LANCASTER (CBS) — Six children were injured, two of them critically, when an allegedly drunken driver overturned her sport utility vehicle near Lancaster.

The accident happened about 6:15 a.m. Sunday and resulted in an unspecified number of children being ejected from a 2002 Toyota Sequoia as it drifted off Avenue I and onto a dirt shoulder near 65th Street East, said Sgt. Denise Joslin of the California Highway Patrol.

The SUV reportedly rolled over four times.

The two children who were critically injured were identified as a 1-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, both of whom suffered head trauma.

They were airlifted to Antelope Valley Hospital. The boy also had a foot amputated and lost part of another leg, according to KCAL9’s Edward Lawrence. The boy was later transferred to Kaiser Foundation Hospital on Sunset in Hollywood.

The 4-year-old girl has been taken to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The other four children, whose ages ranged from 10 months old to 11 years old, were also taken to the hospital with moderate to minor injuries.

The driver, identified as 31-year-old Stanesha Nicole Allen of Lake Los Angeles, was rushed to the hospital with moderate injuries and was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict reported that Allen lost part of a finger in the crash.

“She going to remain in the hospital for a couple of days,” Joslin said. More criminal charges are pending.

Three of the six children reportedly are Allen’s biological children, two are believed to be foster kids and one is her niece.

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Comments (30)
  1. Phoebe says:

    Unfortunately I’d have to agree with the above comment. No doubt no one has any health insurance either, therefore the taxpayers will foot the bill for everything (via Medi-Cal). Of course it’s very sad for the kids, but the 31 yrs. ADULT made a pretty bad choice. If they were ejected, wouldn’t that indicate that they weren’t in car seats and safety belts?? Oh, but the tradegy will probably be enough for her to have to live with, besides the prisions are over crowded already…Slap her wrist, pay her medical bils…

  2. Phiilip says:

    Drunk at 6am? sounds like me in Ensenada in high school. At the pool..not driving a car though.

  3. Martha Perez says:

    Why does everyone assume this woman is illlegal what if she is white, black or asian. Regardless of her race what she did was horrible and she will have to live with that the rest of her life.

    1. Martha Perez says:

      I have driven in this city for many year and mexicans are not the only ones that don’t strap their kids.

    2. DaveinLA says:

      gentetically? Total ignoramus. I am glad people like you post on the websites, so the American people can see your hatred. The hatred that you foster- THAT is what is wrong with America these days.

  4. todd says:

    She is black, her name is Stanesha Nicole Allen. It is on the L.A. Times website. They posted a picture. Now you can make more ignorant, racist comments.

  5. Martha Perez says:

    Ok kobe and dave don’t you guys feel stupid always asumming that she was a mexican.

  6. Class of 78 says:

    Good job Martha looks like you popped there hatred balloon…

  7. Ray says:

    When are we going to wake up and stop worrying about smokers and start protecting the public from drunk drivers. These officials that want to band smoking being a public safety issue should spend more time on drunk drivers instead until then how many more children or for that matter how many more citizens are going to be hurt or killed while they keep taking money from the beer and wine industry.

    1. Brian Andrews says:

      Actually…smoking kills alot more people (even counting only people who don’t smoke) than drunk driving does.

    2. Tasha says:

      You’re right…

      Drunk drivers are driving around in a weapon. I had a friend killed a few months ago by a drunk driver, and it’s sad that his wife and two children are without a provider due to someone hopping in a car while under the influence. This really sickens me.

  8. faith says:

    martha,, stop with your stupid replys

  9. Dawg Jones says:

    OK thats really anooying dude. Seriously.

  10. Mel Gibson says:

    It is hatred derived from repressed childhood Pain & Trauma. Until Children stop having Cildren this is the way it will always be.

  11. The nerve of this drunk cow says:

    Well… here is a nice shot from her Myspace page. She is making fun of a plane crash. She says, “this could be us…Not..real G’s dont go out like that..”.

    That’s right, you drunken fat turd… Real G’s get drunk, flip their car, and kill their bay-bays.

    Go see for yourself:{%22ImageId%22%3A8402785}

    1. Brian Andrews says:

      You basically just pointed out a cookie-cutter statement any black “female” would have made…typical. Real G’s…who talks like that anymore.

      1. m says:

        “cookie cutter statement any black female would have made”. are you serious? how do you know that? have you heard all of us speak? don’t measure us all by a single yardstick. like everyone else that’s measure individually, we don’t share the same brain, or manner of speaking.

  12. 1944victoriam says:

    I can’t even tell you how much I detest this stupid, selfish woman. She doesn’t deserve to have children, much less get paid to take in foster children. It is sickening……………….

  13. Koli El Abuelo says:

    Foster Children… sounds like the ones who were camping in Iran…

  14. Tony P says:

    I hate white people

  15. Dr. Jig A. Boo says:

    looky heah- dat womun be my wife yo an she is nice n sweet . she nevr drunk so this artkle bullsht.
    yall can kiss my blak azz

  16. u guys are dorks says:

    Every single person posting here is a Rhodes Scholar.

  17. FAITH says:

    With a name like Stanesha it should have been obvious she was black.

  18. m says:

    i hope they’ll all be healed. unfortunately the children suffered the worst, and because of the negligence on the driver’s part, she stands to lose all of her children to the foster system. geez, what would possess her to pick up the children after she had been drinking? couldn’t someone have stopped her at the event she attended….all of this was avoidable had she thought better, and had someone stepped in. so unnecessary!!!!

  19. Ossie says:

    Revoke all foster parenting privileges, mandatory sterilization, revoke drivers’ license for a year, revoke tax credits for having children. That is, after she’s done time.

    Disgusting how people make money off of other incompetent parents’ children by becoming foster parents.. Something is seriously wrong with our social programs. No more paying money to parents to become foster parents, just food stamps enough to feed the child.

  20. Ashley says:

    wow, you all focus on things like medical care and tax payer dollars….what about the fact that someone let this dumb b*tch have a license so house foster children?? doesnt seem to me like she deserved to even obtain something like that but then again this state doesnt seem to care.

  21. Belle says:

    This is horrifying. I can’t believe the foster care system would let a woman this reckless take in 2 children. Actually, I can, because the foster care program is notorious for bad foster parents like this, and that’s sad. She clearly doesn’t care about the well being of any of these children to have driven drunk with them. I just hope these kids can pull through. I lost my little 8 year old brother 6 months ago in a car accident, and it’s definitely the most painful thing to go through. It wasn’t alcohol related and he had a seatbelt on, but sadly he still sustained blunt head trauma. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else, I just hope these kids make it.

  22. BD McGee says:

    Chances are her fingers were slippery from all that fried chicken she eats, so perhaps she is not entirely to blame.
    That is all, peace out.

  23. geeM says:

    Drunk and careless, even wreckless. Race does not matter. Police have given out her B/A content. Why was she driving ??

  24. Tasha says:

    White, black, mexican or purple, driving while under the influence is deadly. A car does NOT discriminate when it’s turned into a weapon due to an intoxicated operator. Rather a person is carting around their own kids, have health insurance, is rich or poor (remember Kennedy and Mary Jo?), young or old, skinny or fat, black or white, DUI is wrong on so many levels. It’s unfortunate that this happend, and a child has lost part of his foot.

    I hope this is a wakeup call to all of us who have driver’s licenses and go out for a good time. If you have had one or two drinks have an alternative way of getting to your final destination, which does not include you being behind the wheel of a car.

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