Woman Reunited With Service Dog After Losing Her At Six Flags

UPDATE 9/13 11:45 p.m.: The dog’s owner has notified CBS2 via Twitter that her dog was returned Tuesday after the people who found Malibu saw our TV report.

VALENCIA (CBS) — A woman is upset with a Southern California amusement park for taking her support dog from her car and then losing her.

Shelanon Brooks says her dog, “Malibu,” was prescribed by her doctor for emotional support, but now the distraught young woman is placing “Lost Dog” ads up in hopes that someone might find Malibu after the dog apparently was lost by Six Flags officials.

A Six Flags Magic Mountain spokesperson insists they were rescuing Brook’s pet from a sweltering car. They placed the 1-year-old Pomeranian in the park’s dog kennel, where it escaped while an employee was filling the pooch’s water bowl.

six flags dog kennel 4 Woman Reunited With Service Dog After Losing Her At Six Flags

(credit: CBS)

“I really love my dog and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” Brooks sobbed. “I thought she was OK, I thought she was OK. And I keep thinking what I could have did different.”

Brooks was going to take Malibu into the park with her, but the bag she used to carry the dog had just ripped. She said she decided to leave him in the car with the windows rolled down, a dish with food, and a tupperware filled with water.

Security discovered the dog inside the car and that it was visibly “distressed.”

The temperature that day was in the 80s.

“Our security personnel and the sheriff saw the dog, which they thought was dead,” according to Six Flags spokesperson Sue Carpenter.

“[They] broke into the car to get the dog out. We brought it over here to the dog kennel, revived it, gave it some water and cooled it down,” Carpenter said.

The kennel door was left open while the dog’s water was being replenished and Malibu ran out the front door and into the parking lot.

six flags dog kennel Woman Reunited With Service Dog After Losing Her At Six Flags

(credit: CBS)

Six Flags officials say it’s standard policy to rescue dogs from cars. They say they aren’t responsible for the pet while it’s in their care.

“We do in-park announcements and we leave messages on your windshield to let you know where your animal is, and that no animal should be left in the car — that’s the law,” Carpenter said.

Brooks said she’s upset and doesn’t believe she was putting Malibu in danger. She just wants her beloved pet back.

“I don’t know how I’m going to go back without my daughter,” Brooks said. “I don’t know how I’m going to live in my house without her — I just don’t.”

  • chatsworth Doc

    or if Six flags had done nothing:

    Woman Upset With Six Flags Security For NOT Rescuing Dog From Hot Car…

    • FiFi


    • xtal94

      So true!

    • Tom Menino

      Most importantly: She’s clearly nuts, but relatively hot. In a crazy sort of way.

      • Sara

        If you’re into ghetto looking hoes. Her bra didn’t fit and her roots are worth me needing to poke my eyes out.

    • Jessie B.

      Idiot shouldn’t have left the dog in the car. She’s too stupid to have a dog.

    • menwa

      I cannot tell you how many animals I had to rescue from hot cars when I worked in Animal Control. And each owner “loved” their dog, even though they left it in a vehicle which will turn into an oven rather quickly. I have even called people out in parking lots and threatened to call the police if they did not remove their animal from the car. Everybody loves their animals up until the point that the inconvenience of the animal will interfere with the person’s daily entertainment. Then the animal is disregarded and left to slowly roast. Heck, they need to lock her in a car on a hot summer day with a small amount of water and windows cracked, and wrapped in a fur coat. See how long it takes her to roast.

      • Catnip1

        Perfectly said menwa!

      • Charma

        Could not agree with you more! I too have rescued many pets from “beloved” owners negligence — not to mention a few children. I question the physician who prescribed her a living creature! – I would second guess her ability to care for another living creature – send her to a support group or other therapy.

        Thank you six flags for rescuing the little creature and to those who returned it – although I am concerned to the level of care the poor thing will receive.

    • 1944victoriam

      I could barely understand a word she said – the crying was only partially to blame I fear. Exactly what language was that?

  • Dusty King

    She’s an idiot. I hope she doesn’t have children.

    • Maudie

      She’s why Saint Margaret Sanger created Planned Parenthood. Obama-2008!

    • Jeezus

      She drinks SMART water.

      • Bryan

        Good catch.

    • Retired SOF guy

      Well, she thinks the dog is her “daughter.” Ah, California…

      • Just Passing by

        Don’t let this one person in California reflect others. I’m from California and… well “oi vey” can only express just a small bit of what I feel about her..

    • bumblefoot2004

      She’s calling the dog her “daughter.”

