Carson Mayor Insists He Wasn’t Trying To Get A Street Named In His Honor

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CARSON (CBS) — Critics of Carson Mayor Jim Dear say he is on a shameless hunt for self promotion by suggesting a street in the town be named agter him.

He’s facing a huge resistance from many residents and some city officials thought to be his one-time allies.

But Jim Dear told Dave Bryan, KCAL9 and CBS2 political reporter, he never suggested his own name for that street and his name isn’t even on the bill.

Whether he was behind it personally, or supported the move independently, Bryan reports one thing is sure: sparks are flying in Carson.

no to jim dear11 Carson Mayor Insists He Wasnt Trying To Get A Street Named In His Honor

His opponents are charging that the mayor is part of a push to get a street in a new housing development called Jim Dear Boulevard.

But he insisted to Bryan that his critics are going down the wrong road…literally. “They have taken advantage for their own personal notoriety and personal gain  to make me look like I’m the one proposing. And I’m not the one doing it … at all.”

Carson’s former mayor,  Vera Robles-Dewitt, is an ex-Dear friend but she thinks the current mayor is on some kind of ego trip. “He’s not worthy of the title. That is an honor that is bestowed on somebody who has truly made a lifetime commitment to our community.”

Will the Mayor get his Boulevard? At the moment, reports Bryan, the issue is being tabled for further consideration by the City Council.


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