Irvine Dad Charged After Throwing Special Needs Son Into Newport Harbor

NEWPORT BEACH (CBS) — The Irvine dad accused of throwing his 7-year-old overboard from a Newport Beach boat has been charged with felony child abuse and resisting arrest.

Sloan Steven Briles is scheduled to be arraigned Sept. 26.

Briles, 35, allegedly slapped his special needs son while aboard a tour boat and tossed him into Newport Harbor on Aug. 28.

Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said that the boy was crying about an argument between Briles and his father’s girlfriend before the incident occurred.

“Three boaters that were nearby came to the boy’s rescue,” said Amormino. “The father did eventually jump in, but by that time the boy was rescued by a boater.”

Briles later became aggressive with authorities who later boarded the boat to arrest him, Amormino said.

Both the boy and his brother were later returned to their mother’s care, the Associated Press reported.

If convicted, Briles faces six years in prison.

  • Jack

    throw this fool off the boat

  • Steve

    Yea, what a joke this guy is, should not be able to have any more kids
    if he cant handle them

  • Ben

    Bad balls

  • ???

    I read about this story when it happened, I didn’t realize the child was special needs. OMG that is terrible & cruel. You can tell from his photo that he’s not Father of the Year. Poor kid.

  • uhoh

    Throw him in the water with cement shoes. No racist comments? Wow i’m surprised…

  • jade

    no telling what else this guy’s done to this child and gotten away with it…

  • Astonished

    It was reported by another station that the father had been drinking, so my guess is his lawyer will try using that as an excuse for why this “deeply devoted and loving” (please add sarcasm) father did what he did. I mean, just look at how devistated his looks in his booking photo!! Yeah, right. . .

    Personally I think he should be dropped off in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and made to swim back.

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