Norco Doctor Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting At Least 2 Patients

LOMA LINDA (CBS) — An Inland Empire doctor has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting two patients, according to authorities.

Dr. Ramon Fakhoury, 35, is facing eight felony counts stemming from incidents that took place at Loma Linda University Medical Center’s urgent care clinic where he works part-time.

Investigators believe the initial incident took place on July 11 when Fakhoury treated a 32-year-old woman for chest pains.

“Two days later the female victim contacted the Loma Linda staff to report that she had been sexually assaulted by the doctor during the exam,” said Jody Miller of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

KNX 1070 reports.

Hospital officials say Fakhoury was immediately placed on administrative leave once they became aware of the situation.

While investigating the accusation, hospital officials discovered that a 68-year-old woman also alleged she was assaulted by Fakoury.

The victims’ accounts of the assaults indicate they took place within a 24-hour period around July 11.

“At present, the physician is no longer employed by Loma Linda University Family Medicine Group, and his medical staff privileges at the medical center are suspended,” the hospital said in a statement issued Wednesday.

“As a health care institution, providing a safe environment is a commitment we make to our patients and their families, as well as our staff. Concerning this incident, we took all the necessary steps to assure that we uphold this commitment. We will continue to do so as the investigation goes on.”

Dr. Fakhoury, who has been licensed to practice medicine in California for six years, turned himself into police Tuesday. His bail has been set at $1 million.

“Dr. Fakhoury did not sexually assault anybody at any time. We are looking forward to an opportunity to have our day in court and we are confident that he will be acquitted,” said his attorney, Courtney Pilchman.

Fakhoury, of Norco, is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning on charges of Forcible acts of sexual penetration, sexual battery, assault with the intent to commit felony, and crimes against elder adult, among others.   He faces 10 to 13 years in prison if convicted.

Detectives say Fakhoury also has offices in Rancho Cucamonga and Norco and believe there may be additional victims. Anyone with information should contact Detective Mark Hubbard or Ken Green at (909)387-3545.

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  • j

    In the San Francisco Bay Area corrupt DEA where skimming evidence and giving it to gang members to resell. They would get a cut of the sales proceeds.

    They where also providing cover for a large prostitution ring centered in San Francisco that was involved in human trafficking.

  • blader

    knowing that there a multitude of horses that call norco home, i was actually relieved to read the article to discover the patients were human. then, relief was replaced by disgust, of course.

    • Adele

      It disgusts me that you can already speak as if he is guilty. All charges will be acquitted and when they are, are we going to hear about that as well? NO because society is disgusting.

  • Arod

    Why not just let him retire on medical leave ? Cops get to do that all the time when they get caught doing something wrong

    • Maria L

      You don’t even know if he did anything wrong. Why not wait to see what happens before passing judgement.

    • PatricParamedic

      Arod –

      And you’d go along with that, if the woman was your wife?

      Grow a brain.

      • patient

        I have been seen by this dr many times havent had a problem. It’s funny that it takes 2 days to call the police? I dont belive it. he has too much to loose. Also times are hard people need money how easy is to say someone was molested after a chest exam or a breast exam. You dont wait 2 days to call the cops if you feel that you have been molested you call right away from that office. It is a alie you know it . I am a wife he has trated me my husband and my kids. i am thankful to him for that. so you touch a person you are a pervert. gosh where is this world coming to? why not sue the doctor and make money instead of going to work. i am discusted by the way people are this man went to school to save lifes and noe he has to prove his innocense. wrong. wait til you touch someone and they sue you for nothing how would you feel?

  • Big John

    doctors should never see anybody unless they have a partner with them then these quacks could not make these claims. it is just hard for me to be-leave that someone who spent so many years studying to become a doctor would toss it away for some cheap thrills . now a cop i can be-leave because i know many girls that if they could of got knocked up by fingers many cops would be daddy all over the hood

    • LoveDeep

      I agree Big John.

      • blogguy213

        i second that.

    • PatricParamedic

      Big John said:

      “it is just hard for me to be-leave that someone who spent so many years studying to become a doctor would toss it away for some cheap thrills ”

      You don’t read much, do you? News, I mean. Here’s exactly ONE of 9,100 doctors who faced charges of mental midgetry, in just the last 12 MONTHS:

      9,100 MDs manage to step into deep doo-doo – just in the span of 1 year.

      And you think a medical degree keeps people from acting stupid?

      Do yourself a favor: Read.

      • patient

        well it is easy to say a doctor molested a person. they have to touch u to see whats wrong. if you dont want to be touched dont go to the doctors.

