STUDIO CITY (CBS) — With the summer winding down and after a chaotic couple of weeks on Wall Street, it’s hard to imagine heading to the mall to shop for the holidays. Time to take a reality check… the shopping season is right around the corner!

Will Smayda from Merill Edge visited the KCAL 9 studios Wednesday to talk about budgets for holiday spending.

Budgeting Tips

-Stash Holiday Cash – If you want to save $1,000 by Black Friday, set aside $10 per day and $70 per week, for $700 put $6 per day and $39 per week. Putting this cash away now can help cover any last-minute holiday emergencies.

 Pay Off Credit Card Debt – Pay off any remaining credit card debit now before the shopping season kicks into full gear.

Set Savings Goals – Set a spending goal for the season and stick to a regular savings goal.

 Create a Holiday Checklist – Spiff up your investment portfolio by creating a mid year “task” checklist to evaluate and rebalance your portfolio as necessary.

For more smart money tips, visit Merill Edge online.


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