LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A big rig driver was tentatively sentenced Thursday to seven years and four months in prison for causing an accident that killed a man and his daughter in 2009.

Marcos Costa, 46, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving in July.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports.

Costa lost control of his 18-wheeler and plowed through Angeles Crest Highway and Foothill Boulevard. The truck smashed into cross traffic, as well as a building on Foothill Boulevard.

Angelina Posca, 12, and her father, Angel Posca, were both killed in the crash.

Prosecutors want Costa to get the maximum sentence of nine years, but a judge says he will make his final ruling after hearing statements from the victims’ family.

Comments (18)
  1. Jack says:

    This article doesn’t explain anything.Was he drunk, talking on his cell?? What caused the accident

    1. ap says:

      He wasn’t drunk. He decided to take a route that he shouldn’t have and was warned by an off duty firefighter to turn around cause it was too dangerous. He ignored it, which caused him to lose control of his big rig and brakes and he plowed into traffic and some shops too.

  2. lala63 says:

    Wasn’t it an accident??? He didn’t intend to loose control of his truck. I don’t understand how this person is sent to prison for this (unless he was drunk, or he was speeding).

    1. AJ Morgan says:

      He ignored warnings. I’ve driven it, and even in my F250, you can pick up speed without much warning. I can easily see how his speed got away from.

  3. Frank says:

    why is he being sentenced for an accident? please tell me there is more to this story and this is not how backwards are legal system is…

  4. Me says:

    Original story said he was driving where big rigs are off limits. Drivers said he didn’t see signs. After the accident trees around sign apparently were trimmed. Sounds like an accident to me and city not on top of tree trimming.

  5. Paul says:

    OK, I’m a truck driver.

    On a steep hills, you use LOWER GEARS, to hold the truck back. You do NOT ride the brakes the whole way down, because the heat will melt the lining and cause you to lose all brake friction. Then, you are a runaway!

    You go slow, and use the enginbe braking effect, in lower transmission gears. If you see the brakes smoking, and you have more downgrades ahead, you pull over and STOP, and let the brakes cool.

    You do NOT keep driving, because you will quickly lose all brake power and end up killing someone!

    If you do this, you are either stupid, or a beginner, or even worse, you simply don’t care about the life of others on the road with you!

    When a truck hits a car, people are crushed to death, and die horribly. So no, you do NOT want to save time or trouble, and risk letting that happen!

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      I was going to say exactly that, down shift, but not being a truck driver myself, I didn’t post. But, I guess I was right after all.
      I guess the “big truck” is going to learn to drive rigs the hard way.
      I followed this story since the beginning, and man, it’s just about the saddest story, to say the least.
      P.S. I try to drive as safe as possible. I’m 48 years old and two years ago had the first accident in my life. A four car 20 MPH fender bender, (or hood bender, in my case).
      In a sentence, the freeway is not a video game.
      No more to say.

  6. alan hart says:

    This case should have never been filed. He was not a local and had no way of knowing that his GPS would take him up and over a mountain road. He had no intention to kill anyone. He wasn’t impared in any way. He was just doing his job. This is what is called an ACCIDENT.

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      Well, I think NOBODY agrees Alan!

  7. Cynthia says:

    This is so sad all around. So we put him in jail for 7 years when we are already overcrowded. Doubtfully he will ever break the law again – but they’ll probably let someone out that will to make room for him. Wouldn’t it be better to let him out on probation and order restitution to the family? This was an accident and usually the only thing a person can get in these situations is some sort of compensation how will that be possible now? Cents an hour from prison work won’t cut it here.


    He is getting jail time because the fact that a young girl and her father were killed draws way more outrage from the public and from the justice system. If the two killed would have been other truck drivers, he wouldn’t of gotten anything more than probation. Lets face it, WHO you end up accidentallly killing DOES make a difference on the sentence that you receive.

  9. David says:

    I can only hope that safeguards have been put in place on that road that will prevent any future runaway tragedies. That should be the primary concern, not securing a harsh punishment against this man.

  10. IMC says:

    I think most truck drivers are great but you get a few that ignore safety advice and bam two people are killed …gone ! He needs to go to jail… If he took two people from my family it would be on !

  11. jet says:

    I think this sentence is a bit too much…7 years come on…Phillip Garrido got less time…for molesting children…

    Dan White got 7 Months for Killing Harvey Milk…

    Just goes to show, how messed up our legal system is…they just needed and wanted to REAM this guy…

    There are a lot more dangerous people out there then this guy…People who really need to be in jail and only get a fraction of time this guy got for serious felonies…

    Our legal system is a complete joke…

  12. jet says:

    and to think…nothing happens to fullerton cops who stomp, beat and kill people…

    1. jet is a dork says:

      Ummm, dingus? I think it’s time to let that go Kinda old news. What a rebel you are. Idiot.

  13. Pat Robertson says:

    Just thinning the herd, give the guy a break.

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