LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A missing 23-year-old mother and her four-week-old daughter were found safe, after disappearing in the Mid City area over the weekend.

Kathy Nicole Leath and her daughter were found late Monday night at a motel in the 4100 block of South Western Avenue, said Lt. Bill Heard of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Station.

Leath suffers from a mental disability and, although she is 23, she has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old.

She and her infant daughter, Genesis True Leath, were last seen at Ralphs grocery store at the intersection of Pico and San Vicente boulevards about 3:30 p.m. Saturday, according to the LAPD.

The pair went to the store accompanied by Cortez Leath, Kathy’s uncle. He walked away for a moment and when he returned they were nowhere to be found.

Due to the mental capacity of Kathy Nicole, a CARE Alert was issued.

According to authorities, Leath visited an inmate at the Men’s Central Jail Sunday.

Sheriff’s deputies made the connection between the two visitors and the emergency alert.

Comments (8)
  1. rich says:

    i have some questions if she is that LIMITED:::
    1) why was she allowed to get pregnant?
    2) how does she know how to go to the jail and visit an inmate?
    3) where did she get the money to check into a hotel?
    my point here is her actions are not that of a MENALLY LIMITED PERSON she seems to have handled her self well

  2. Florence Ferrara says:

    I don’t understand this story – there are too many missing points. Please have someone write a story that has FACTS that can be understood by human beings.

  3. That's nuts says:

    Lovely 😦 How is this girl finding criminals to hang out with, and who in the worlkd thought it was a good idea to allow her to get pregnant and become a mom? A “ten year old” cannot care for a baby. It might be CPS time.

  4. Sarah Kennedy says:

    She has the mental capacity of a 10 year old and she has a 4 week old infant? This whole story has me reeling. Whoever was supposed to be watching her obviously wasn’t doing their job. Who is the father? Sounds like a case of sexual abuse and neglect. Someone needs to intervene for the safety of the baby AND the safety of the mother in my opinion. Disgusting.

  5. gary says:

    When you point your finger at someone else’s short commings YOU have three fingers pointing at YOURSELF!@!

  6. BD McGee says:

    T aking
    R isk
    D arn it!

  7. Karen says:

    She is not that mentally incapable. She knew her uncle would not allow her to visit an inmate. What exactly does that inmate want from her? A file in a cake?

    She knew she was ditching her uncle and I think that kid should be given to mentally capable parents.

  8. Big Leroy says:

    Ummm, was it a conjugal visit ??? Will there be another kid in 9 months ?

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