South Pasadena Police Looking For Man Pleasuring Himself In His Car

SOUTH PASADENA (CBS) — South Pasadena police were looking Wednesday for a suspect they said exposed himself and masturbated in front of a 17-year-old girl while sitting in his white Honda Civic.

The incident occurred about 3:45 last Thursday and police have been following up on suspect since. The teen said she encountered the man in the 1500 block of Diamond Avenue.

The man is described as heavy set, Hispanic and with a dark complexion. The car is believed to be a 1995 model.

Anyone with more information about the suspect is asked to call police at (626) 403-7270.

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  • CorteztheConqueror

    Hispanic? These people have NOTHING in common with Spain or Spaniards. He is just another DUMB ASS INDIAN.

    • YOUR DAD

      Wow.., The Irony. You’re calling someone dumb yet by your ignorant post, it seems you dropped out of elementary school. Go back to school son.

  • J.P. in L.A.

    So What? If that turns her off, don’t look at him.

    • Tammy Shaver

      Oh, you must be the one who exposed himself than huh? Tell us how many teenagers you have masturbated in front of than?

      • Jeezus

        ya Juan Pablo.

  • ???

    poor kid had to witness that horrible sight of a loser with too much time on his HANDS

    • Johnny

      I think he had more than time on his hands! LOL!

  • ashesh

    wow! how are you going to say hes a DUMB ASS INDIAN? thats a racist statement!

  • Speed E. Gonzalez

    me wan to pound my pud pretty girl pleez watch…

  • JackMason

    lol, guess the 17 year old cutie was not impressed lmao!

  • jim

    if not in your car, then where?? if you ask me this guy was doing the decent thing. people need to mind their business.

  • Cynthia

    unless the car door was open and unless he CALLED her over to see this i dont think there was a crime it may be a gross thing to do in the car but i would not call it a crime if he did not CALL HER over then that means SHE looked into his car in which case she INVADED his pvcy lol

    • Michael J. McDermott

      Absolutely. He needs to call a lawyer. This is a clear cut case of invasion of privacy. He should call a lawyer and sue their axx. I hope he wins his case and teaches these people a lesson.

  • c-gas

    It’s always a fuking dirty bottom-feeding mexican. Someone should be able to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger. It’s only a question of time until he rapes a woman. This guy needs a serious beat down.

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