  • Labac

    @Big John: Who are you to judge calling people quacks for coming forward? What isn’t there to “believe”? A patient claims they’ve been sexually assaulted. While investigating the case, another women claims she too been sexually assaulted. You probably think priests aren’t capable of molestation because they’re a man of god too.

    • Monica

      Who are you to believe their word either?

  • Tuenchi

    The same way you can judge this man by what you hear, I can place judgement by saying that these women just want money. A 32 year old with chest pains? hmm. Yeah im being just as judgmental as all of you guys.

    • Angel

      Agreed with you! Especially the economic is getting bad!!

    • don

      Yep 2 days to report! come on now your 32 no 15 lol im had that doc all up in my pap an breast man he was nothing but a pro an im 28 come on. Hes a chill doc.

    • patient

      i agree easy money why work? just go to the doctors wait 2 days than call the cops. ya right? i cant belive that this is going to be a court case? i would throw it out. hi should be a judge. one bad news and everyone forgets how many people and childrens life he has saved by examening their breast or any part of their body. people forget Quickly all the things he did. how unfair.

      • JANE662

        With your line of thinking, you better hope you or your children dont get assaulted one day. The way you talk, your mental state will be complete TOAST. And your English sucks.


    This man has a family and children. This is normal procedure in any case and the media as well as SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, IS CORRUPT.

    • patient

      yes. i agree. i feel that people can say anything they want you have to prove your innocense. i could never ever say anything about a dr. even if he touched me hesaved my life found out whats wroung. i have up most respect to all the drs in the world. i couldnt be a dr the stuff they see and do its amazing to me. but unfortunetly there is people like me who thinks this way and people the are out to make money on someones expense. i am so discusted by people these days. these wemen are gutless and dont care who they hurt in the prosess by their lies. doctors are the easiest target for sexual harrastment. i am so upst by this i am shaking. because i guess since i didt born here i am so thankful to bee here i could never sue or accuse a doctor since many times i rely on them to stay alive.

  • Free Doctor Fhakoury

    @ Tuenchi great response. I smell corrupt media and authority. Its sad that they are posting this man’s photo as if he’s already convicted. I’m praying for him and his family that the justice system won’t fail him. I know he is innocent, but it really doesn’t matter now. they made him seem like a villain anyway.

    • Tunechi

      These hook ers will get what’s coming to them.

      • PatricParamedic

        To the Fakhoury apologists –

        Having a hard time thinking clearly, are you? Found grade school pretty tough to figure out?

        If that’s the case, then Logic 101 is likely well beyond your reach. But for any others out there with the neurosynaptic ability to get from A to C without tripping, try this:

        1150 MDs running around Loma Linda treating thousands of patients a week – an NO sexual assault complaints.

        ONE MD gets two sexual assault complaints in less than 24 hours, by two different woman who don’t know each other & have never met.

        And you mental midgets think the complaints are a sham?

        You have no idea how much doctor-crime is going on. Do some homework, for crying out loud. Try typing “Doctor Convicted” into your search engine, and read up on the 18,000,000 hits you get.

        Then go back and take another look at all those zeros.

        Then try to grow a body part that thinks.

    • Angel

      Sad to see the corruption. Can’t wait to see them facing God ‘s judgement!

  • Don't believe everything you hear....

    The law says that this man is INNOCENT until proven guilty, but this trashy media has already made him guilty in the court of public opinion. I am strongly against providing mugshots of a standup citizen and smearing his name all on the news – this is total injustice. Praying that the justice system holds up to its standards of innocent until proven guilty. These are not allegations to be taken lightly, especially considering he’s had a scotch-free medical license for 6 years, has a family, and has had spectacular reviews (you can find them online). #criminaldefenseattorney

    • Skeptical

      “Presumption of Innocence is a principle that requires the government to prove the guilt of a criminal defendant and relieves the defendant of any burden to prove his or her innocence.” —- Nothing has been proven here. Even I wouldn’t bring these charges or use dirty tactics with the media with this joke of a case. #countyprosecutor

      • PatricParamedic

        Skeptical –

        “Joke of a case.”

        I happen to be a Medic & I know the back-story on this case.

        Let me know when you’re ready to put some money on his innocence.

