LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Multimillion-dollar homes along the coast of Malibu and the Venice Beach boardwalk are among the local coastal areas that could be completely submerged by the year 2100 if ocean levels continue rising at current rates, researchers said Tuesday.

A state-commissioned study released by San Francisco State University projects coastal water levels to rise by 4.6 feet by the end of the century, potentially cutting tourism revenue by as much as $440 million between now and 2100.

The low-lying Venice Beach in particular could be severely flooded, according to a projection specific to the California coast based on recent studies aimed at assessing the effects of rising sea levels on beach erosion and loss of habitat.

“In California, our coastline is one of our most valuable natural resources,” said study author Philip King, associate professor of economics at UCSF. “More than 80 percent of Californians live in coastal communities, and California’s beaches support local economies and critical natural species.”

The economic loss in Malibu could top $500 million by the end of the century, according to the study, which was paid for by the Department of Boating and Waterways.

Parts of Zuma Beach, including Broad Beach’s “Millionaires Row,” could be swamped, as could Torrey Pines beach in San Diego County, Ocean Beach in San Francisco and Carpinteria beach in Santa Barbara County.

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Comments (8)
  1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    Sponge Bob can move in!

  2. FIsh Head says:

    This entire thing is sad. Chosing to leave your dog in a hot car while you enjoy a theme park? Selfish beyond words. Kudos to Magic Mountain for resuing the dog from the car. However, WHY was it not taken to a veterinarian for proper medical treatment and care? Does the kennel employ a veterinary technician? This is suspicious on all sides. Dog was scared and ran away. Sadly, will probably be hit by a car. Bad judgement by owner and MM. How can people still be unaware that you NEVER leave anything in a car on a warm day? No kids, no pets, no plants, no food? “She “thought” it would be OK. In other words, she was willing to take the chance that it would not be, so she did not lose her day of fun. Sad. Hope the dog is OK and is found.

  3. FIsh Head says:

    PS: If this woman tries to sue Magic Mountain for her own mistake in bad judgement, many people will truly be disgusted. I hope you find your dog, I hope you learn better animal parenting and educate yourself about dogs and their requirements. I seriously hope you put your dogs interests before your own in any questionable situations, instead of hoping she will be OK. You have been trusted to care for another living creature, now it is not just about you. I do hope you are reunited and you get another chance to prove to her that you are a good Mom for your fur child. If someone took this dog, please return it to the person. You are not doing a greater good by selfishly taking the animal either. Dog owner, get some dog education, or let someone else give the dog the life it deserves.

  4. Pratt Robert says:

    The beach should have never been built on any way . So good by. and than dont build on them again, Are with in at least 2miles any way.

  5. Mark Dana says:

    The level of BS about global warming and the rising sea levels is already over 4 feet for every man woman and child on this planet. Pretty soon it will be up to our necks.

    1. steveO says:

      Al Gore reportedly buying up beachfront property

  6. MD says:

    We should never have built on the beach anyway. It should be for the public. Nature takes it back.

  7. bounce says:

    Sea levels have seen drastic changes long before man may have impacted the global climate using fossil fuels. No matter what we do, the sea levels will not remain what they are today, and any policies aimed at keeping them constant are shortsighted and ignorant of the facts.

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