SANTA ANA (AP) — Prosecutors have argued that 10 Muslim university students broke the law when they shouted down a speech by the Israeli ambassador on a Southern California campus.

Prosecutor Dan Wagner on Wednesday says emails from the leader of a Muslim campus group at University of California, Irvine show that students carefully drafted a plan to disrupt an address by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren last year and read from scripted statements to carry it out.

But defense attorneys say the students planned their protest within the boundaries of the law and their combined statements lasted no longer than five minutes.

The opening statements came in the trial of 10 Muslim students facing misdemeanor charges that carry a maximum sentence of a year in jail if convicted.

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Comments (45)
  1. James says:

    This is a blatant attempt to intimidate any students who disagree with Israel’s policies. From what I understand, the Muslim students didn’t make any antisemitic statements; their behavior, while disrespectful to the speaker, clearly falls within the realm of free speech. The fact that Jewish groups, who often have (or had) a strong sense of social justice, are allowing such a ridiculous lawsuit to go forward disgusts me. What would Saul Alinsky think?

    It’s ironic that as Tunisians, Egyptians, and now Syrians are gaining their right to speak and assemble freely, those same rights are being trampled and attacked here in the United States.

    1. Blatant Jew Liker says:

      Hey James, what color is the sky in your world?

      1. James says:

        What point are you trying to make, if any? With what portion of my statement do you take issue? Don’t be scared to attempt to make a coherent point, if you’re capable of it.

      2. Blatnet Jew Liker says:

        James, my point is that you must be from a different world to make such inane statements, hence, the question. what color is the sky in your world.

        )Geeze, not only a nut job, but an ignorant one to boot.)

    2. Mark says:

      This is a free speech issue. Making this a political/ethnic issue is a Red Herring fallacy at best. This conspiracy of intimidation is just insulting, and this is coming from someone of an ethnic background that is far from jewish/muslim. Let’s be objective: if the free speech rights of two parties are put at odds with one another, the precedence should be given to the party that is expressing itself in a civil manner and forum. These students teamed up to oppress – explicitly and unambiguously. That is unjust in this country.

      1. Jeff says:

        This is a speech on private property and free speech does not mean causing a disturbance and engaging in illegal activity

    3. Maddy Farfan says:

      I guess it’s easy to see WHO you work for: The Muslim Brotherhood. The so-called “students” (islamic agents POSING as “students”) Had many hateful, anti-Semitic things to say. The Orange County D.A. will prosecute these law-breaking muslim agents as he should!


    4. skywitty says:

      Your point is well taken, James. This smacks of judicial abuse. You’d think there more important pending issues than to prosecute students exercising free speech.

    5. Stryker 21 says:

      Take their carpets and curtains away then send them back to the third world country they came from.

  2. aaron says:

    the hell with muslim

    1. No religion os good religion says:

      That is what the Christian religion believes. How strange for this to come from the “God of love.”

      1. questioneverything says:

        What does Christian religion believe? Muslims are not Christians!, Just ask them, they’ll tell ya!! Perhaps some homework is in order??

      2. Maddy Farfan says:

        Better get your “facts” straight… The “God of Love” is also the “The God of Judgement”… and never forget that… as you don’t get one without the other. So there is absolutely nothing “strange” about that at all.

    2. Israel says:

      Instead of saying the hell with Muslims we should be saying we will pray that they see their error and receive the Savior. I don’t wish hell on anyone… Didn’t Jesus say “love your enemies”
      Instead of showing such disdain you should be praying for their immortal souls.

  3. questioneverything says:

    They will probably not be convicted, however, when watching their”total” disrespect, the behavior was obviously “premeditated”! They watched for/and expected reactions from those attending the speech, and seemingly enjoyed being disruptive! Very simply, they have been trained to use our laws against us! Personally, I would rather see them perform “community service”, that could be far more effective and definitely “eye-opening”, perhaps they could learn the “actions have consequences”!!

    1. ALEXANDER BENN says:

      I think you are a mean jewish man , we are tired of Israel influence , here in USA , go to Israel , if you don’t like freedom of speach , !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that we enjoy here in United States of America , we will not let Israel to comand us , to do , what they want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brad Ster says:

    There s a limit to free speech. These “students” (as I recall, one of them looked 45 years old in the photos) crossed over that line and prevented the free speech of an honored guest. So the question is, who’s free speech is protected and who’s is not. We shall se what the jury has to say.

    1. James says:

      Brad, is there an age limit in this country for a person to be considered a student? Secondly, your point that they limited the speech of an “honored guest” should not be relevant; Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Hosni Mubarak, and even … you fill in the blank … were someone’s “honored guests” at some point in history. I don’t agree with the protesters’ interruption of the speech, but I think the government is being too heavy-handed by pursuing criminal charges against them. It’s a ploy to mollify the right-wing AIPAC supporters who were in attendance. (By the way, I’m Jewish, so anyone who wants to call me anti-semitic can go … away.)

  5. questioneverything says:

    As a “follow-up” to anyone, student or otherwise, if you disagree with something or someone…”DON’T GO”!!!…It’s often said that silence can speak volumes!!

  6. voiceofreason says:

    I think the guy who was trying to give the speech is a little crybaby who couldn’t really stand the heat of being heckled…..

    So what does he do? He cries about it and gets these hecklers in trouble. Wow. Oh my God….we’ve got ourselves a REAL victim here! They HECKLED HIM!!!!

    ahahahahahahahahah all I can do is laugh at this little weenie crybaby!!!

    Mommy, mommy they’re HECKLING ME!!! Can you throw them in jail for having the audacity of interrupting me…I don’t know how to defend myself mommy!!!

