HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Comedy icon Jerry Lewis is gone from the Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon he hosted for decades, but fellow comedians are making sure his name stays attached to the search for a cure.

Jerry Lewis was missing in action at this year’s MDA Telethon, but he was not far from the hearts and minds of his fellow comedians.

Hollywood’s funny men and women hosted a fundraiser at the Laugh Factory Monday night, raising money for a special cause. It is something very important to Jerry Lewis – his kids.

“We want to honor him by raising money for Muscular Dystrophy and send it to the MDA. But we want to send it in Jerry’s name,” said comedian Norm Crosby.

Lewis hosted the telethon for nearly 50 years. He has not made a public comment about his departure from the show.

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  1. rich says:

    why are people honoring a thief?? who clearly pocketed or mishandled all the money that he ever raised?? this is clear in the fact that no real advance towards a cure has ever been made in what is it nearly 50 years that hes been doing this sham of a charity

  2. Corinne Anderson says:

    The “search for a cure” is nothing but torture and murder of innocent animals. Shame.

  3. jondb01 says:


    I’m not saying that you are right or wrong, I just want to know what evidence you have to back up your statments.

  4. rich says:

    the MDA is based out of tucson az if you did not know that. i use to date and live with a girl there before i moved back here. she worked in their office did book work delt with those coin things you see in some stores and so on well one year after the telethon when all the figures and stuff came in, she came home very upset told me that she saw a form in the office that stated that mr. lewis personally got paid 25% of the nights proceeds on top of the normal salery he got paid to be their chairman. so that coupled with the fact this telethon has gone on for about 50 years and as far as i can see there has been no REAL advance in this cause i think the powers that be with in the org need to put more of the money towards finding some sort of cure rather then large pay checks to their people

  5. Joe Blow says:

    Rich – unless you have proof or can cite a source for your istatements, you are just blowing smoke and make accusatory statements not based in any reality.

  6. rich says:

    i cited my source my former girl friend who worked in the MDA offices in tucson az. and who saw the forms detailing how much of that years money went DIRECTLY to mr. Lewis i dont know what they raised that year (2002) but lets say is was slightly less then this years which was 61 million lets pick 55 million just for a number my source who saw the form stating that Mr. Lewis was paid 25% of that amount on TOP OF what ever his normal salery was for being the chairman so at 55,000,000 25% would be 13,750,000 do you really think he should take that much of it?? clearly I DID NOT SEE THE FORM my self but my girl friend at the time would have had no reason to lie to me about it. she came home crying because she her self was a big supporter of the telethon she her self gave 2,000 every year that i knew her so i belive she saw what she said she saw. and i base my statement about little or no advances on this on the fact that kids are still dieing very young from this (where i work at lowes) a young boy use to come in he was about 8 or so and his family suppoerted MDA for obvious reason that boy just died at this young age from it if there had been much advance in this illness from all the money made over the last 50 years i would expect that a child would make it past age 8 or so

  7. Corinne Anderson says:

    Children are dying and animals are being horribly tortured and murdered for the enrichment of MDA. No “cure” comes from torturing and murdering innocent animals.

  8. Anita says:

    You need hard evidence to back up statements like that.

    1. lynn says:

      my name is lynn i am the ex gf rich spoke of i worked in the offies in tucson for the MDA from 96-02 i fielded calls, did fileing, placed and collected the coin jars you may often see in stores for MDA and after each telethon i would help do the paper work detailiing how much was made in each area (la,vegas and so on) well as i was doing the papers in 02 i came across one that detailed how much Mr. lewis was to make that given year he got 25% of the overall funds collected which was 58.3 million and he got to keep 25% PLUS his normal salery that was the last year and really the last day i worked for them to me its a shame that he got that much money i know many wont belive me but i was there and saw what i saw

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