Redondo Beach Man Arrested After Police Say He Intentionally Ran Over Pedestrian

HERMOSA BEACH (CBS) — A Redondo Beach man is accused of intentionally running over a pedestrian following a confrontation in a crosswalk.

Jared Montes Polk, 25, was arrested Sunday night.

Hermosa Beach police say two people were walking in a crosswalk near the 400 block of Pier Avenue when Polk, who was driving a black Honda Element, came screeching to a stop, nearly hitting them.

One of the pedestrians confronted Polk who then put his car in reverse and drove directly at the two walkers.

“Polk’s vehicle collided with the victim while the other pedestrian was able to move out of the vehicle’s path,” officials said in a statement.

Polk was later arrested and positively identified by the male victim.

Officials did not say if the pedestrian was injured.

  • Astonished

    Is it just me or does this wonderful example of the human race just look like a mindless dork?

    • EverydayGuy

      The result of a brother/sister copulation no doubt.

  • Doug

    He wants to be a barrio banger.

  • Astonished

    By the look on his face, I would think he’s P.O’d because the cops insisted on arresting him. Poor baby!

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