Police: OC Man Assaulted Neighbor Over Noisy Generator During Blackout

SANTA ANA (CBS) — A San Juan Capistrano man is behind bars Friday after allegedly assaulting his neighbor with a flashlight over a noisy generator during a blackout that left thousands of local homes without power.

Peter Quill, 45, is accused of hitting his neighbor, Anthony Morales, over the head with a flashlight after complaining about the loud hum of a generator he was using during the widespread power outage, authorities said.

Neighbors say Morales is a Los Angeles firefighter.

Quill reportedly confronted Morales on the 27800 block of Via Estancia shortly before 11 p.m. on Thursday and asked that he turn off the generator due to the excessive noise, said Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino.

When Morales refused repeated requests, Quill then allegedly returned to Morales’ home with a flashlight and attempted to turn off the generator himself, said Amormino.

Morales was hospitalized with lacerations and a possible concussion, said Amormino.

Residents in Orange County used gas generators to power their homes overnight during the outage that lasted through early Friday morning, according to officials.

Quill was booked into Men’s Central Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, Amormino said. He is being held on $25,000 bail.

  • EverydayGuy

    Preferable to your neighborhood, now get back to cutting my lawn.

    • not

      Si senor then ill take care of your wife too.

  • Jeff

    If it was in a Hispanic neighborhood someone would have stolen it a long time ago.


      well not! until you get beat -up from the feet-up first!!!!

    • not

      You like me to take care of your lawn to Jeff?

    • Chuck Curry

      I don’t know. I live in a Hispanic neighborhood in Tucson. Nice people. Been here two years, no crime against me. I’ve had my car broken into twice in my life. Once on the University of Minnesota campus, and once in Carlsbad, California.

    • http://retiredat44.wordpress.com retiredat44

      yep,, in any minority area, everything is stolen broken, and painted.. and all the major cities are run by minorities, mayors, police, firemen, city concils..the least safest are the places with the people screaming they are monorities,, yet they run the c.rap.h.oles..

      • sailordude

        It’s more a black minority issue then Hispanic or Asian. IMO. It’s pretty universal with the black areas, but not so for other minorities and the same could be said for whites as well.

  • the real TT

    im thinkin’ he could have handled it much differently – Bring beer ,chips, and earplugs for everybody :) Cant beat em’ join em’ !! Cheaper results ……

    • ???

      yeah, generators usually have more than 1 outlet, if he was nice he could have tapped into his neighbors generator for some light or to keep his refridgerator running or the air conditioner. It pays to be a nice friendly neightbor in situations like this and all others!!

      • the real TT

        @? my thoughts exactly – and still brought the beer n ear plugs…. everybody’s happy …

      • Mike-N-TN

        Your sentiment is spot on but most home emergency generators only produce enough wattage to power a couple of appliances and a few lights. Around 3000 – 5000 watts depending on how much you can afford to pay. It wouldn’t be possible to power 2 households, running everything, including air conditioners.

      • Rich Lehmann

        He was sharing the outlets with the neighbor next door that was close enough to reach. That neighbor pointed this out on the news.

      • Miriam

        Jealousy more than the hum of the generator may well have been the reason for the assault, and who knows what other issues these guys have. Yeah, it’s nice to be nice, on the other hand, when one person goes to the trouble and expense to be prepared, that doesn’t obligate him to take care of everybody on the block who didn’t bother. If he wants to, that’s great. But those who didn’t bother will at some point start feeling entitled to the benefits of those who did…that seems to be the trend in our declining American society.

  • Robert S.

    I’ll bet I could run my commercial gen. ,and this “Turkey” would not say a word to me!

    • Carlo

      I’ll bet I would tell you to stuff that generator up your ass.

      • Your Neighbor

        Sure you would, Julio…. right after you finish picking up your teeth up from the floor

      • Steve Daniel Sr.

        So what do you do for a power outage? I bet you run a generator off one of the cars jacked up on blocks in your front yard.

