STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Are you looking for health tips and quick recipes to transform their bodies and minds in just 24 hours? We may have the perfect prescription.

Certified nutritionist Dr. Tony O’Donnell stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to talk about how to nix junk food and take back your health.

In his new book “Miracle Weight Loss,” O’Donnell shows readers simple and easy-to-make meals and snacks that can transform bad eating habits.

Tony’s Tips:


– Drop the latte in favor of an organic yogurt or gluten-free bagel
– Try Dr. Tony’s signature Irish Blend Vegan Smoothie


– Forget fast food. Prepare well-cooked meals from home.
– Pack a salad, skinless chicken, or salmon.


– No time to cook? Plan ahead.
– Make and freeze a pot of vegetable soup with healthy leftovers, like carrots, potatoes, and peas.


– Give up the chips and candy for an apple, orange, peach or non-dairy coconut ice cream.

About Dr. Tony O’Donnell 

Radio show host Dr. Tony O’Donnell, C.N.C, is the only naturopathic doctor in America who actually demonstrates the therapeutic benefits of raw herbs and whole grains on television. He is the founder and president of “Ireland’s Best”, a health and nutrition company which produces the enzyme-rich leading “Superfoods” including the best-selling Radiant Greens and Pomegranate Plus.

For more, click here.


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