KOREATOWN (CBS) — A 62-year-old man, whose suitcase triggered a bomb scare on a Metro bus, was facing possible criminal charges on this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Eugenio Parades, 62, was detained at Vermont Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday and arrested on suspicion of making a terrorist threat and possessing a hoax device, said Deputy Guillermina Saldana of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

“A gentleman entered on one of the buses in Santa Monica and had made some cryptic kind of statements to the bus driver and had a suspicious kind of package which caught the attention of the bus driver,” Dept. Sheriff Christopher Landacazo told CBS2.

The bag was “a suitcase with wires exposed that looked like a device,” Deputy Tony Moore said.

Parades allegedly “was making threats towards the driver,” he said.

Authorities spent more than four hours investigating the device before clearing the scene.

Landacazo said authorities do not believe this incident is associated with the 9/11 attacks, adding that the it’s still under investigation.

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Comments (5)
  1. Kurt says:

    lock him up and throw the keys away, please.

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      Kurt, I don’t think they should throw away the keys. The keys are metal, so they could recycle them and get money for them. Also, if they throw away the keys, then when he has to go to the bathroom, he’ll do it in his cell, and after a while the whole cell block will stink. Also, what happens when he dies? They won’t be able to get him out. They’ll have to wait until he decomposes and turns into a skeleton, and then they could fish his bones out of the cell through the bars. But then how are they going to put someone else in the cell? I don’t like your solution. I don’t think you thought it through. Please reconsider.

  2. charlie says:

    how about we lock the keys up, and throw him away, far, far, far away. Pakistan sounds good.

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      But Charlie, how are we going to lock the keys up without using the keys to lock the lock? Also, if we throw him away, we would need a big throwing machine to get him all the way to Pakistan. If they just use a tractor or something, and if he’s in Los Angeles, they might only throw him into Burbank. It would have to be a big slingshot device, but they would need to talk to geographers to know which way to throw him, and they would need to let air-traffic control people know when they were going to throw him. Also, they would have to figure out where in Pakistan to throw him. Karachi? Islamabad? I’m not saying that we can’t throw him to Pakistan, but it’s going to take a lot of planning.

  3. c says:

    You guys are making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Strap a few ounces of cocaine around his neck…drop him off in south central around midnight. Some gang member will shoot him a few times and take the cocaine. Problem solved.

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