Week 3 On CBS 2: Chargers-Chiefs

LOS ANGELES (CBS)– Enough tickets have been sold to lift the local television blackout on Sunday’s divisional match up between the San Diego Chargers(1-1) and Kansas City Chiefs(0-2).

The Chargers were able to sell the remaining 3,900 tickets after the NFL granted them a 24-hour extension in order to lift the local blackout.

The game will be televised live on CBS 2 in Los Angeles and Orange County at 1:05 pm. Ian Eagle  and Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Fouts will call the game for CBS Sports.

The radio broadcast can be heard on KLAC 570 AM in Los Angeles. Josh Lewin and Hank Bauer call the action from the booth and Mike Costa reports from the sideline.

Jorge Villanueva and Dante Lazcano call the game in Spanish on Pulsar 107.3 FM in San Diego and KWKW 1330 AM in Los Angeles.

  • rich

    Why has CBS L.A. adopted the Chargers and a love affair with them? Isn’t S.D. a rival of Los Angeles

    • SD Rocks

      Because we are trying to get rid of the gang element chuckles!

    • barty

      Indeed….why DOES CBS force-feed the Chargers to Los Angeles?

      Weren’t we told that one of the benefits of having the Rams and Raiders move away was that we would always get to see the best games on Sundays? (Such as Patriots/Bills yesterday??)

  • Rick 75

    We Want The raider Game Who care about the Chargers come on fans speak out !

    • SD Rocks

      If you cared that mush about them, why did you capitolize Chargers and not raiders?

  • Rick75

    ahhh come Nation ! speak out RAIDERS is LA

    • SD Rocks

      Ha, I said mush. Only nation you belong in is loser nation. We may not have that championship yet, but at least we are civil.

  • Ian

    BOOO Chargers! I want the Raiders! What the hell CBS!

  • Will Campbell

    By all means CBS do follow in the footsteps of last weekend’s coverage of the Raiders/Buffalo game: If there’s 23 seconds left in the 4th quarter and one team is in the redzone threatening to take the lead, be sure to invoke “contractual obligations” in cutting abruptly away to the meaningless pregame chatter for another matchup no one in LA cares about.

  • LARaiderNation

    BS!!! No one gives a damn about this game. The Raiders are going to win the AFC west and CBS will still follow the chargeless,

    • SD Rocks

      Welcome to Haternation. This year watch your back, as we do when we are around the criminal raiders. Although I must say they are definitely looking better then in past years. Ya never know. We shall see. But none the less, Out of here Chargers rock!

  • rich

    Even sport central has adopted the chargers as lead story, geez, why don’t they drool all over the padres too. No one is a charger fan north of San Clemente.

    • Ivan

      Thats the conspiracy….CBS, NFL and AEG have all parts to bringing the Chargers to Los Angeles…they are doing it for a reason….

  • Davp Peraza

    who cares about the Chargers, this is BS, since when does Los Angeles care about the Chargers, granted i understand that the Raiders over the years havent been Great, but the marquee game this weekend is the JETS and RAIDERS, man this is BUll, nobody in Los Angeles cares about the Chargers.

  • Captain

    My firm bought 2,000 of 3,0000 that needed to be sold. We got them at $0.45 on the $1.00. We did this because we rather have people watch the Chargers than the Raiders. If you want to attend the game, please contact me asap and I can donate up to 4 tickets per request. Donations are welcome, not necessary required. Bolt Up

    • Davp Peraza

      f your stinking ass firm

      • Captain

        @DavP Peraza: If you wan’t to watch the Raiders, then pay for NFL Sunday Ticket. You will not be blacked out due to its location. However, SD fans with the package do not have that option due to the distance and market. Another note, the man with $ always wins.

    • SD Rocks

      right here baby. Send me your info! Woohoo!

  • Who cares

    Both teams suck. I personally don’t want to watch either game.

    • SD Rocks

      R U an “all American” team fan of the Pats or the Cowgirls by chance?

  • SD Rocks

    Hey Capt, that name is all over Raiderchat. Mmhmm

  • Reggie

    Nobody outside of San Diego cares about the Chargers. The Raiders have booster cllubs all over the world. Go to the NFL website and click on the Raiders and you will see all the booster clubs. I now live on the east coast and I have met with a couple of real Raider booster clubs and there is no gang element. . Nobody ever ever talk about the Chargers back here in Washington, DC. It’s ashame that CBS don’t see it. When the Chargers move to that new stadium in LA they will be embarressed when the Raiders come to town. There will be more Raider fans than Chargers fans. CBS will find out.

  • Jaime Morales

    lol no one in san diego cares about the super chokers haha, no wonder they had to get an extension to “sellout” their game! Makes sense, there is no such thing as a san diego fan! It’s all good, plenty of places to watch the RAIDERS around here … L.A. is RAIDER NATION baby!!!

    • SD all the WAY!

      Wanker .Get out of my LA. The Chargers were born in LA. Lamer nation, dork. And I am in LA. Loser!

  • Rich

    If the Chiefs were at least competitive, it might be a fair game to show. But wtih the Chiefs losing 2 games by 50+ points, this is probably dog game of the week. THE LA area is saturated with RAIDER NATION, New Yorkers, and USC Fans. Most will watch on an alternate site or the internet. Can’t understand the lover affair with chargers by LA CBS 2.

  • Raydog

    Booo. Who wants to see Chargers vs Chiefs? Raiders vs Jets will be far more entertaining and get way better ratings here in Los Angeles. Particularly because Sanchez is ex-USC and hispanic.

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