BANNING (CBS) — A Banning man is accused of performing sex acts on a 2-year-old relative, according to authorities.

Antonio Peralta Garcia, 47, could face 15 years in prison if convicted of the felonies.

He was charged today with attempted oral copulation of a child under 10 years old and lewd acts on a minor.

Garcia, who remains held in lieu of $1 million bail at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, is slated to be arraigned this afternoon at the Banning Courthouse.

According to Banning police, around 2 p.m. Monday, officers were summoned to an apartment in the 700 block of West Nicolet Street to investigate sexual molestation allegations.

“The victim’s mother came home and found the suspect … committing a sexual act on the 2-year-old,” according to a police statement. “Garcia left the apartment after being confronted by the mother.”

He was located three blocks away, at 671 W. Ramsey St., where he was taken into custody without incident.

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Comments (21)
  1. Sick says:

    Oh my gosh, this makes me sick! My stomach is turning at the thought of what this monster did to that little girl! There isn’t a tough enough sentence or punishment that would do this kind of sick, twisted, and monstrous act justice. Hopefully the little girl is young enough that she may not remember what happened to her. This guy should be shot on the spot!

    1. X Marks The Spot says:

      Shall I suggest the spot upon which he should be shot?

  2. Rick says:

    A single bullet right between the eyes will cure the perverts problem, thats my choice for the cure.

  3. Nancee Martinez says:

    Hand him over him to the Fullerton PD.

    1. Mehilangelino says:

      His homie of those two FPD cops, would cover him come on.

      These people are notorious for looking the other way.

  4. steveO says:

    Do like the Iranians do and cut off his tongue.

    1. Mehilangelino says:

      I’m walking out of your comment…

      … …

  5. Pat Robertson says:

    was she hot? This story gives me a semi chubby.

    1. lulu says:

      You’re a SICKO as well!!

    2. Astonished says:

      Oh, I see you’ve moved over to this blog and are as eloquent as ever. Have you tried giving motivations speechs?

    3. wgaf says:

      I see you now support child molesters as well as killer cops, still letting the balls up your ass do all the talking, puS$y dumbf**k.

      1. Astonished says:

        My, my, my. Such vitriol! And you see so much from just a few sentences! Really, I could recommend an excellent optometrist and psychiatrist to help you with your delusions!

    4. wgaf says:

      Why don’t you try getting those balls out of your ass and recommend one in person, puS$y dumbf**k b!tch? I don’t see anyone disagreeing that you’re a puS$y dumbf**k.

    5. KrissyinLA says:

      Lets hope this never happens to your children you pig…. I mean really this isn’t even a subjuect to joke about.

    6. wgaf says:

      So, you stop by just to tell everyone you’re a chickensh!t puS$Y dumbf**k. Too bad it’s the balls up your ass that do all the talking.

  6. shoe says:

    Go back to tj where ya belong ya sick perv.

  7. chester says:

    Where is that fish smell coming from? I better investigate.

    1. wgaf says:

      Your ass, puS$y dumbf**k.

  8. sad says:

    I can’t believe that he may only get 15 years…should be alot longer. Poor baby + mom, hopefully they can recover from this. This guy is truly demented. Throw the book at him.

  9. KrissyinLA says:

    15 years is all he will get for that??? A guy robs a convinience store and gets more time than this…. People like this need to be put on an island away from the general public and have medical experiments preformed upon them instead of using animals. Just a thought!

  10. Sergio Torres says:


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