LOS ANGELES (AP) — Facebook will start organizing users’ friends into smaller groups to make it easier to share photos, posts and links.

Facebook has long allowed users to group their friends into categories. But most people have not used those capabilities.

Beginning Wednesday, Facebook will automatically group many of your friends based on whether they live near you, went to your school or work with you. Then, you can read posts or share updates with specific groups instead of dozens, or hundreds, of “friends” at a time. Called “smart lists,” the feature is optional to use.

You can also create your own groups. For example, you can list a dozen or so “close friends” and see more of their updates than those in your list of “acquaintances.”

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Comments (2)
  1. Joyce Shiffert says:

    Another dumb idea by facebook
    Leave it alone! All facebook does by adding such things is messing it up.
    The only reason why they make changes is to show their stock holders “so called improvements” for their buck invested!

  2. Mark Reece says:

    It is creepy to catalogue people by whom they associate with or what they “like”. Makes it very easy to round up everyone with a non-politically-correct ideology.

    On the other hand, it would be very enlightening to see a list of Mr. Obama’s “friends.”

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