OC Mom Repeatedly Bitten By Rattlesnake While Pushing Baby Stroller

OCEANSIDE (CBS) — An Orange County mother is in the hospital dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of being bitten, repeatedly, by a rattlesnake.

Brooke O’Neill, a teacher by trade, was pushing her baby stroller when the large snake attacked.

O’Neill said she didn’t see the snake but she surely felt it after it bit her … again and again. “I felt tingling and numbness in my fingers and my hands, then my leg, then it traveled up to my face,” she told reporters from her hospital bed.

After the searing pain, O’Neill said her body went numb. “Within minutes I was paralyzed from the neck down. I couldn’t feel anything.”

Quick-thinking neighbors called for help (another took care of the snake with a shovel) and O’Neill was rushed to the hospital.

Once there, she was injected with more than 30 vials of anti-venom.

O’Neill says she is feeling a lot better now.



  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    Hope this lady is ok, antivenim is about $1000 a vial, really adds up, plus DR> and hospital expense probably around $50k.

  • mister s

    I have alot of experience with rattlesnakes and this isn’t normal behavior. They retreat when approached and strike only when cornered. This lady should have been more aware of her surroundings. It sounds like it was sunning itself for warmth possibly when the stroller approached and it saw no way to flee.

    • Andrew P.

      That’s it. The lady (and the baby she was with) should have been more considerate of the snake. Poor little snake just wanted to get his tan on. And mean ol’ lady just came strolling through, and antagonized the innocent snake.;….

      Get a grip, mister s. I don’t have a lot of experience with snakes. But I do have a lot of experience with humans. And shovels. I say, good job to the shovel-wielding neighbor.

      • Mo

        What is your problem, Andrew? The comment made was PAT ATTENTION, not poor little snake. You apparently don’t have a lot of experience with reading comprehension, either.

  • roneida

    Cruelty to animals. Call PETA.

  • Mary Louise

    Lypo-spheric vitamin C or IV vitamin C can also help her very much – high doses of C neutralize the poison.

  • HolywoodSaint

    I thought the woman bit the snake 30 times…you know what happened the last time a woman a snake and an apple were involved together

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