducks in Orange county and over half of them died? I’ve seen more ducks die just outside the blind in 10 seconds.

    1. Rick says:

      You need another Bong Load!

      1. ??? says:

        thats funny

  2. JR says:

    Genetically engineered products are killing animals all over the world in large numbers. Cell towers are killing the bees, and OWE BAMA is killing all of us.

  3. ??? says:

    it’s probaby some mean person with 2 much free time

  4. Dalaomei says:

    I am reasonably sure its the Cantaloupe that’s killing them off.

  5. Tom says:

    Probably mallard overpopulation forcing them to eat where they would not before. Mallards love all this golf course and water trap stuff in these high end areas, and stay permanently, rather than migrate. Mallards and coots breed like mad, so you end up w/tons of ducks in non/hunting areas. Die-offs generally follow upswings int the population.

  6. Jefferson Davis says:

    It’s these escaped Negro slaves off the plantation killing these ducks! These coloreds need a good horsewhipping.

  7. charlie says:

    Homeless people using the Lake as their bathroom, too much beer & chips in their waste.

    1. MIKE says:

      is that what your taste buds say, chucky ducky!!!??? LOL

  8. Corinne Anderson says:

    Horrible. Poor ducks.

  9. Corinne Anderson says:

    Is this “OC Animal Care” or anyone else at least treating and saving the poor ducks and mallards that are still alive but sick?

  10. Hom Fong says:

    I will pick up the ducks for free and put them on the menu.

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