STUDIO CITY (CBS) — “The Essential Armchair Guidebook To Winning Survivor” should be required reading for anyone thinking about playing the game and for everyone who wants to learn the secrets to making a deep run to the final jury.

Author Larry Richardson stopped by KCAL9 Tuesday to spill secrets about his book.

Based on a meticulous examination of the gameplay from the first 21 seasons, this book identifies trends in tactics that have proven successful, and behaviors that have proven fatal.

Larry’s Tips:

Study the Three Phases of Survivor

The book details the three phases of the game and explains how your strategy and game play needs to modify and adapt to each phase.

These phases are:

1. From the Start of the Game Until the two Tribes Merge
2. From the Merge until Contestants are Reduced to the Final Four
3. From the “Final Four” to the Jury

Each phase calls for a new set of objectives. Can you adapt, and will you survive?

How to Play the Hidden Immunity Idol

– 26 players have come into possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol since it was introduced in Guatemala, but only four went on to win the game.
– Five other idol-holders were lulled into a false sense of safety and were vote-off with the idol still in their possession.
– James Clement was sent packing with two idols in his pocket. What is the best way to use the Idol to your advantage? This book spells it out.

How to Vote Other Players Off and Still Win their Jury Vote

– In Survivor: Tocantins all seven jurors voted to give J.T. Thomas the million dollars even though he had a hand in voting off five of them. How did he do it? There are right ways and wrong ways to eliminate your opposition if you want them to give you their jury vote.
– Learn the secrets of voting off mindfully.

Learn the Three Reasons for Eliminating Players

In Survivor, players are targeted for elimination for one of three reasons:

1. Physical Reasons (Vote off the weak, or vote off the strong)
2. Social Reasons (Vote off the irritating, the quirky, the weird, the loner)
3. Strategic Reasons (Vote off non-alliance members, or those who could be a threat with the final jury)

– Learn the best time to take action against these threats. If you vote off someone for the wrong reason at the wrong time, it could cost you the game.

Tribe Swaps – Good News or Bad News?

– In several seasons the tribes have been swapped to break up early alliances. Learn what counter-measures you can take to make this work to your advantage.

Study the Secrets of 21 Winners

– This book applies theory to practice, and explains how each of the 21 Survivor winners made it from start to finish. After all, if you want to learn how to win this game, it makes sense to study the way each victor navigated past 15-19 opponents and overcame all obstacles to take home the title and the prize.

You will learn from the following:

▪ Richard Hatch – “The Gamesman” ▪ Aras Baskauskas – “The Everyman”
▪ Tina Wesson – “Southern Sweetheart” ▪ Yul Kwon – “The Godfather”
▪ Ethan Zohn – “Mr. Nice Guy” ▪ Earl Cole – “Head of the Recruits”
▪ Vecepia Towery – “Chameleon” ▪ Todd Herzog – “Revenge of the Nerds”
▪ Brian Heidik – “The Iceman” ▪ Parvati Shallow – “The Black Widow”
▪ Jenna Morasca – “The Flirt” ▪ Robert Crowley – “Silver Fox”
▪ Sandra Diaz-Twine – “Stealth” ▪ J.T. Thomas – “Good Ol’ Boy”
▪ Amber Brkich – “The Coat Tailer” ▪ Natalie White – “Survivor Barbie”
▪ Chris Daugherty – “The Artful Dodger” ▪ Sandra Diaz-Twine – “Stealth 2.0”
▪ Tom Westman – “The Leader of the Pack” ▪ Jud “Fabio” Birza – “Surfer Dude”
▪ Danni Boatwright – “Steel Magnolia”

For more information on the book, click here.

For more information about “Survivor,” click here.


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