KFWB On Your Corner: Wal-Mart Controversy

(KFWB NEWS TALK 980) — Every time Wal-Mart considers putting one of its mega stores in another community, there’s controversy — and it’s no different in Burbank.

The chain has purchased a big chunk of property at the Empire Center and hopes to open a Wal-Mart where a “Great Indoors” store used to be.

  • Ron

    It IS because of the DAMN UNIONS !!! They do NOT want the public to have FREEDOM of CHOICE, with ANY NON-UNION stores.

    It IS time for ALL states to become “RIGHT to WORK” states and time to ABOLISH all the CORRUPT UNIONS !!!

  • T

    C’mon Walmart !!! Im a selective shopper – but still find things there made in the USA, which I buy ….Have to travel 25 miles to get to nearest convenient walmart closest to us. And I do – But I’ld rather shop in Burbank.

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