LAS VEGAS (AP) — Floyd Mayweather Jr. remained unbeaten Saturday night by knocking out Victor Ortiz with a right hand late in the fourth round.

The punch came just after the two fighters had hugged in the middle of the ring after a head butt by Ortiz clearly irritated Mayweather. As they separated, Mayweather shot out a right hand that put Ortiz on the canvas, and he was counted out as he struggled to get up.

125486817 10 Mayweather Knocks Out An Unguarded Ortiz In 4th Round

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It was a wild end to a fight that Mayweather was dominating until Ortiz seemed to intentionally head butt him in the corner. After referee Joe Cortez took away a point and separated them, the two met in the center of the ring to resume action.

After a brief embrace, Mayweather shot out a left, then a right that put Ortiz down.

It was the 42nd straight win for Mayweather as a pro.

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Comments (10)
  1. MJ's Doctor says:

    Mayweather ended this fight controversially because he wanted to divert the attention that he was the true mastermind of the Pacquiao attepmted home burglary!!!

    1. Leticia Inuma says:

      You have cracked the case!!

      1. Lisa Franklin says:


  2. Mr. Sunshine says:

    Yes LISA FRANKLIN, “HE WON THATS ALL THAT MATTERS” Never mind about sportsmanship or humility! I bet you liked his post-fight interview too! I hope you get donkey-punched!!!

    1. Rico says:

      Yes Mr. Sunshine, you sir are not a fan of boxing. Most if not all champions are aggressive, and take no prisoners. That is the American way. Where is your judgment about humility and sportsmanship when the US decimates another country?
      And what was so unsportsmanlike about his performance? Never let your guard down in battle. Sunshine, you would make a horrible soldier!!!!! Stick to leaving comments

      1. Proud to serve the USA says:

        RICO SUAVE you are not!!! How do you equate a boxing match to U.S. war policy & tactics??? BOXING=SPORT WAR=REAL LIFE ISSUES I hope you were/are not a soldier because you sound like a DUMB, IGNORANT American!!! But yet I have proudly served in this country’s military for 20+ years to defend MORONS like you!!! You gotta love our rights huh RICO ESTUPIDO!?!?

  3. Violator says:

    I don’t know why a lot of stupid people buy his PPV fights when they know he’s gonna run around till round 12 or just plain CHEAT. It’s sad whats happening to boxing these days. it’s becoming like a reality show and not a pure sporting event like those days of tyson and the four hoursemen leonard, hearns and duran.

    I bet if manny pacquiao beats this arrogant fool, this fool will commit suicide cause he’s really in love with his Zero.

    1. GOAT says:

      Please refresh my memory and tell me which fight he ran or cheated in?

  4. John Ashton says:

    Did not see the fight but watched the highlights and any fool know you have to protect yourself at all times in the boxing ring. Lets hope Pacquiao agree to drugs testing so we can see the top 2 fighters go for it.

  5. Efren Abustan says:

    The distance between two fighter are too close to start fighting. Referee Cortez
    should be in between to start and be seen by both fighter. Only the cheater saw it
    ahead of Ortiz.

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