Can Herbal Remedies Replace Pharmaceuticals?

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Doctors are overprescribing medication for problems, which could be solved using natural remedies and changed behavior, according to pharmacist David Foreman, who now calls himself the herbal pharmacist.

Foreman claims that antibiotics are among the most overprescribed drugs. They kill bacteria, but doctors commonly prescribe them for viral illnesses, such as colds. He says many doctors worry the patient will feel cheated if they leave without a prescription for their condition.

There is an alternative more natural method for colds argues Foreman. A combination of vitamin C and Echinacea supposedly improves immune system functioning. He also advocates using a contraption called a neti pot two to four times a day depending on the severity of the illness. Neti pots use sterile saline solution to clean out the sinuses and can be helpful for chronic allergies and stuffy colds.

Apparently there are also effective natural techniques to get rid of acne.

“For someone with acne I love to make sure they’re using a tea called Floressence and 1 to 3 grams of omega-3 from fish oil will usually help grow new skin as acne is going away,” said Foreman. He also recommends a probiotic along with this regimen. He says people are shocked by the results.

He actually recommends that everyone take a probiotic, anti-oxidant, omega-3 fish oil, the herb hawthorne, chia seeds and an age appropriate multivitamin for overall health and heart functioning.

Probiotics help with digestion, gas, bloating and possibly even fatigue. A good probiotic will have at least eight different types of bacteria and should have “bio-trac” or “pearl” in the name to ease digestion.

As for anti-oxidants, green tea, tumeric, ubiquinol and alpha lipoic acid are some of his favorites.

Probiotics also help relieve bladder infections along with Cran-Max, a cranberry extract. Research shows that Cran-Max could be beneficial for bladder infections, says Foreman. However, stay away from cranberry juice because excess sugar will only aggravate the infection.

Even more chronic conditions can benefit from herbal medication. Sytrinol decreases cholesterol and an anxiety mushroom called Reishi reduces stress. Cordyceps is said to help with vitality and energy, especially in men.

Making a few simple changes towards more natural solutions, such as taking vitamins and herbs, can significantly improve health, argues Foreman.

“I want people to know our health declines because of choices we make in our lifestyle…If we change our lifestyle you will get well and if you are well, you will stay that way.”

For more information, visit David Foreman website,

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