      • Costa Mesa resident

        Carlo, you come to my house and say that to me, that would be the last stupid mistake you make.

  • bugman

    A few years ago, we had a tornado come through Lake Elsinore,took out power for almost two days! ran my generator for my fridge and two neighbors. bought it for $135 in 2001 electrical crisis.I’m glad I helped!

    • malcom

      what kind was it? come one brother, share the knowledge

  • Chris

    You all must be deaf! Some of those Generators are really loud…and at 2 am trying to sleep even without AC when it’s 90 degrees at night is bad enough….A generator would make it just as bad. I understand the noise issue!

    • Patrick

      not near as loud as my 45-70

      • Carlo

        @Patrick — what are you, Buffalo Bill or Annie Oakley?

    • Carlo

      You got that straight, Chris. Damn straight.

      • Gunther

        Hey Carlos – Maybe if I cram a couple cans of re-fried beans in your ears you won’t have to listen to the generators? Quit crying like a little school-girl who’s had her pony-tails pulled and start acting like a MAN!!! You’d be SOL if you ever had to survive on your own.

    • Ghost

      Chris…..You’re really an IDIOT

      • http://deeppitt.wordpress.com TxGrown

        Lump carlo in there as an idiot as well.

  • former OC

    Cali is the new Florida. Pretty soon the pictures will show the lack of teeth there too to go along with the new attitude. Great job Guvnuh!
    We just endured a much longer outage from Irene, and I know for a fact that the generator isn’t needed past 10pm for refrigerated food. We threw out nothing by keeping the doors closed from 10p-7a (respectful generator hours). You selfish jerks who say the neighbor is just jealous deserve what is coming your way, and it is coming. BTW, since when can’t a Morales stand a little warmth? 90 and dry? You all are weak.

  • Hank Warren

    Illegal alien firefighters, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • Andy Oakley

    I’m surprised – if these people are smart enough to have a generator that they aren’t also smart enough to know that you can cut the noise substantially by digging a hole deep enough for the generator to fit in. Place it in the hole and you’ll barely know it’s there anymore. Power crisis over, fill the hole back in.

    • ma67

      Yeah but Morales probably digs ditches all day for a living, so the last thing he wants is to dig another when he’s home.

      • Littleguy

        Morales is a firefighter and can read. I can’t say the same for you. Do you dig ditches?

    • tony

      Yeah, and if you do that carbon monoxide can build up around the hole and possibly kill people. Idiot.

      • 51Phantom

        Not to mention that it need oxygen (air) to run.

      • TN Lineman

        Kill people? Oh, you mean the people in the hole with the generator? IDIOT.

    • rex dart eskimo spy

      Very true, but it only works after the rain stops. In hurricane country, we just build a sound deadening box for the generator out of plywood and metalized foam insulation. cuts the noise in half.

  • ConservativeRedneck

    Ya think Flashlights should be outlawed? After 11pm huh. Sounds like Morales had no respect for anyone else but himself for the late hour. He kind of was asking for it. BUT Quill should have called the cops. They probably would be there in an hour or two.

    • Dennis

      It sounds to me (I live in Texas) that California needs some good “castle laws” or some improved “concelled carry” laws. My “Judge” would solved the problem he first time the flashlight was raised. Let the other guy by a generator–I did

    • Costa Mesa resident

      Hey fascist redneck, you sound like you need to be clubbed in the head with a flashlight yourself! If you came to my house and tried to turn my generator off, that would be the last stupid mistake you make!

    • Mike-N-TN

      What about those ambulances, squad cars and fire trucks racing down the road at 2 AM with lights flashing and sirens blaring? Is that OK because it’s Government?
      What about those cars with the woofers that rattle your bones? Is that OK because they be from da hood? What about thunder? Will you call the cops on God?

  • ConservativeRedneck

    Well, Morales will probably decide to burn candles in the future if it happens again.

