LOS ANGELES (CBS) – The San Diego Chargers received a 24-hour extension to sell enough tickets to lift the local television blackout of Sunday’s Chargers-Chiefs game at Qualcomm Stadium.  The game kicks off at 1:05 pm.  The team now has until 1:00 pm PT Friday to sell approximately 3,900 general tickets.  Several hundred Club seats – some of the best seats in the stadium – also are available.

Tickets may be purchased by logging onto www.CHARGERS.com, calling 1-800-745-3000 or visiting the Chargers Ticket Office located at Gate C at Qualcomm Stadium.  The Chargers’ ticket office is open weekdays 8-5 pm and Saturday 10-4 pm.

If the blackout is lifted, the game will be seen in Los Angeles and Orange County on KCBS-TV, Channel 2.  Ian Eagle and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts will call the action for CBS Sports.

If there is a blackout, the Oakland Raiders and New York Jets will be shown instead on KCBS-TV, Channel 2.

Comments (9)
  1. mark says:

    LOL, why should LA be blacked out by the lack of tickets sold in San Diego? Not exactly the best way to win the city over. Maybe they should start airing Jaguar games?

  2. LARaiderNation says:

    No one cares…this is a Raider town!

    1. John Holmes says:

      Most people that wear Raider jerseys and have stickers on their cars have a shaved head, tattoos on their neck and are in a gang. They don’t even watch the Raider games, they just think they are tough because of the gang affiliation.

  3. I don't think so! says:

    No bone head,
    Raider town is in Oakland. Please do us all a favor and catch the next South West flight north, to your nation and stay there!

  4. Payne says:

    Raider fans and that team is a joke. San Diego is Los Angeles media market for the purposes of the NFL. I am okay with the poor raider fans watching this game since they don’t have money for the Sunday Ticket. Happy viewing Jr. Angel, Carlos, Juan, Trippy, Joker, and Letty

    1. Danny says:

      apparently all the people in san diego have sunday ticket so they can watch the raiders and not sell out the chargers…

  5. steveO says:

    Why call it a deadline if you get 24 hour extension?
    just shows that rules were made to be broken.

  6. ginny says:

    I’d rather see Pats games so let them black out SD games in LA. Just give us another replacment game.

  7. shoe says:

    If “Sunday Ticket” is anything like MLBTV..com it won’t matter if you are in L.A. or any surrounding areas. You won’t get the game.

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