3 Men Arrested After Stabbing At LA County Fair

POMONA (CBS) — Three men were arrested Sunday, after a man was stabbed at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona.

The suspects were booked into the Pomona police department for assault with a deadly weapon, according to Pomona police Lt. Michael Olivieri.

The victim was airlifted by helicopter to County USC Medical Center, but his condition was unknown.

“The individual sustained minor injuries and was alert and conscious before being transported as a precautionary measure to County USC,”  Fair spokeswoman Michelle DeMott said.

Authorities said the stabbing occurred sometime after 10 p.m. during a fight at the Fair.

The 89th annual fair opened Saturday and continues through Oct. 2.

  • Pete

    Gang bangers, tattooed baldies
    ruin everything

  • EverydayGuy

    Latin cross dressers no doubt.

    • Craig

      Won’t know the truth until they post the mug shots

  • vic

    It’s always the minorities……….and if you point that out, you’re a “Racist”. I’m not a “Racist”, I’m a “Realist”. No names in the article, but …….Duhhhhhhhhhh!

    • PIG

      are white people the minority now?

  • not

    Yeah what ever Valley B!ctn! You idiots carry a chip on your shoulder like your so great! In my opinion your all POS just like any common criminals roaches of any race.

  • Hillbilly Foo

    your brother was no where near there, beside they were all Norwegian

    • Rick

      Not, you have lost touch with reality. Really, whites with a chip on their shoulder? Give me a break! Many Hispanic men are born with that chip firmly attached to their shoulder blade.
      I will ask everyone on here. Of all the races out there. Which group of men hang out in groups and stare and ogle at women?
      Which group seems to have a STARING problem? Once you look back they get all animated and proclaim “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, WHERE ARE YOU FROM?”
      This behavior only exists when they are in their GROUP or packing heat.

  • gangster hater

    I agree always those bald headed tattoed jobless losers acting like animals, better yet they are animals. They should be band from everywhere! What a joke!

    • Anthony

      seems like you were a spelling hater too, “Band”? you and “not” need to find racial harmony in a spelling class, omg nothing worse than ignorant people debating. Please learn the difference between you’re and your!

  • Valley Girl

    I think your mouth tells us all about you!

    • gangster hater


    • not

      Valley b!tch why don’t you and your brother gangster hater go make more babys together.

  • gangster hater

    The race doesn’t have to be mentioned to know who the POS’s are.

  • Thanks

    glad someone has the cajones to finally reports the facts
    instead of feeding the racist frenzy
    watch the movie the HELP and see how it has relevance to todays hatred
    ‘of the latino, regardless if they are legal or illegal

  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    The fun zone at the fair has always been known as the cholo zone, Pomona is 90 per cent cholos.

    • Craig

      And yet you still go
      I see nothing special about the fair
      Always the hottest time of year
      Too crowded…

  • Pete

    Yeah they are all trouble…
    but the university professor who was the Motorcycle
    Gang and dealing Meth.
    Yeah he’s white

    • James

      Yeah, but his neighbors said his lawn was very well-kept.

      • LLL


  • Anthony

    Kobe didn’t you marry a “mexican”?

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