LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Do you believe in the the “beyond”?

AJ Barrera is about to stretch the limits of what you consider reality. In the new reality TV series “From Beyond” the young psychic medium will take viewers as he tracks down paranormal activity in Southland Latino communities.

The ghost hunter teams up with paranormal investigators Christian Vera and Ramiro Ramirez to uncover the unique relationship Latinos have with the the “beyond”.

The series airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on NBC’s bilingual cable network mun2. You can watch full episodes on mun2.tv/beyond.

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  1. Pen De Jadas says:

    I’m latino of non-Mexican descent. Yes, I have to point that out. I don’t have a relationship with the beyond. I’m not religious, I don’t believe in this ridiculousness.

    Most cultures in Latin American (and Mexicans, since they dont consider themselves Latin AMERICANS) all have superstitions, some cultures more than others, its all born from some brujeria nonsense that twists religion around into something dumb and fear based. In short, these beliefs, are ignorantly based.

    This show just supports, encourages traditions that are really not worth much, they just so, silly. But you know, what can you do, cultures are hard to change. Change starts with you. I don’t believe so therefore I don’t fear or have to “protect myself” through prayer or meditation as that one hack fraud said in the video.

    Irritating. He in one line says that he ironically… doesn’t FEAR paranormal delusions but PROTECTS himself through prayer… and meditation… so is he trying to appeal to a wider caucasian audience by mentioning… meditation?



  2. Interesting Concept says:

    Hi I’m Latino, if I may point that out as well. You say that most cultures were born from some brujeria nonsense that twists religion around into something dumb and fear based. What if you weren’t raised or taught these superstition twist based stories? I wasn’t and I do not fear of these ‘paranormal stories.’

    The show supports, those within the Latino circle who may have had experiences of something paranormal. If that means unexplainable situations, connecting with a loved one, the show allows these people in the show to NOT fear it, by bringing evidence through certain devices they use.

    I do agree that change does start with a person, but they must want it and some people need to see the ‘light’ first or help seeing it too! Perhaps this show allows people to again not live off these superstitions and religious base stories.

    I can see why it may upset you that the gentlemen in the clip says, “he doesn’t FEAR paranormal delusions but PROTECTS himself through prayer… and meditation.” If you knew about this work and study/ read books on spirituality (if it was an interest to you, obviously its not) then you would understand what he meant by explaining himself of using prayer and meditation (NOT trying to relate to the Caucasians).

    This young man had TWO Los Angeles radio shows on KOST 13.5 and KBIG 104.3 showcasing his gift for listeners for nearly 4 year! Not to mention this guy has been featured on some of the top radio stations like KROQ Loveline with Dr. Drew, Leeza Gibbons Show, K-Earth 101, 94.7 The Wave, FOX News, etc (WAY before this show ‘From Beyond,’ or this interview has taken place….I JUST LOOKED THIS GUY UP AND HE’S NOT TRYING TO FOCUS ON ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE)

    Prayer and meditation raises a person’s vibration/ state of mind and helps the individual to connect/convey messages in which ever nature they are use to. It doesn’t mean that he is protecting himself from ‘evil, demons’ or whatever you would like to call it. It’s about grounding yourself basically and this is what most people do who are spiritual, such as the gentleman in the clip.

    I think we need more people out there to give some sort of awareness on this type of work rather than fearing them and I feel this From Beyond show give a fear base angle but with some ‘paranormal/ spiritual education’ as well watching some amazing readings being conducted by this guy.

    I didn’t know about this show till now and watched a few episodes online…very interesting show.

    Best of luck!

  3. helen clark says:

    I have had a training with this young man and can state he is a very good medium. I am not Latino and I did not get the sense he was trying to connect only with Latinos. He is also very compassionate and kind. He’s the real deal!

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