    • Jimmy

      I certainly hope not! I have a generator and I recently had to run it for 4 whole days due to hurricane Irene. I live in the country and use a well for my water and if the power goes out, you have not water either. I run my pump, frige and computer as well as neighbors pump. This guy just wanted a generator and if he couldn’t have one, he didn’t want anyone to have one. Just plain old covetousness gone to the extreme. If the power goes out again, If I was Moreles, I would make it known to my neighbor, Quill that I have a new hobby… Collecting hand guns and target shooting!

    • Costa Mesa resident

      Fascist redneck, if you light candles in your house, I hope it catches fire and that firefighters don’t show up to put it out.

    • Costa Mesa resident

      Fascist redneck, if you light candles in your house, I hope it catches fire and that firefighters don’t show up to put it out.

  • ConservativeRedneck

    NO, Morales was being dis-respectful. *IF* someone had been on life support for instance it would have been a totally different situation. But that was in the article. When asked to turn the noisy generator off he decided to have words with Quill. That shows he had no respect for anyone else but himself THAT’s why he got his AS* whipped.

    • Mannie

      It’s a shame Morales didn’t shoot the trespassing thug of a neighbor.

    • Chuck Curry

      If the lights are out, an American citizen has a right to use his generator. The neighbor came over looking for a fight, and he got it. Since Morales is a weenie public union employee, he’s probably making a mountain out of a mole hill, and will no doubt be fishing for a disability claim after this. As such, we can understand why he lost the fight, and also assume he was a jerk, but that doesn’t excuse the neighbor making a ridiculous demand during a local emergency.

      • daniel

        It doesn’t say anywhere on the BIll of Rights to use a generator. Look it up. Generators are noisy POS (the cheap ones) and the fool should have shut it off. Now he’s got scars to show for it.

      • Costa Mesa resident

        Daniel, go to hell. F— you and your attitude.

      • Costa Mesa resident

        Go f— yourself Daniel. I’ll run my generator when I need to and if you don’t like it, MOVE! It’s stupid neighbors like you that bring communities down.

      • Gunther

        Hey Daniel – it’s idiots like you who would never survive any sort of disruption in the grid. You’re a mamby-pamby diaper-wearing little girl who sounds like you just had your pigtails pulled. Waaaaa!

    • Chuck Curry

      In my experience, situations like this generally develop because both sides are acting like children.

  • John Thomas

    “Neighbors say Morales is a Los Angeles firefighter.”

    – um… So what?

    • john oakman

      which means he sits on his ass all day and retires on a big guvmint pension while you Useful Idiots work to pay fo he pension!!!!!!!!!!

      • DAX

        Oakman your an ignorant Moron

      • J Askani

        72 on-duty firefighters lost their lives in 2010. How many wall street bankers have died and we’ve, as tax payers, have paid for their golden paraschutes. Running your generator should not be a reason to get assulted.

      • Costa Mesa resident

        John Oakman, If your house catches on fire, I hope firefighters never show up and let your house burn to the ground.

  • Bigcitylivin'ain'tnuthintobragabout

    I’d rather live in a rusty old trailer with a little bit of yard space aroundme then stuffed in like a sardine in an overpriced craker box in the burbs. If you’re gonna own and operate a generator in herdville, better make sure a pump shotgun goes with it.

    • Patrick

      exactly right. Its an emergency situation. prepare to defend your position.

    • Chuck Curry


  • john oakman

    Thank God for my country life–I don’t have to put up with idiot neighbors!!!!!!!! My powder is dry and I’m ready.

    • Costa Mesa resident

      John Oakman, I hope your house burns to the ground and that no firefighters show up to put it out.

  • bsimons

    put a democrat in charge and the lights go out.

    • Za

      Amen. We know that no lights when out under Bush!

