LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An Agoura Hills attorney Tuesday accused the state Attorney General of acting as “the pawn of America’s most powerful banks” when she sued him as part of a crackdown on alleged mortgage fraud.

Attorney General Kamala Harris “grossly violated” attorney Mitchell J. Stein’s civil rights by seizing his legal files and denying him the right legal counsel, Stein said in his lawsuit which was filed inLos Angelesfederal court.

The lawsuit also says the AG acted “under the cover of secrecy without any public airing of the facts, without proper court approval, and without allowing either plaintiffs or their counsel or any court a chance to respond.”

Harris spokesman Shum Preston described Stein’s suit as “frivolous.”

Last month, Harris sued three law firms, four lawyers, including Stein, and 14 other companies and individuals who allegedly preyed on borrowers desperation to obtain mortgage relief.

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  1. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Attorney Mitchell J. Stein got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and seems now he is whinning ohhhhh poor me after he ripped off borrowers desperation to obtain mortgage relief. This poor excuse for a human needs to be tarred and feathered.

    1. DebbieL says:

      you are an idiot, and evidently clueless.
      Mitchel Stien and Phil Kramer are not ripping off borrowers, both are excellent attorneys exposing the fraud that the banks wall street are doing daily. CA AG is harming the public and helping the banksters political favors, she is a disgusting fake, she needs to be removed from office. She is a sickening liar, protecting the innocent homeowners my ass, she is a fraud helping the basnks take ,more homes it is all a set up the lying B

    2. David says:

      Hollywood Reporter is now a rag, and this article/commentary is stupid, false, and shows how dependent the paper must be for Bank advertising dollars.
      How much money does the Reporter get from Bank ads?
      Harris actions were taken to block Mitchell Stein’s efforts on behalf of homeowners. She is protecting the Banks who paid her to take the action to stop Stein. She should be fired, and the damages paid should go to all effected homeowners and Stein.

  2. DeanK says:

    Mitchel Stein is my attorney, I’m one of those people. He did not engage in the inappropriate marketing that Kramer did. He and his people have done an excellent job for me and all the others. There is NOT ONE complaint filed with state bar against him, not one in 35 years! It’s one thing for the AG to protect citizens from unscrupulous lawyers, it’s something else to deny them the legal representation they paid for and want.

  3. Franki Martinez says:

    Mitchell j stein is also my attorney and has done a great job of protecting my home.I believe in Mitchell J stein and I will continue to back him. This man is out to help the people from corrupt banks of taking advantage of the commom person. The AG has been bought and she is not protecting the avergare person of being taken advantage of the evil banks. Its painted on the wall. Why isnt the AG going after BOFA? because she has been bought. anybody can see through the red tape. Mitch please continue to do your work and keep going after the crooks and sooner or later they will fall as they always do. Thank you Mitchell J stein for what you are doing …

  4. Karen says:

    I am a client of Mitchell J Stein and he is helping us and he will get the fraudster bankers and she Kamala is a no good excuse of a lawyer who took our civil right and our houses. She could care less about us the people. I thank Mitchell J STein for having the guts to do this on our behalf. The banks need to fail for all the corruption and lies the abuse they have done.

  5. Krista says:

    Debbie and others, you need to read the case files and exhibits and learn all the facts. The AG and CA Bar took action based on evidence. The Court apparently seems to agree with the AG and Investigators based on the Orders that were issued 10/19/11. Read it and weep:


    Understand that millions of the dollars collected were paid to affiliates, and the remaining millions appear to be gone and spent. Please open your eyes to the facts.

  6. David Beaubien says:

    Debbie you are wrong. Attroney Stein was not involved with the guilty Attorney that may have represented you or someone you may know.
    Where is the evidence against attorney Stein? No evidence was presented to the Court Oct 19th. The Judge ruled on reports provided to her that were wrong, contained misinformation and were inaccurate. Attorney Stein has not received a penny from any duped clients. Attorney Stein does not represent, and has not added one client to his lawsuit(s) that were duped by the guilty attorney.
    Attorney Stien reportedly had conversation/email with the guilty attorney covering the reimittance of Christmas cards to his separate clients from the same card service used by the guilty attorney. The guiltly attorney and Micthell had conversation with a private company responsible for maintaining a data base of client file information for their separate law practice. Mitchell Stien was not involved with any illegal activity, and there are no complaints filed by clients against Attorney Micthell Stein. The AG has been duped by the Bank of America, who has paid her significant funds. The AG acted on misinformation to discredit Attorney Stein who has been winning court rulings against Bank of America since 2009. Attorney Stien has been assisting Federal and State agencies who have found five major banks in California guilty of violations of Federal and State law covering foreclosure procedures and processing. The AG has taken no action against the Banks based on these findings. (Why) The AG has violated the law pursuing Attorney Stein. The AG has, accepted funds from the Bank she is supposed to be investigating. The AG is being sued by Attorney Stein for her unlawful actions. Get all the information, and stay tuned, this is going to get very messy.

  7. Anthony, Angel says:

    I do not understand why are Top Officials going after individuals as Mr. Stein who is trying to do something to the greatest fraud in American History committed against homeowners not just the State of California but across Our Nation. Its unbelievable what these crooks (The Banksters) have done in committing aggravating violations at State and Federal levels and see the corrupted judges and top officials doing nothing about it… What happened? have we become so ignorant about knowledge and wisdom that we can not differ right from wrong any more to a point that what President Thomas Jefferson once quoted “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” it happened to us.

  8. Michelle Rodriguez says:

    The bigger the Bank gets, the harder they are going to fall.

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