LAGUNA NIGUEL (CBS) — A 44-year-old Laguna Hills woman is facing charges of having sex with at least two members of her son’s youth hockey team, the Beach City Lightning, authorities said Monday.

hockey mom OC Mom Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With 2 Of Sons Hockey Teammates

(credit: Orange Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

Kathia Maria Davis was arrested at her home on Wednesday on suspicion of unlawful sex with a minor and lewd acts with a child, said Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino. She was released after posting $25,000 bail.

Davis was initially suspected of having an illicit relationship with one boy which took place over an 18  month period, Amormino said.

“The acts occurred in her home in Laguna Nigel. She would throw parties, sometimes provide alcohol to the minors. In one of the cases, the act occurred on a sleepover,” said Amormino.

Officials said the victim notified his mother of the relationship, prompting a sheriff’s inquiry.

During an investigation, authorities discovered there was a second and possibly third victim.

Of the two boys who authorities are certain Davis had sex with, one is under 16 and the other is under 14, Amormino said. The age of the potential third victim was not released.

Her neighbors were shocked to hear about the arrest.

“I can’t even imagine that she was capable of doing whatever it is she’s being accused of,” said one neighbor.

One of the hockey team’s assistant coaches said the alleged victims haven’t been members since 2007.

“It’s a terrible thing. All youth sports should be about having fun and learning to play a game. And 100 percent about making it the best thing possible for the kids,” said Steve Lefkowicz.

Investigators said there may be more victims. If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Orange County Sheriffs Department.

Comments (50)
  1. Rick says:

    Hockey can ber very problematic because of all the bait waiting around for those lonely women out there.
    Too many sticks to choose from!

  2. Realist says:

    “an illicit relationship ” with at least 3 underage children by a man would make him a serial pedophile rapist. Since the predator is a female she is a lonely hockey mom !?!

  3. ????? says:

    I thinks she’s HOT!!! lol

  4. ????? says:

    I thinks she’s HOT!!! lol

  5. Sage Advice says:

    Ugh! She’s gross. Looks more like 54.

    When I was 16, if a 44 year old woman was hot, I’d be all over her – but this hag? I would have ran the other way. Sounds like these kids were retuning for double-dipping fun; never-the-less, she is a sex-offender.

    She must have ticked them off because if she were hot, say Heather Locklear hot, I don’t think they would have reported her – they would have gone back for more.

    1. Realist says:

      And if a male pedophile looks like Brad Pit he should be banging the 13 year old girls soccer team !!?!!

      1. Sage Advice says:

        No – and I would beat the guy down. I said she was a sex offender and it’s gross. However, there IS a double standard, sorry. It does exist. Me as a 45 year old? I think she is disgusting no different.

        But truth be told, I know who I was at 16 sexually and being a precocious kid, I would have seen myself as the one taking advantage of her loneliness and divorced status if she were hot. (I would and did with a 37 year old hottie in the early 1980s and think nothing of it to this day – I had fun and I was not “corrupted” or abused, nor affected emotionally). I speak from experience as a male; I don’t speak for 16 your old females.


      2. Lizza Ronna says:

        She is not hot at all. Lock her up and through away the key..she is a pig

      3. wgaf says:

        A 37 year old “hottie,” aren’t they all … dumbsh!t.

  6. JanCorey says:

    They shoot, they score! I’ll bet the boys are quite proud and the envy of his classmates now.

    1. Realist says:

      And you sound like a female pedophile waiting for your chance at a 13 year stud ???

  7. Realist says:

    Poor divorced lonely woman 😦

    She had to have sex with a 13 year old child…. but that’s OK the predator has a v@g!n@ and she shouldn’t have to do jail time like a man.

    I am not an advocate for underage sex I just think the door should swing both ways for child molesters be it a man or a woman.

  8. Guapi says:

    Another Cougar Alert! In Orange County.

  9. yay says:

    she is not hot,but still I wish I had a broad like this when I was 14…good times.

  10. Timothy McGarry says:

    Ah. What happened to the days of the college widow?

  11. JanCorey says:

    Going to guess that the boys are not the ones actually pressing the charges, it likely the inadequate parents.

  12. Lue says:

    She looks like she was the teams slump buster.