  • samsmom

    There’s no excuse for the violence, but I understand Quill’s frustration, having just dealt with the same problem because of Hurricane Irene. There ought to be city ordinances against using generators at night. One 3 houses away was so loud it kept us up all night! My next door neighbor on the opposite side was so bothered that they thought the generator was mine, not 4 doors down from them! Having the refrigerator off for just a few hours at night when the door is closed, so others can sleep is only a common courtesy! The food will be fine in the morning, and everyone will be much happier! I wouldn’t care if the generator was on all day… it’s annoying but understandable, but through the night is uncaring and un-neighborly.

    • Dennis

      What this “stream” has not dealt with is nedical necessity. My wife uses an O2 concentrator each night. If there is no power she has a serious medical problem. From what I am reading I guess that is ok of some nit wit doesn’t want to buy his own solution to a potential electrical problem. With IKE we were without power for 8 days +. In our community the common thread was “hay, I am going for fuel, do you need some?” Our gen set is large enough to help a neighbor, and we did. I guess those in LA don’t think that way. I am glad we live in TEXAS! Maybe Obama can lend you a gen set until he is out of office.

    • Chuck Curry

      What precisely is the point of a generator if you can’t use it at night? Earth to Samsmom! Is this thing on?

      • Brent

        We have $500 of beef in pork in our chest freezer and running the gen a few hours a day will keep it frozen. Same goes with food in a refrigerator. It go overnight w/o power but it needs to run several hours a day to keep it cold. We don’t run ours at night just because it’s not needed and wastes gas during outages. And we don’t have any neighbors but still use a very Honda gen inside an insulated building. We can’t even hear it running in our house with the doors closed. Most people that have gens don’t know the right ones to buy or how to respectfully run them

      • samsmom

        My food in the refrigerator and freezer went 16 hours without power and was fine. We just made extra ice and used the fridge as a big cooler. If you don’t open the door frequently, it will all be fine, especially for only a few hours overnight. It doesn’t hurt and it’s much more respectful of the neighbors.

    • Chuck Curry

      I think it’s hilarious that everyone seems to think preserving food is the chief concern…maybe it is for you all..Me, I like to have light so I don’t fall down the stairs. The food! The food! I guess we are an obese nation. The reason human beings have welcomed electricity is because lights really make your life easier at night, and keep bad guys away. Keeping food cold is a bonus. If we should be expected to make do with no lights at night, then to hell with noise ordinances…Why not have light ordinances? That’ll really keep your neighbors from disturbing your beauty sleep!. God knows you probably need it.

      • Man on the Silver Mountain

        So you don’t fall down the stairs? Seriously? You need a generator for that? A flashlight just isn’t good enough? Ok, how about an electric lantern? Or a glowstick? There are any number of light emitting objects that could provide enough light for just about anybody to find their way around. Unless it is an actual emergency, meaning no power for DAYS, not hours, there is no good reason to run a generator all night – except that these people cannot handle any disruption in their routines. It’s that simple. They are spoiled and weak. Like I said, wait until we have a real emergency – no power, no phones, no water, no passable roads, no stores open for business – and these people will be dead in three days. And good ol’ Chuck will either learn to find his way in the dark or with a flashlight or he had damned-well better be armed and ready to KILL people if he thinks he’s gonna be running a geny so he can “walk downstairs”. There will be plenty of people coming to steal it. Either way, life as you know it will be over if there is ever an ACTUAL emergency. These people are weak and simply can’t handle it.

      • Littleguy

        You must be a really crummy neighbor. Do you always think of #1 first? samsmom has the right attitude.

    • Ed

      Some people need the generator to run their sump pump to prevent flooding their basement. Unless you’re willing to bail water all night for them, you should just let them run their generator.

  • Mike Notsaying

    personally if this happened to me , middle of the night man poking around with a flashlight… he would have been backed off the property with a gun –
    if he tried to assault me after trespassing he wouldn’t be a problem to anyone any more

  • BRM

    Flahslights don’t hurt people, people hurt people. I fully expect to see the development of a national organization devoted to the ban of all concealable flashlights, and a responding group dedicated to protecting the constitutional right to own automatic flashlights.

    Here in Tornado country, we are literate enough to read the word “Honda” and know about their ultra-quiet line of generators. Problem avoided.