    • Albert MacMeda

      In any sensible world she would be ruled ineligible to have any pets due to her cruelty.

    • Catnip1

      or worse … more animals!

  • Melanie

    She called the dog her “daughter”? Would you leave your daughter in the car because the wheel on the stroller broke? Who takes a dog to an amusement park anyway? I guess someone who needs a doctor-prescribed emotional support dog. She is a whack job.

    • soqueesh_mulhatra

      Or if you’re Michael Vick, you can brutally torture helpless animals as much as you want, do a pittance of jail time, get released early, have news reporters do stories about how you “paid your debt,” and “are a changed man;” and then get a multi-million dollar job where people cheer you…

      Effed up world we live in, no?

    • LuLu


    • Karen

      Here is another crazy one. I saw a woman driving down Beverly Blvd. one day – KISSING her dog on the lips.

      • Rushgroove

        And you’re surprised?

        I mean, it’s L.A. right?

      • Spanky

        Good thing you didn’t follow them to watch what happened next.

    • John Scott

      A better question would be “What kind of sadistic doctor would prescribe an ’emotional support dog’ to a nutjob that far gone”? Doesn’t the “doctor” need to take the welfare of any animal they “prescribe” into account? What ever happened to shock therapy anyhow?

    • Bob

      ANIMALS HAVE NO RIGHTS! Sorry no one should ever be put in jail for animal abuse.

      • Meredith Sprague

        They do actually Bob, animal cruelty can be punishable by jail time.

      • Al Swearengen

        Well I gotta tellya, if you or anyone were to abuse my animals, I would beat you to death. A little worse than jail no?

    • Marie

      Bob, Animals should have rights and do in many states! Just because insane human animals don’t have the wisdom and compassion we should for either other living things or our environment does not mean we are right. Just look at our history with ourself, endless wars, slavery, rape, murder, etc. I feel sorry for your ignorance but I feel worse that your ignorance is so rampant its destroying our planet and so many innocent animals have to suffer.

    • Radlib

      Bob, you are correct. Lulu? I ate a chicken for supper, a cow for lunch and will eat an unborn chicken and part of a pig for breakfast. Being cruel is one thing, but granting rights to an animal, personal property under the law, is bad law.

    • Radlib

      I’m sorry, MARIE!

    • Don

      I love animals. With potatoes and steamed vegetables.

    • Solairith

      As stated in the article what she did is illegal. Regardless of whether you THINK an animal should have rights letting one suffer or die in those conditions is and SHOULD be illegal. She needs jail time. I’d feel the same if it was a chicken or a pig… I expect you won’t be cooking your lunch by leaving it in the car, either.

    • Joe

      I’d leave my food in the car to keep it warm.

    • Bo Ling Pin


      I agree. You’re an animal. Let’s strip Bob and other “dumb animals” of their “rights”.

      • Sam1968


    • SaTony

      I am with Bo Ling Pin on this one.

  • pedro

    she calls a male dog, her “daughter” ?

    i am speechless,

    but please VOTE

    • Jeezus

      ya what the heck is that? she’s all over the place. the dog is free! anyways, doctor’s can just prescribe her another if she cant find a dog for herself

    • Chris

      Where does it say the dog is Male? Anyway…she got what she deserved and does not deserve to be a dog owner…..I’d like her to sit in the car wearing a winter jacket and see if she could stand the heat!

      • Jennifer Kennedy

        Well, probably from the article where it said “she did leave HIM in the car…” However, there is another part in the article where the woman says “she.”

        I would not say that Pedro is dumb, maybe missed the other part of the article where they said “she.” Also, I read the article but did not watch the video. Not everyone watches the video if there is enough in the article to tell you what is going on.

    • Duh!

      @pedro – they say right in the video that the dog is female. I guess there is more than one dumb person here.

    • CraigO

      The dog was up for gender reassignment operations paid for by the state.

      • Joe right

        I think the woman had already undergone such a process. Sounds like a tranny to me.

      • Bo Ling Pin


        Thanks for the laugh!

    • James

      Yes Vote PETA and Democrat… LOL

    • grammer police

      I don’t know what she could have “did” differently…

      • Colleen

        grammar*…..spelling police

    • Sofia Ramirez

      Um.. if you pay attention to the broadcast, it states that the dog is a female.

  • jj

    She’s an idiot…but has a great rack!

    • ???

      1st i thought she was an idiot, now I think u r !!

    • RG

      JJ is just making a vliad observation. She does have a nice rack.

    • BigT

      That’s not her rack – those are the two big bags full of dumb-ass that she keeps with her at all times!

