LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The 2010 honeymoon is clearly over for two high-profile California lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

KNX 1070’s Bob Brill reports a new Field Poll shows the ratings for Congress are at an all-time low, and those numbers are affecting U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

“Boxer and Feinstein are receiving record low approval ratings,” said Mark DiCimmillo of the Field Poll.

Boxer’s approval rating stands at 39 percent, two points lower than her colleague Feinstein, who has an approval rating of 41 percent.

The poll also found just 9 percent of California voters approve of the job Congress is doing — the lowest approval on record since Field first polled the question two decades ago.

While Boxer did manage to get re-elected in what proved to be a challenging year for most establishment candidates, Feinstein may not face much of a challenge from the Republican party.

“Even with bad numbers, it’s going to take a name and a heck of a lot of money to take somebody out as well known as Dianne Feinstein, even in these unfavorable times,” said San Francisco Chronicle political columnist Phil Matier.

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  1. KeithS says:

    It didn’t take long for these two to fall out of favor with me. Back in the 90’s, I remember Boxer being part of the Congressional “writing-bad-checks” scandal. She never fessed up to it beyond saying “a lot of people write bad checks.” And when Feinstein was criticized a few years after being elected for not pushing the agenda she promised voters, her comment was “people have to understand that change takes time.” They seem to me to be the perfect example of what the late senator Barry Goldwater once said(paraphrasing) “Nobody gets elected to do anything important anymore, they get elected because it is a nice paying cushy job.” These two get their photo op during women’s rights issues but not sure I can recall them doing much when corporations were bolting from CA.

    1. lawrence says:

      We know their faults. Send them an email and see what they don’t do. Then you will know both. Kowing what people don’t do and that they have faults is for us to stay away from them even with a ten foot pole. Touch it and you will get it on you too.

  2. Duh! says:

    It is about time Californians woke up to these two “Raise taxes first, cut spending only after we have squeezed every last penny out of the tax payers seventy-third (or never if they can make that happen)” politicians.

    1. lawrence says:

      You got it they even invented a DMV tax on out of state cars then I got my money back years ago when they got sued or caught.

  3. brian says:

    That seems way to high.

    1. lawrence says:

      Yes when you play God you go by this: Psalms 139:6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.

  4. FOX MULDER says:

    I’m from Califonia and I say it’s way past time. I hope things continue to go south for these two.

    1. lawrence says:

      South is a good direction hpoe it leads away from the White House.

    2. lawrence says:

      Is south far away from the White House?

  5. AG says:

    What a misleading headline! The headline implies that Boxer and Feinstein have 9% approval ratings, which they do NOT. Very irresponsible journalism.

    1. lawrence says:

      I agree matches the canidates.

  6. lawrence says:

    I would just like her (Boxer) to answer the mail. Seems the Dept of Ed wants $350 student loan back from 35 years ago plus $650 interest after the school burned down and she couldn’t finish. Is congress working or not. They were 35 years ago. Now my wife can’t get her FASA money to go back to school. But Obama says put mothers back to school here’s the money.

  7. Leslie says:

    Why did CA vote for them in the first place?? I sure didn’t!

    1. noneoff says:

      Because they were better then the Republican alternative!!!

      1. Ron says:

        @Numnutts, I mean noneoff, OBVIOUSLY THEY WERE and ARE NOT better than their Republican alternatives. We still are in NEED of JOBS and they continue to FORCE companies to FLEE to other states that are business FRIENDLY, like Texas.

        So YOU are WRONG.

      2. walshal1 says:

        That’s why California’s in such “great” shape.

  8. Trumangal says:

    Ya gotta love these “polls”..which conveniently don’t say who they polled or how many, let alone the slant of the questions! Boxer and Feinstein are doing fine, as far as everyone I know is concerned..I’d say there are a few above..clearly like those in this faux poll..who are just reicht-wing shills and probably don’t live in CA or anywhere near it! Nice try R’ubs!

  9. Ron says:

    Well, the Republicans were recently helped out by the loss of Boxer and Feinstein’s campaign money. Thanks to a person who felt that she could better spend the campaign funds for her own benefit.
    Maybe now the 2 politicians can feel how we taxpayers have felt for too many years. Money stolen from us and used for someone else’s benefit.

    1. Ron says:

      And I am NOT talking about ROBIN HOOD.

  10. Joe says:

    These polls don’t have any effect on the stupid California libs. The state is in the toilet, and the stupid libs voted even more democrats to the state legislature in the last election..

    1. walshal1 says:

      Will the last taxpayer who leaves the state please turn out the lights? When all the businesses are gone, maybe the liberal movie stars can pay all the bills.

  11. zograp says:

    Boxer and Feinstein are doing bad-

  12. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    two old jewish american princesses, lifetime poloiticans, neither ever worked a day, both married to billionaires, ENOUGH!

  13. Jim says:

    Boot their butts out! All they have done is hurt California the entire time they have been in office. I challange anyone to list any legistlation either of these two have sponsored that didn’t hurt California.

  14. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Boxer reminds nm of Judge Judy.

  15. John says:

    You do realize you can be a Republican because you actually believe in things like lower taxes, tougher criminal penalties, and personal accountability, don’t you? I’ve lived in this state my whole life, All of my family are Democrats and union supporters and I’m still a Republican. I want better law enforcement, lower taxes, and fewer regulations so that local businesses can prosper. It’s ridiculous what kind of hoops the bureaucracies create for law abiding people with small businesses while the very CEO’s you all complain about here just shrug and send their jobs overseas. You can’t blame them for wanting to make money. That’s why they got into business in the first place. If you want to keep the jobs, make it attractive for them to stay here. It’s not a hard concept.

    1. Ron says:

      John, it sounds like you are the educated, independent thinker of the family. How do you, as a Republican, view unions?

  16. walshal1 says:

    Boxer and Feinstein are poster children for a form of government that has shown itself to be a huge sham and failure. Their answer for all situations is always the same: Tax – Spend – Regulate.

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