    • Ralp Spoilsport

      Haha! They all bought their generators at Harbor Freight! Junk!!!!!

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    you know that you can build a very nice sound deadening box for your generator. or buy one of the ultra quiet honda generators.

    • Mike Hawke

      YepYep! Honda EU series generators are whisper quiet, provide clean power…ie… (safe for your plasma TV and computers)….and run forever on a gallon of regular gas. Only downside is they are expensive to buy new and you won’t see too many of them used for sale because once you get one, you found your generator for life!

      • I.P. Nightly

        Buying quality only hurts once.

  • FFF

    Not only is a flashlight a weapon, but it could be used as an adult sex toy. Time to ban them all! Just let government take charge, create some new laws and a new flashlight task force to do random checks of your home, when you’re not there … as allowed by the Patriot Act and you’ll be much safer. What a great country.

    • FastEddie

      A flashlight could also be used to smoke grass. Back in the 70’s we would take an empty beer can and make a hole in the side/bottom with a knife. Put alum. foil in the hole and poke small holes in it. fill it with grass and smoke it through the pour opening. You could do that with a flashlight too. Now it’s become not only a deadly weapon, but also drug paraphernalia.

  • logos

    The article leaves out details of how the assault happened — it says that Quill returned and tried to turn off the generator, but that’s where the story ends. Sounds like Morales attacked the guy, and he responded more effectively. If so, Morales could be in the wrong, because the law does not permit the use of force unless confronted with the threat of force. Quill, on the other hand, was allowed to use force if Morales attacked him.

    • Dennis

      I completely agree with you. If Quill, once again, traspassed, Morales should have told him to leave and then shot him when he didn’t. (I would recomment a 410 shotgon (Judge handgun – 410/ .45 ACP) My property is mine and as long as my gen set is legal and what it is being used for is legal he has no right to stop it.

    • Diamond Jim

      Logos, let me get this straight.
      So, some moron comes onto YOUR property and starts monkeying with YOUR stuff and YOU try to stop him and he assaults you – so that means it’s YOUR fault????
      Wow! I’ll just bet you’re a “slip and fall” lawyer.
      Sure glad I don’t live in La La Land . .

    • Ernest Sharp

      Actually, Quill cannot claim self defense. A person who is illegally on your property has no right to self defense while breaking the law. At the very least, Quill was trespassing, and Morales has the legal right to ask him to leave. If he refuses to leave, force CAN legally be used to MAKE him leave.

  • Mike Alright

    As the US falls, we will soon be turning against each other. So, let me start, you feminized Americans are all id10ts. You all have big mouths, and are all stup1d.

    • Costa Mesa resident

      Mike Alright, go back to whatever stupid country you come from.

  • Bigcitylivin'ain'tnuthintobragabout

    I used to get some of my best sleeping done in the “Japanese”sleeper of a running diesel FTR Isuzu straight truck I used to haul loads of steel with back in the hay days before Obama. Hadn’t the madman with the flashlight heard of earplugs? Instead of being annoyed by a constant sound, you can use it for meditation. Geeze, whiners. I used to live one below the flight deck of a carrier (03 level) Every couple of minutes was the loud crashing sound of the catapult spears hitting the water brakes or the sound of bird catching one of the wires. by the way, I even delievered some ladders to my old ship by the way. Strange how the world works.

  • Sam

    Quill should have called the police. There are laws against any loud noises at night. That includes generators and it also counts whether there is electricity or not. The posters who have stated that it is disrespectful and wrong to run a generator overnight are correct.
    It’s unfortunate that a tough Cali firefighter can’t take a few hours off the grid. I assumed ff’s would be tougher than that. Oh well, he’s probably just in it for the pension.

    • John Stephens

      Right, the police are going to come running over a NOISE COMPLAINT in the middle of a BLACKOUT.

      • Gilbert

        What else are they doing? We’re not talking New Orleans, are we?

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