  13. Roy Rogers says:

    When you are a boy at 12 13 or 14 and having sex with any femake, you don’t care what she looks like, you just want you puk in the net. Or wherever she wants you to put it.
    That’s the difference between a female molester and a male molester. It is a lot sweeter for a boy then a girl who is truamatized. Nice game boys

    1. Rick says:

      Is the vagin@ on a femake in this same location as a female?

  14. Retspool says:

    Sarah palin is also a hockey mom

  15. Cubby says:

    Affordable housing in L.H. near soccer field.

  16. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Looks like shes dying for a cigarette too.

  17. Jim Bowe says:

    This is a complete waste of time and resources. Haven’t the police got anything more critical than trying to get a couple of young boys to say they were “raped”. My gosh, 14 to 16 yr old boys are dreaming on a daily basis of getting sex, ya think they are being damaged?

    1. Elise D says:

      Are you serious? Read the article carefully. They were 14 years old! She got them drunk, had them to her house! Getting sex? Yes. Being molested by a friend’s mother at the age of 14, and maybe younger?
      She is a sex offender! If she were a man she wouldn’t even be out on bail. Your thoughts are distorted, and I hope you don’t have children.
      Finally not a waste of time by the police, they have caught themselves a rapist!

  18. john says:

    jeez those kids should be booked for having a relationship with somebody that looks like that!!

  19. uhoh says:

    God bless her. Why didn’t any of my teammates moms this cool when i was growing up? She is awesome. These boys must be down with the rainbow..


    she looks like a “skankasaurus”!!!!!

  21. ginny says:

    This woman is no better than a man that assaults/molests a young girl. But, while everyone is making snide remarks keep in mind that this woman has a son and it was his friends that his mother had these relationships with. He is now having to live with not only his mothers actions but the comments being made and we all need to keep that in mind.

  22. Donna says:

    It’s funny how you guys make light of an adult having sex with kids. Had she been . hispanic or black you would have asked her for life. Total hypocrites. The remarks about how she looks, and 14 and 15 year olds crying rape is despicable.

  23. Jason says:

    I wouldn’t touch her with a hockey stick.

    1. wgaf says:

      Sounds like it means you’ve had a few up your ass, dumbsh!t.

  24. Rita says:

    He does wgaf, John claims he likes multiples of them up there, and one of them always has to be Kim’s, so he claims.

  25. Tina Defongo says:

    Can I ask if Kathia Maria Davis was acting along with perps John and Kim in this alleged crime or has that not been released information yet?

  26. Art says:

    They showed her on TV. She looked a lot better than this Booking Photo. She answered the door to a reporter, but quickly closed it. I would have done her when I was 12 or younger. I would have been a Hero to all my friends.
    The laws are Goofy, but most Americans are sexually repressed.. It’s natural to have sex at a young age and what difference does it make if there is big difference in Age

  27. ??? says:

    these sad pathetic adult males & females that are always in the news, because they can’t keep their hands to themselves. Divorced or single losers that prowl on kids because they are not capable of going out and meeting other ADULTS. Poor kids in this society have a tough time just trying to have a childhood.

  28. Carol Donofrio says:

    That mom is only guilty of getting her fill!!! Was anyone forced getting the mast up??? And, forced filling the tank???

    1. Guapi says:

      Oh Carol… Thank you for that tremendous laugh you just gave me. I laughed so hard, I cried. My sides hurt and I still cannot stop laughing.

  29. HollywoodSaint says:

    its good to be young.

  30. bk says:

    sounds like a porn movie to me

  31. RUSS says:


  32. summer1 says:

    Some of these comments are really disgusting!!!! there is always the house of your child’s friend where the kids all hang out……….a jealous mom or her ex could have made these accusations………………I dont think she did this.

  33. Realist says:

    Maybe she’s not lonely.
    Maybe she’s not a wife needing attention.
    Maybe she’s not confused.


  34. ?????????? says:

    Well let me put it like this, has anyone ever tryied to play pool with a rope?

  35. john lee says:

    I’m next..i’m next…nothing wrong with banging an elderly woman as long as you can get an erection.

  36. Roy says:

    I was bangin all neighbors wives and girlfriends around my neighborhood when i was there age…

  37. john macdonald says:

    What a bunch of stupid little horney jerk off’s. In my day what she did would be considered a blessing. I guess the kids now days don’t have a clue. Dumb, and dumber …………..

  38. Dino D says:

    Sex with a wild hockey mom? I wished I would have gotten that lucky with some of the hot moms at my sports parties!!!!

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