LOS ANGELES (AP) — Southern California grocery employees have voted to ratify a new contract with supermarket chains, bringing an end to months of conflict and averting a strike that could have crippled the industry and left shoppers scrambling.

United Food and Commercial Workers local spokeswoman Ellen Anreder said Saturday that after two days of voting, members agreed to the deal as their leaders had urged.

Union officials say the agreement — reached with the region’s three major grocery chains after a strike deadline had passed Monday — addresses concerns about funding for the employees’ health plan, the main sticking point during the months of negotiations.

The union did not release the vote totals.

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  1. Ron says:

    In another article about the Grocery Union Strike, a person tagged T.C., was very PRO-UNION.

    People, Now we Know why T.C. is SO concerned about the UNIONS. TODD CONGER, same last name as GREG CONGER(Pres. of Local 324), is a spokesman for the same Local 324 of the United Food and Commercial Workers UNION. That’s why when HE SAID, ” If grocery stores DO choose to strike do NOT take jobs at these stores and do NOT cross picket lines. You’ll not only be hurting the employees of those stores; you’ll also be hurting yourselves.” HE was just trying to PROTECT his JOB and CUSHY lifestyle !!!!

    Isn’t it interesting HOW the UNION Reps try to disguise their true IDENTITIES and make comments like they are just another member of the PUBLIC voicing their OPINION.

    The PUBLIC spoke LOUD and CLEAR. Their ANGER STOPPED this STRIKE and NOW we MUST let all UNIONS hear OUR voice. WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW the UNION to DISRUPT our lives and at ELECTION time we will TAKE BACK our COUNTRY by VOTING OUT all DEMOCRATS or any politician that SUPPORTS the UNIONS !!!!

  2. Kandee43 says:

    Right,… didn’t Jerry Brown just get voted into office? He slammed Meg Whitman, just sayin’.
    I’m with you though. It’s time to stop the bullies from bullying and intimidating the public. The last strike showed me just how immature these union strikers were. They acted like children throwing a temper tantrum. It was ugly. They would line up in a row outside the grocery store window (Von’s) in unison, stare inside the store and mock the shoppers by sticking their tongues out at us and pointing and laughing as we shopped inside. I will never forget it.

  3. LA's the place says:

    Union workers are indeed a bunch of babies. Maybe because they can’t get a job anywhere else. I will never shop at any store that employs and supports any kind of union or activity. Tehre are plenty of alternatives out there.

    1. Ron says:

      LA…, That IS the PERFECT attitude. If everyone that did NOT like the UNION’S tactics DID that, WE could FORCE the UNION stores to close down and LAYOFF UNION workers. And that would be GREAT, because then the UNION workers would be FORCED to live in the REAL WORLD !!!! LET’S DO IT !!!!

      SPREAD the WORD.

  4. Ron says:

    DO NOT shop at any UNION stores. Only NON-UNION stores. It IS TIME to BUST the UNION !!!!

  5. wgaf says:

    Yeah, Jerry Brown, the dumbf**K that aS$wipes voted into office and just gave the prison guard union two months of paid vacation/year

    1. Ron says:

      Unfortunately, California is one of the MOST UNION controlled and ILLEGAL immigrant LOVING states in the U.S. We NEED to take back our state. As stated above, start by shopping ONLY at NON-UNION stores. Then DO NOT vote for DEMOCRATS that are supported by or support the UNIONS and ILLEGALs.

      1. Sabria says:

        Ron???seriously???don’t you have a life???gosh!!!get over it!!!are u one of those disappointed wanna be scab that’s why you still keep on whining???you are the one acting like a baby ron!!!you are so unbelievable…do yourself a favor go get a life!!!and mind your own damn business!!!you really annoy a lot of people!!!my friends are talking about all your posts and we can’t stop laughing about how idiot you are!!!why don’t you give us all a favor???why don’t you shut your mouth and go flash yourself in the toilet where you truly belong!!!shut up ron!!!go get a life and job!!!you scab dreamer!!!don’t keep humiliating yourself!!!you make us wanna vomit!!!you disgust us big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Ron says:

        Sabria, good thing you have a UNION job, because with YOUR illegal immigrant ENGLISH(…”we can’t stop laughing about how idiot you are!!!why don’t you give us all a favor???why don’t you shut your mouth and go flash yourself in the toilet where you truly belong!!!shut up ron!!!”…)YOU would NOT be HIRED by any NON-UNION employer, but unfortunately YOUR SUB-STANDARD ENGLISH is all too TYPICAL of UNION employees.

        And rona scab hater, YOUR STUPIDITY precedes YOU. YOU and the UNION LOST, not me or the PEOPLE !!!!! Another example of how STUPID most UNION workers ARE. Are you and Sabria sisters?

      3. Sabria says:

        Gosh ron!!!you are still talking???you don’t really have a life huh???somebody give this ron a job so he would already shut his big annoying mouth!!!english may not be my first language but i can speak three different languages!!!how about you ron???and oh as to let you know i am not a union worker…who are you to say that a non union employer won’t hire me???do you even know me???you are the worst idiot i have ever encountered!!!And what the heck is your problem ron???everything is settled…why in the earth are you still crayon and whining like a baby???whats your problem???get over it!!!or maybe you are one of the disgusting wanna be scabs!!!you are disgusting!!!you disgust us big time!!!Rona is not my sister…maybe she’s one of the millions who is sick and tired hearing your whine and cry you little piece of cry baby a.k.a. big time f a g!!!shut up ron go get a life!!!you are irritating a lot of people already!!!you are embarrassing yourself by acting desperate and an idiot!!!And for your information i am not an illegal immigrant here!!!i am not of those stupid mexicans who just cross borders and uses fake papers!!!And just to let you know…i am a doctor.

      4. Ron says:

        Not a Doctor from THIS COUNTRY. Hope you work in an area where people can understand WHAT the HELL you are saying !!!

        And I am NOT a scab, idiot, f a g or in need of a JOB.

        Nice to know that you have contact with millions of people, but since most can’t understand YOUR ENGLISH , they must be from another country.

  6. rona scab hater!!! says:


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