SAN FERNANDO (CBS) — A Porter Ranch man has agreed to plea deal in the March 18 shooting death of a childhood friend, Brian Russell Kaplon, an executive at NBCUniversal.

David Andrew Armstrong pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter Wednesday.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports.

“Today I am very pleased that he was able to plead to the appropriate charge of involuntary manslaughter. The defense has always contended this was an accident ,” said James Blatt, Armstrong’s attorney.

“Nothing is going to bring Brian back. His children also miss him. My 3-year-old has separation issues . . . nothing they could ever do today will be justice enough for me,” said Kaplon’s widow and mother of his three children, Kristi Kaplon.

Armstrong is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 30 and faces probation to 14 years in prison. The judge is expected to dismiss murder charges against him at that time.

Prosecutors said both men were drunk when the shooting occurred in the garage of Armstrong’s home after a St. Patrick’s Day party, where Armstrong was showing off semiautomatic rifle.

Kaplon, also 32, died from at least one shot to the chest, fired from an AR-15, a semiautomatic, civilian version of a U.S. military’s M16. Most fire .223-caliber bullets.

Authorities said Armstrong kept a collection of guns in the garage.

Comments (28)
  1. REAL NATIVE says:

    Hmm. A drunk redneck shoots and kiils people… Where are all the racist comments? Hypocrites.

    1. lawrence says:

      Lucky he didn’t have a collection of cars in his garage where they belong not guns because cars kill too.

      1. John Locke says:

        He should have killed him with a car instead. He would probably be free today

    2. bounce says:

      Congratulations, yours is the first…

  2. lawrence says:

    Can my car now accidently kill someone?

    1. John Locke says:

      Would you get 14 years in prison for causing an automobile accident that results in a death? Highly doubtful.

      A prosecutor who tosses a man in prison for 14 years for a accidental firearm death makes plain his hatred of gun owners and the 2nd Amendment

      1. Hannah says:

        If you were drunk at the time of the car accident, then yes, you would probably get at least that much time. Handling a gun while you’re drunk is irresponsible and reckless and he should be punished accordingly

    2. facts says:

      Brian was drunk as well and the coroner report is proof of that. If the tables were turned and your husband accidently discharged a firearm would you want him to stand trial for murder over an accident? Where is the justice in that? You don’t want justice YOU WANT REVENGE. And jealous of what? Please do tell?? The more you speak the more the world knows you’re not only a liar you’re an IDIOT! You went on stand and LIED to TRY and destroy another man because of the loss of your husband. YOUR HUSBAND whom called his friend (David) to hang out and provided the alcohol which is ANOTHER FACT that was proven in court. So if Brain would of got in his car that night and drove home DRUNK and accidently killed someone how would you feel if your husband was in David’s shoes? Another fact, Brian had a dui previous to all this. Goes to show even a GOOD MAN can make a BAD choice. David didn’t get behind the wheel drunk, he was drinking in his own home and he had a right to have registered gun in that home. He never pointed it at him, he pulled it out the safe to show it to him and it accidently discharged. How is that murder? You testified in court Brian had concern about this gun and he told u prior to this David had pointed it at him?? If that was true, what person in their right mind would ever step foot in that home again? All you give is hear say, STATE SOME FACTS. I wish Brian did survive that night because he was a good man and good friend. He was a wonderful father, my heart goes out to his childern. I wish he was here to speak on behalf of his friend who as well is a good man and wondferful father. I wish he was here to tell you how HORRIFIC YOU ARE!

      1. Bunny says:

        You are sick and that Armstrong family needs to move away from Porter Ranch! DA is a criminal and does not deserve to enjoy his life!

      2. Bunny? lol! says:

        maybe you should move away since you r the one that seems scared going by an alias and all. I sure hope Bunny is not your real name? Either way, you think he is a criminal then hop your way out the ranch cause if I thought a man was a “killa, gangsta, thug” I’d fear for my life. Next time your alias should be Funny or even better Dummy!!!

      3. hmmmmmm........ says:

        hey bunny, how about taking that carrot outta your ass

  3. John Locke says:

    A drunken idiot gets 14 years for an accidental shooting, and yet the banksters who’ve robbed trillions of dollars from the American economy walk free and live in luxory. America – Home of the Sheep, Land of the Enslaved

    1. lawrence says:

      Hunters have accidents now garages!

    2. ap says:

      You don’t know if it was an accident. Nobody will ever know but the shooter himself.

      1. John Locke says:

        The prosecutor accepted an involuntary manslaughter plea. The state has decreed it to be an accident. If the gods of state you worship are satisfied, why aren’t you?

      2. lawrence says:

        It was loaded not an accident but I keep my car loaded in the garage also.

  4. ??? says:

    no one will ever really know what went down that day, but aiming a semi auto. rifle at your friend, who is a married, father of 3 little children, and he had a good job in the entetainment business…that sounds absolutely horrible. Maybe the shooter was jealous of the life his friend had. Deepest sympathy to the victims wife & children.

  5. DD says:

    John Locke
    GET REAL!!

  6. lawrence says:

    I keep my car loaded in the garage also but not by accident.

  7. responsible gun owner says:

    No one knows what went down, but the fact that they were drinking and examining guns is irresponsible… on BOTH their parts. If they were “drunk” as the article states makes me think neither of them valued their own lives or their extended families future. Unfortunately this article will make more people blame the loaded weapon and not the irresponsible owner.

  8. Moogs says:

    What guy … goes to another guys place for a haircut? Especially when one guy doesn’t have much hairrrr.