    Mommy…this is a HOSTILE environment. I feel like my life is in danger mommy because they are HECKLING ME!!!!

    Help me mommy!! help me mommy!!!!

    1. questioneverything says:

      I do not recall the ambassador calling for his mother, or anyone else for that matter…he simply stopped speaking, which allowed the germs to multiply! He did what any person, worth their salt, would do, he became silent, as the immaturity level continued to grow until others asked that the intruders be removed!…”reason” part of your moniker , means “sound judgment”! Perhaps you are the one who feels heckled, and maybe should choose a different voice??

      1. Israel says:

        sorry that was posted on the wrong reply… you are right.

    2. jeff says:

      You are right, he should have done the muslim thing and put little children in front of him for protection.

    3. Karen says:

      The only child is voice of reason.

  7. Pump says:

    For “voiceof reason.” Your voice is anything but reasonable. If you have something intellegent to say, do so with a demeanor of adulthood, not as some spoiled child throwing a fit.

  8. mark says:

    put those ten miscreants in jail even though they are my fellow muslims. if they didn’t like what Oren had to say then they should not have gone to his lecture. Oren handled himself graciously. he didn’t get all crazy. respect should be given and you will get respect in return. These ten goofballs made themselves and other muslims look like idiots.

    1. Israel says:

      wonderfully put mark…. and I’m a “Jewish Christian” I will, rather than put any Muslim or any other non Christian down, pray for your soul. Some day you may see the error of you belief – I pray God forgives and blesses you with understanding.

      1. Karen says:

        What are you talking about Israel? Do you speak English?

        Mark – I agree with you. It’s like turning the channel if you don’t like what’s on tv. No one forced them to attend a lecture and they disrupted the free speech of another person.

        Geez. What hypocrites.

  9. jeff says:

    Anyone remember the “Don’t tase me guy”? he was trying to ask a question and look what happened to him?

    The muslim crybabies come to intimidate a speaker and cause a serious disruption. They deserve jail and deportation back to their spider hole in the sand

  10. ridiculous says:

    It’s a school matter that should be handled by the school, not the Orange County Gestapo.

  11. Freedom says:

    Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker, had his head cut off when he criticized the mistreatment of muslim women. The Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, has a contract on his life by Islamist who did not approve his drawing cartoons of mohammad and then burned the Danish embassy in Pakistan in protest. Islamists want to have the right to criticize others but others don’t have the freedom to criticize them in a speech .

  12. be strong muslim says:

    illegal mexicans stops traffic, walk on freeways, and this city holds a tacofest. at least these muslim are not skimping the taxpayers.

  13. Pump says:

    Thank you Mark- Refreshing…

  14. Jeff says:

    I’m so sick and tired of dealing with Muslims and Israelis. I will smile if and when the day comes where we Americans are no longer in the middle of this constant battle. Why don’t we start focusing on our issues here at home, and stop being such a puppet for a regime that sends spies into our Pentagon.

  15. Martha Finklestein says:

    Man,I remember one time I saw this muslim and I was like “yo,you a muslim?” He was like,”yes, I am”. Then I was like “kaboom fooool,you got mad bombs under yo jacket huh?” He didn’t say anything and just walked away. That’s what I thought, coward muslim!!!

  16. Karen says:

    These brats need to be punished big time. I wish they were expelled from school. They should not be in the United States if they can not respect other opinions. They do not have the right to disrupt anyone from speaking. What about that person’s right to free speech? What about the people who wanted to hear that speaker speak? I think these kids were worse than the protestors who show up at military funerals.

  17. igor boublebubblevich says:

    What happened to the JDL? they would have slapped these muslims, hopefully they will be deported, sick of them.

  18. caleb goldfarb says:

    Horsewhip those filthy Muslim dogs.

  19. mark says:

    People should be careful to not tar and feather an entire faith based on the actions of a hand full of goofballs. I am muslim and the Koran upholds the covenant between God and Israel. It is repeated numerous times. Close readings of the Koran shows that the audience would have had to be jewish to understand many concepts. Too bad a large percentage of my fellows muslims don’t read. These 10 goofballs should be punished. America is multi-cultural but there still needs to be respect. These goofs had no right to ruin it for everyone else. They intruded not only on Mr. Oren’s presentation, but the rights of others to listen to it undisturbed.

  20. jet says:

    Instead of disrupting the speech, maybe these students should have taken off and thrown their shoes at him instead…

  21. Moses says:

    I say we set up a Bacon and Ham vendor on every street corner in Irvine. Grilling up some tasty pork. That should scare off these arrogant radicals who want to change the world into towel headed zombies. Why don’t the feminist protest these people? where is the NOW organization. Islam is anti-American. Sexist and Degrading to Women. 70% of Mosques in America won’t let women into the pray sanctuary. They aren’t worthy. In Muslim countries, woman are abused and killed and tortured if they don’t wear a scarf…… A SCARF, that’s it and you get killed for it. They are Barbarians. Bacon for everyone. Bacon, Bacon, Get your nice hot delicious Bacon.

    1. mark says:

      dude, you really believe women in muslim countries are abused? LOL. That may happen in Afghanistan where the nut jobs don’t follow the religion. They follow their own made up rules because 90% of the population cannot read. There are more women educated in Muslim countries than in the US. I am muslim and I can tell you muslim women or rather arab women are terrible. They are more controlling, demanding, and emotionally immature than any woman I have ever met. Ok, well maybe a sixteen year old is on par with an arab woman. Indonesian muslim women are very educated and far from being oppressed.
      The scarf is not a requirement in Islam. again that’s a cultural thing that has become accepted and believed as part of the religion. The woman is only required to cover her breasts and other private areas. The head can remain uncovered.

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