    • rr528

      California taxpayers probably paid for that, too.

      • Don Medford

        her boobs provide her advice and support when ever her “daughter” is not around, like when she is in a hot car, oven or tied to rail road tracks.

  • Necia Lowks

    Dumb Ho!

    • Duh!

      Hey, that is an insult to Ho’s.

  • Kim

    It was stupid of Magic Mountain to lose the dog, but I feel no sympathy for this woman whatsoever. If the dog is found, I hope she doesn’t get it back. I think she should be prosecuted for animal neglect. I don’t care what her doctor says, she should not own a dog. I feel sorry for the dog for having her as an owner.

  • John

    Why was she not arrested?!?????

    • Amazed

      Need to arrest the doctor for prescribing the dog on animal cruiety

      • Sofia Ramirez

        Not the doctor’s fault the lady is an inconsiderate moron.

  • LA

    I hope they find the dog. And then put it up for adoption with a responsible and loving family. This lady is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to have the dog returned to her. Better yet, she should be fined. If not for the magic mountain security team this dog would have surely died. Although they did drop the ball. Hope the little guy is ok.

  • John Holmes

    They probably didn’t loose the dog. Someone who works there thought she did not deserve to neglect such a cute dog and probably said the dog escaped, but took it home instead so she couldn’t get it back.

    • Dorthea

      i like your ending to thiis story mr.holmes

    • Nutstuyu

      lose = no longer in possession
      loose = make not as tight

      • grammar police suck

        Oh geez now we got the grammar police here. “Nutstuyu” get a freaking LIFE for yourself. You still know what the poster meant, you pathetic idiot, so who the hell cares (except losers like yourself) if he or she used the wrong word. You still understood it.

      • Richard Henkle

        No really, people need to learn this. There is nothing wrong with knowing how to spell properly. I think you should get a life, and an education, if you believe that improper grammar and spelling are ok. You’re a product of our public schools aren’t you?

      • Kevin

        I hardly think it’s worth calling nutstuyu the grammar police. Where he/she criticizing the commenter for proper use of commas that’s one thing. But BASIC spelling isn’t exactly a high standard.

    • poor doggie escapes bad owner!

      That would rule.

    • James Angryjew

      Grammar Police Suck, I’m guessing you have your big boy panties in a wad because you hate those that actually finished high school!

      If people can’t use the English language properly then perhaps they shouldn’t use it all. Do you understand the difference between “idiot”, “simpleton”, “stupid” and “grammar police suck”? Correct. Nothing!

      Here’s an article to help you climb that elusive evolutionary ladder:


  • Marsy

    She should have been arrested for Animal Cruelty. If her dog carrier snapped & was broken she should of turned back where she came from & made plans to come to the park on a different date.
    There is NO one to blame but herself for using bad judgement. You should never ever ever leave any pets in the car. Either they stay at home or you make sure they are with you all the time.

  • Dirk

    And we wonder why the rest of the country refers to California as “the land of the fruits and nuts”.

    • GO HOME

      Too bad we keep attracting more from other countries and states.

  • Kobe

    Gloria Allred will be having a news conference with this wack job and they will file a lawfuit against the park and they will win because California supports insanity.

    • Jessilyn

      *Sigh*… I fear you are correct :(

  • Mike

    Magic Mountain’s kennel is free of charge for anyone traveling with their dog. If she had dropped her dog off there, the dog would not have tried to find her. I think the problem was that strangers took the dog out of the car, and the dog was trying to escape what he thought were the “dognappers.”

    • Rob Adkerson

      Logic fail. The dog wasn’t trying to “find her” The dog didn’t think they were “dognappers.”

    • Unreal

      You’ve watched too many Disney movies.

  • ???

    Look at it this way, the dog took his opportunity to make a break for it. He was waiting for the warden to open the cell, he looked left & right and decided to go for it. He booked it onto the 5 fwy and hopefully took an exit to a proper, loving home with a new caring owner. He would do anything to get away from this person who uses bad judgement. Go little dog go!!!

  • Ro

    She needs tobe arrested for leaving the dog in the car to begin with. She needs emotional support but is capable enough to go enjoy a day at Magic Mountain… and leave her support behind to die… Why do people keep getting away with stupid things like this. Stupidity should be a crime!!!

  • swhitS

    By loosing the dog I think they did it a favor. This woman should be arrested and locked up.

  • Alpha Kenny Juan

    I’d be glad to offer my services as her support animal. Bow wow wow. Yippee yo yippee yay. (Sorry, folks. It was nothin’ but the dog in me.)

