LOS ANGELES (AP) — Uncle Sam wants you to know more about what you’re eating.

The Food and Drug Administration is revising the nutrition facts label — that breakdown of fats, salts, sugars and nutrients on packaging — to give consumers more useful information and help fight the national obesity epidemic.

A proposal is in the works to change several parts of the label, including more accurate serving sizes, a greater emphasis on calories and a diminished role to daily percent value numbers for substances like fat, sodium and carbohydrates.

It’s the latest attempt to improve the way Americans view food and make choices about what they eat, and comes in the wake of major advances in nutrition regulations by the Obama administration.

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Comments (4)
  1. swhitS says:

    If the FDA was a legit and trustworthy agency we would not have GMO’s forced down our throats and they would leave our natural supplements and vitamins alone instead of trying to control and ban them. There should be an outrage over their secret attacks on RAW Foods in Venice. Raw milk is legal in CA and they did nothing wrong.
    They need to get their hands out of Big Pharma and Monsanto’s bank accounts and come clean

  2. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

    I do NOT see major advances in nutrition regulations by the Obama administration. I see major advances in control. Obama is favoring Big Ag (Monsanto and GMOs). GMOs are a LONG way from advances in nutrition. GMOs are a MAJOR health threat and an environmental threat. They cause birth defects, major mutations and sterility just for starters. They will destroy the ecological balance of the planet and turn it into an uninhabitable desert. Perhaps we should wake up to reality and veiw this as population control. Control the food supply and control the world. Obama is also favoring Big Pharma. Big Pharma is one of the greatest threats to the mental and physical health of the entire planet. Once again the key word is control. The media needs to get its head out of that place where the sun doesn’t shine and start reporting the truth. But it seems they are under the ‘control’ of the government and can only report what the government wants and allows. I prefer to get my news from NaturalNews.com.

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