WEST COVINA (AP) — West Covina council members have authorized a $1.5 million settlement with the family of a 24-year-old who died after being shot 15 times by two police officers in 2008.

City attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman said in a Pasadena Star-News report this weekend that the family of Omar Francisco Garcia has a month to decide whether to accept the settlement or allow the case to go to trial. The family’s lawyer declined to comment on the offer, which entails no admission of guilt.

Police say Garcia was acting suspiciously in a store parking lot and fought with officers who approached him. They say he grabbed an officer’s baton and tried to use it on them.

The officers fired on him after a Taser malfunctioned. Prosecutors determined the officers acted in self-defense.

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Comments (12)
  1. Fullerton PD says:

    $ 100,000.00 per bullet, that’s an expensive hunting safari

    1. maddy says:

      take the money. they will never admit to it, this is they’re admission. Then use the money to help others in similar situations.

    2. Andrew says:

      Seems like it was self-defense and justifiable. I say the settlement should be reduced to $0.000,000.

    3. Styker 21 says:

      Fight the police, and you get killed. Money hungry family trying to make a profit on their dead family member. I hope it goes to trial and they get nothing.

  2. w says:

    acting in self defense, then why does the family get money if this idiot was fighting with the cops. makes no sense

  3. alan hart says:

    Another sanctioned murder by the police. I think it is time this go before a jury. If the city is being sued civilly then the officers have to take the stand and testify. Then we will all see how many times they claim 5th amendment privilege. These men need to be charged criminally.

  4. Gilbert Dominguez says:

    The city should have never made this offer. It is obvious the officers acted in
    self defense. Here we go again let’s not put any blame on the suspect.
    It is always the police officer’s fault.

    Use the money to help others, are you ignorant?

    This is not help others it is easy money for themt Maybe the family
    of Garcia should pay for all cost related to this case.

  5. Vahram says:

    If you are a “trained” police officer, and there are TWO of you, you should be able to arrest the man without shooting him 15 times…

  6. LA says:

    I agree. . . City Councils are too scared to fight for what is right and make a stand in support of their officers. It underminds the police’s authority and allows criminals to do as they please since there’ll be no accountability for their actions.

  7. John says:

    Sounds like blood money. Niceofthe City to offer tax money and not their own personal income. I am sure that is how the courts work. They belong in prison and the department shut down! Gibson gets raided for wood and yet wont raif these well dresses gangs known as officers. If you are a cop, you became a cop for power and you are drunk off ego. Last thing people like you need are guns and badges!

  8. Fullerton chief says:

    Dead man can’t talk, all we have is the officer’s account of ‘self defense’. However, i am suspicious of 2 officers, with batons, Tasers, and finally 15 shots fired in ‘self defense’. I am pro law enforcement, but just can’t believe this story.

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