M4.3 Quake Rattles Newhall; No Injuries Reported

SANTA CLARITA (CBS) — A magnitude-4.3 earthquake struck four miles southeast of Newhall on Thursday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake struck at 1:47 p.m. five miles north of Pacoima and five miles southeast of Santa Clarita.

The shaking was felt as far as Hollywood, Malibu and parts of downtown Los Angeles, followed three minutes later by a magnitude-2.0 aftershock centered four miles north of San Fernando.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Did you feel it? Let us know by commenting below!

» USGS Earthquake Report

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  • David

    Felt it here at my office. Nothing major- just a quick jolt. Nothing to freak out over since we’re much tougher than those east coasters!

    • Matt

      Oh hell yeah!

  • German C

    Felt it down by the 5 and 110 freeways.

  • KJ

    Definitely felt it here in Studio City.

  • Dave

    Felt it as a sharp, quick jolt in Woodland Hills. However, my wife who was in Canyon Country didn’t feel it and didn’t even know about it until I called her.

  • Anabelle Felix

    I felt like a strong jolt here in the office, but that was it. Just another Thursday afternoon for Angelenos..

  • David Rangel

    Yes i felt the Earthquake here in Moreno Valley California..

  • Bob

    I felt a rolling motion on the 8th floor of our Beverly Hills building.

  • Aly

    Yes, we felt it very strong in Granada Hills. I was in my office and thought it was a big truck passing by our street but then it got stronger and stronger. It didn’t just roll, it really rattled the windows. I’m still a little shaky!

  • Lucia Trujillo

    Earthtquake shook our dinning room table.

  • Kathy Gerber

    I live in LAKE FOREST ,I saw my computer monitor sway,thought I missed lunch

  • Lakisha

    OMG!! the world is going to end!!!

  • Steve

    We felt it in Santa Monica, just a little shaking in our 5th floor office – enough to make the hanging lights swing back and forth for a short time. Hope that’s it for the next several years…………..

  • Junior

    We felt it here pretty good in the office I wok in Encino. It was rolling quake that we felt for a good 30 seconds. All the lights in the ceiling were moving and the blinds on the windows as well.

  • State Employee

    I just felt the earthquake here in Pacoima at work. cubicles started shaking but luckily noone was hurt and it was a short one.

  • Victor D.

    At first I thought it was my neighbors running down my hallway but for some reason that shaking motion that I thought it was my neighbors transferred to the bathroom of my apartment (where I was during the quake). It lasted about no more than one minute. It was like I was being moved in circles while sitting on the toilet.

    Location: CSUN

  • Swayze

    I felt it in Sherman Oaks. Big things swayed and I could hear the bookcases moving against the wall. It felt like vertigo sitting in my chair and not seeing anything move until I looked at the TV and it was moving.

  • Matt Chambers

    Felt a quick jolt at my office in Valencia. Didn’t last very long!

  • Andrea

    At my office in Encino, a strong bump with a little shaking afterwards.

  • Kay Verner

    On third floor in Stevenson Ranch right by Newhall. Online when it hit. Loud and hard shaking but didn’t seem to last too long. Started to plan my next move and it was over.

  • MIke

    Felt it at LAC/USC hospital in Boyle Heights area.

  • Pat

    I didn’t feel it, my coworker did she felt swaying

  • DJ

    Felt it here in Palms, just weak shaking but def felt it.

  • Alma Martinez

    I did not feel it but here some collegues at the 22nd floor in down town Plaza. They feel it like a swing to the sides……

  • Juan

    Felt it. It felt moderate. I was pretty scared. I thought it was just car but i was wrong. ;)

  • Alex

    South Central, circular motion lasting about 5-8 seconds

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