    “Honey, I’m going to David’s house for a haircut, I’ll be back in an hour…”

    A haircut…

    Hmmmmmmmmmm… blip… blip…

  9. kdk says:

    This is Brian Kaplons wife. Brian was not drunk, david armstrong BAC was 2x the legal limit. David pointed the military rifle at brains chest and pulled the trigger..point blank. Drunk or not who holds a military rifle gun to someones chest and pulls a trigger. David had no choice but to take the plea deal. He was facing 50-life in prison for murder. It has often crossed my mind that David was jealous of Brian. Hair cut was the truth. The only reason Brian and David were hanging out that night was because Sepideh Armstrong would not let him hang out with any of his other friends because they were bad influences. She is/was very controlling. Now I am left to raise my 3 babies by myself. i would love for any of you negative, self centered, sick people to walk in my shoes for a day. Thank you to the people who support the kaplon family. We are grateful for those positive people and appreciate the prayers. Brian was the best father and husband anyone could ever have. 5-14 years in prison is a joke. Do you really believe that if we lived in a country where we had a capital punishment system that Dave would have killed Brian? I had to give birth to twins without my husband. How horrific is it that you can kill a man and get away with it.

  10. lawrence says:

    My prayers to you also. You may want to look at the other shootings and comments also for perspective: 3-Year-Old Girl Killed, 2 Others Injured In Front-Porch Shooting Your bravey is commendable.

  11. truth says:

    This was and is a tragedy for both families. Being untruthful about what really was doesn’t change anything and really doesn’t make a difference because everyone knows the real truth about the friendship. People you don’t really know invite themselves over for drinks and haircuts, right. KP refers to DA as “Dave”, not David Armstrong. Pretty informal don’t you think for someone she claims to not know very well. KK speaks about her husband and DA as if they were children. “he only hung out with him because of my friendship with Sepideh Armstrong, “his friends are bad influences”. These guys were/are adults. BK obviously went to Armstrong’s house willingly. They both were drinking, and they both played a part in this tragedy. Being in denial about it all isn’t going to change one thing. KK says thank you to the positive people in her corner. They are anything but positive. It is clear from watching the interviews and listening to her speak she is surrounded by bitter angry people. Everyone feels horrible for her loss, however we all know they will never be able to heal seeking revenge. This isn’t an eye for an eye situation. They speak about justice. This tragic accident doesn’t warrant needing justice. I can understand seeking justice for something someone intentionally did. That clearly isn’t the case here. Between the Media, the people they are surrounding themselves, with and the dumb police (who delivered a less than thorough investigation) they’ve pretty much taken away any chances of healing and forgiveness. One last thing, if Armstrong does go to jail that isn’t going to change one damn thing for them and they will soon find out they are not going feel any better either because that bitterness they are holding onto won’t allow them feel any better.

    1. Voice of Reason says:

      Dear Truth and Facts aka David Armstrongs wife and mother in law. Bottom line David Armstrong was a thug and thought he was a Gangsta. Because of his stupidy the Kaplon children are without a father. I guess we will see how thug he is when he gets taken out in handcuffs off to FEDRAL PRISON. Justice will be served and all of Brian Kaplons friends and family will convince the judge to give Armstrong 14 years which is a fraction of what he really should get.

      1. truth says:

        Dear Voice of Unreason,
        There is nothing relatively close to reasonable that comes out of your mouth. Adding that this is not Sepideh Armstrong or David Armstrong’s mother in law… I am sure they do not spend as much time lurking and foul mouthing on the internet. For someone grieving with three babies on your own, you sure do have a large amount of time on your hands to do so. Having listened to all the nonsensical things that vomit out of your orifice makes me wonder are you delusional, is it the medications you’re prescribed, or could it perhaps be a combination of the two? Recalling your interviews according to you, you all do not really know David Armstrong.. Yet for someone that claims to not know David Armstrong you sure have it in for him- with venom no less. So what is it; do you know him or do you not? I mean hell, your husband knew him well enough to invite himself over and bring drinks to his home. You know him well enough to retort false accusations of him being a thug and “Gangsta” yet common knowledge of the adolescent knows gang bangers have priors. Believe me when I say, there are a lot more of us out here that are more than aware of the truth, the false propaganda, your perjury on stand, and the district attorney’s almost comedic investigation. Hence, you really need someone to assist you with your PR because you really do not come off as a grieving widow. I have taken notice in all of your interviews and new reports; you and your family’s complaints about Armstrong showing no remorse. Well logically, how is he supposed to give you the remorse you are all looking for when legally he is not permitted to even utter a word to you? I have the utmost sadness in my heart for what this has caused for you and your children yet it is genuinely hard to garner sympathy when you protrude nothing but hate and portray nothing remotely close to innocence. In common with you, I am sure that David Armstrong would love nothing more than to take that night back as well. What he faces on his own is punishment enough for such a horrific accident. I am sure he lives with that mental picture every night and day. For that alone is unjust in itself. In any scenario, there are no winners here, Ms. Kristy Kaplon… Everyone loses.

  12. todd says:

    Everyone can say what they want none of you guys were there. All you can do is go off the facts yes he was wrong for bringing the gun out when they were drinking an gun shouldnt of been loaded first off espically if kids were living in the house i belive it was an accident i grew up with dave an used to live in same neighborhood when we were kids/

  13. Lateef says:

    Marvin September 26, 2009 love is more cpeolmx that the anatomy and physiology of the brain and its neurotransmitters. congrats! =)

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