NEW YORK (AP) — Negotiators for the NBA and its players have met for about two hours and will talk again Wednesday.


Both sides said the shortness of Tuesday’s meeting is not cause for concern nor optimism but that they needed time to think about what had been discussed.


Commissioner David Stern hints that Wednesday’s session will determine when more discussions are warranted.


With training camps postponed and a week of exhibition games already canceled, players and owners are trying to agree on a labor deal in time to avoid any further damage to the NBA calendar. The regular season begins Nov. 1. To start on time, an agreement must be done by mid-October.

  1. Ron says:

    Is there really ANYONE that is NOT a UNION member or relative of one, that feels that in THIS DOWN economy, that the NBA players have ANY reason to COMPLAIN about what they have? GREED, GREED, GREED. Were they reading the book written for the UNION grocery workers?

    And DON’T give me the UNION CR@P, that the wealthy owners should share some of their BILLIONS of dollars of Profits.

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