LAPD Changes Story To Say Shot Officer Wasn’t Wearing Bulletproof Vest

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Word that an officer had been struck by gunfire triggered a massive police response in south Los Angeles last week, but now the LAPD is saying much of what they initially reported about the police-involved shooting did not happen the way they said.

KCAL9 has confirmed that LAPD senior commanders are reviewing all procedures for sharing breaking news with the media and the public after officials announced a major turnaround about what really happened last Thursday.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports.

It was then that police said an officer was shot multiple times after he and his partner stopped a group of men on the street for questioning. Police said the officers were in a patrol car, and the gunman was shot and arrested on the scene. The wounded officer was said to be wearing a protective vest, and that the vest saved his life.

Even the doctor who treated the officer praised the vest.

Now, KCAL 9has confirmed that many of those details are not accurate.

LAPD officials are now saying the officers in question were in an unmarked police car and were not wearing bulletproof vests. The suspect opened fire on the officers before the officers ever got out of the car, and the wounded officer was not shot in the chest. His chest was bruised, but no one can say for sure just yet how it was bruised.

The LAPD said no suspect was shot on the scene, and KCAL 9 confirmed the man detained on the scene was a transient who had nothing to do with the crime.

Officials admit information was confused and rumors flew that day. They blame the problem on the massive police response and that commanders on the scene had difficulty getting information.

Police on Wednesday arrested 25-year-old Darvin Cook, who is accused of opening fire at the officers last week as they got out of their patrol car. Another suspect is still believed to be at large.

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