OC Public Works Director, Councilman Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

SANTA ANA (CBS) — An anonymous letter obtained by The Watchdog accuses Santa Ana City Councilman and Director of Orange County Public Works Carlos Bustamonte of sexual misconduct, according to the Orange County Register.

The letter claims Bustamonte had romantic relationships with four current and former employees, all of whom worked under him.

Bustamante and one of the women “met more than a dozen times a month for more than a year either in his office or her palatial quarters he built for her,” according to the letter.

The letter writer also claims to have “steamy, erotic pictures” that will soon surface on social media web sites.

Bustamante released a statement Tuesday afternoon after word of the allegations became public: “I am not at liberty to discuss an on-going investigation; however I strongly deny the vicious and hurtful rumors surrounding my employment with the County of Orange. My family and I are confident that the investigation will disprove them and I am looking forward to returning to work.”

Bustamante is married with three children.

  • duh

    >Bustamonte is married with three children.

    Soon to be ‘was married’ and has 3 ‘estranged’ children.

    Friend of Ahnolds?

    • Jose

      or friend of the Mayor. Latins got to stick together.

  • Amy

    It’s NOT sexual misconduct unless a women says she was raped. Being married is irrelevant because this is 2011…the whole institution of marriage has gone down the drain ever since women started working outside the home. Us women wanted to be independent right? Now we are independent and are catching up with men in the cheating department. I work for one of the biggest corporations in the US and over half of all married females (all ages/races) I work with are cheating on their spouse on a regular basis. Over 80 different women! 80+ people! Once in a blue moon a married couple stays faithful…but the chances of that are like winning the lottery

  • El Señor Footlong

    “The letter claims Bustamonte had romantic relationships with four current and former employees, all of whom worked under him.”

    They must have really “worked under him.” Do we blame this on executive position as a municipal director or the inherent need to cheat that all Latinos have?

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