    • Bow Wow

      Alpo Kenny Gone,

      You are such a Hot Dog,

      • Zulu Queen

        He was singing a rap song – Atomic Dog – by George Clinton.

  • Duh!

    If she reqally loved the dog she would have either (1) taken it inside the park to put in their kennel herself or (2) gone home since her bag ripped and waited until she got a new one to go to the park.

  • Crankenstein

    The dog had the right idea – RUN FORREST, RUN!!!

  • Roberta Johnson

    Please stop giving this bimbo ditz publicity ! She should be in jail for animal cruelty. Leaving her dog in a car with the “windows cracked” in 80-plus degree weather is torture, pure and simple. No amount of water is going to overcome the hyperthermia that dog, especially with that heavy coat, and the short snout typical of Poms, is going to experience. And the water was in a freakin’ quart-sized plastic cup ! What?? Like the dog has a straw it can get down into the container with….? Gimme a break.

    While it’s sad that the dog bolted, and is now (assumedly) a stray, what’s even more sad is that this stupid, careless, airheaded moron had a dog in the first place. These creatures are not toys, nor dolls, nor stuffed animals, nor Beanie Babys. They are feeling, intelligent, caring, emotional beings, who feel real pain and real suffering. LIke what they would feel dying from hyperthermia in a locked car in close to 90-degree heat. Which causes the interior of the car to have temperatures close to 120 degrees. Dying slowly while wondering where their person is, and why they left them to suffer.

    I say let’s lock this bimbo into the same car, under the same conditions, and see how she likes it. Then throw her sorry soul into jail, fine her butt a scary amount of money and blacklist her from ever owning an animal of ANY SORT, ever again.

    I only hope the dog is found, and adopted by a family or a person who understands and values what a true gift a companion animal is.

    • Retired SOF guy

      It never ceases to amaze me when I see how violent and vindictive folks in California become when talking about animal welfare, yet those same folks are all about murdering unborn human babies. I doubt I’ll ever understand priorities in the minds of liberals.

      • Susan See

        Sweeping generalizations about “folks in California” is not productive; also using the word “liberal” which is probably the most overused word in history and is used to replace thoughtful consideration of the real situation. You know, the human one?

      • Susan See

        Your sweeping generalizations about “folks in California” is not productive; also using the word “liberal” which is probably the most overused word in history and is used to replace thoughtful consideration of the real situation. You know, the human one?

      • Cali-Dude


        SOF is expressing his personal opinion.Your attempt to derail the comment by objecting to his choice of words is a typical liberal, excuse me…. progressive…. tactic. Change the subject, make the commenter the center of controversy, all without addressing the original issue.

        As a Native Californian, I happen to concur with SOF’s observations.

    • Spanky

      “in a locked car in close to 90-degree heat. ”

      On a sunny, 80° day, the temperature inside a locked car can easily reach 110°.

      After an hour of 90° heat, the inside of a car can reach 140°.

  • Uhoh

    Excellent job Six Flags. I’m sure one of the employees took the dog to a safe home. Maybe the doctor will prescribed her some medical marijuana nest time..

  • Cathy

    Sx Flags did an OUTSTANDING JOB to save this dog!!! I see the results way to offten for heat stroke in an animal ER. People NEVER realize what happens to the animals body until it’s to late. The very sad fact is that to many dogs die or are euth from this every year when it can be prevented. People do not realize that running with your dog, playing fetch on hot days can also kill them or that the pads on the feet can be severaly burned from the pavement. Think first would you put yourself in these situations???? My only is that the dog is not micro chipped or has tags on so it will not be returned. Agan THANK YOU SIX FLAGS FOR THE OUTSTANDING JOB WELL DONE!!!!

    • Paul in FL

      Oh, yeah, great job. It’s not our responsibility for what happens to the dog after we trespass and steal it?

      • Unreal

        Would you prefer they left it in the car to fry?

  • Stephanie Haertling

    “emotional support dog??” really??? So because you have more pity parties than the average human, it means it’s ok for you to drag a defenseless animal out to theme park and leave it in a sweltering car? I have a feeling your issues are more on the mental deficiency side of the spectrum… You are lucky the poor thing didn’t die. You obviously shouldn’t own animals.

  • http://demagaga.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/idiot-leaves-dog-in-care-at-six-flags-dog-is-freed-and-rushes-to-freedom/ Idiot leaves dog in care at Six Flags, dog is freed and rushes to freedom. « demagaga

    […] Pomeranian Malibu in her car while enjoying a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. Park attendants rescued the dog from Ms. Brooks’ car and initially believed it was dead. The dog was taken to the park kennel […]

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