    • don

      HE was awsome with me an im all broken! he will sit there an hear your crazyness an put me an my husband at ease ….since i met him at Loma linda urgent care.He saw me an didn’t pre judge me cos i look ghetto that night =) And his stories bout his family! omg awwwwwwwww hes a good fam man an yes Inland mags rated him top doc =)

      • patient

        yes he is a good man. these wemen should never go to the doctor again even if they are dieing. god forbit a dr has to exam their lungs or chest for infections that they potentionally can die from. what is the matter with society. i bet you these wemen either has no money and need some or they have done this before. or they just simply dont like the dr or what he looks like.

    • MeFFee


  • octotrio

    i’ve heard that hospital has had some issues about not reporting things in the past. maybe they’re trying to cover their butts? who knows what really happened….

  • LomaLi438


    Knowing a few medical terms doesn’t make you an expert, nor does it make you smart. People are just sharing their opinions. If you can judge, so can others.

    • PatricParamedic

      LomaL –

      No, medical terms don’t make me an expert. what makes me an expert – when it comes to physician misbehavior – is 12 years investigating 11,000 bad doctors. After a while, you see the same idiotic patterns, one after another.

      Fakhoury may well be innocent.

      But I can promise you Loma Linda doesn’t toss MDs out the door on a whim. You can damn well bet their attorneys know what the evidence is, and I’m betting it ain’t good.

      Do the math.

      • Grace

        Loma linda tosses doctors out because it s POLICY when they receive a complaint of this nature. And, if you know so many details of the case maybe you should practice a little thing called HIPPA. All your investigation should have taught you this and hopefully Loma Linda doesn’t get wind of your posts and turn you in.

      • Angel

        @patricparamedic…Sounds like you are psychic! Judging people by based on the statistic. Wow, Pray about it

      • Magically_Delicious

        Elsewhere in this thread you referenced a book, “America’s Dumbest Doctors” which happens to be written by the author K PATRICK McDonald? Is it possible that this author is also a paramedic using this thread to plug his book? Not having read the book myself, is it safe to assume that many of the figures you present in this discussion come from your own book? Just wondering.

      • PATIENT

        any attorney he or she can twist things to prove you are guilty even even if you arent . how can a dr figure out whats wrong if he cant touch you. gosh i couldnt be a dr. i would be afread of people accusing me wrongly while i try to save their lifes. of course this state is sue happy easy money why not. just came back from europe i went to a hospital if i could show you pictures of things thats going on you wont belive it. the drs dont care about you like here. we are so spoiled here. you must never been in a third world country where u cant sue or complain because if you do they let you die. they hospitals have no supplies not enough doctors i had to run whit the doctor on the halleway so i can ask questions they dont tell u whats wrong with u because thjey dont have time, the hopspital hAS 25 PATIENTS TO ONE NURSE SHE MAKES A TOTAL OF 350 A MONTH. IMAGINE THAT. THE NURSES ARE SKINNY BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO TIME TO EAT. THE PATIENCE WALKING OUT OF THE SURGERY ROOM BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO WHEELCHAIRS TO PUSH THEM TO THE ROOMS OR ROLLING BEDS. I WAS THERE I CRIED I HAT TO PAY 500 DOLLARS TO THE DR TO FIND OUT MY DAD HAS CANCER BECAUSE HE WOULDNT TELL ME OTHER WISE. MY DAD FELL IN THESHOWER IN THE HOSPITAL TOOK $% MIN TO A NURSE TO GET TO HIM. HE HAD A BAG ON HIS SIDE COLLECTING FLUID THEY COULDNT CHANGE IT UNTILL IT WAS SO FULL IT ALMOST BURST OPEN. BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SUPPLIES LIKE HERE. AND PEOPLE HERE COMPLAIN ABOUT DRS , HOSPITAL CARE, NURSES?PLEASE IF YOU WERE THERE YOU WOULD KISS THE GROUND YOU WALK ON YOU WOULD THANK YOUR DRS THEY TOUCHED YOUR BREAST AND FOUND THE TUMOR THAT IS KILLING YOU. YOU WOULD APPRICIATE ARE SYSTEM HERE. THESE LADYS WHO ARE SUING SHOULD GO THERE AND SEE I SWEAR TO YOU THEY WOULDNT SAY A THING. WE TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT WE CAN SUE AND GET RICH QUICK BUT ITS SO WRONG. I COULD GO ON AND ON AND DISCUSSED YOU EVEN MORE YOU CANT IMAGINE.

  • PatricParamedic

    Octotrio –

    “Who knows what really happened”

    Read “America’s Dumbest Doctors” for a start.

    Then you’ll know what’s happening.

  • PatricParamedic

    Angel –

    You might want to look up the word “judging.” I’m thinking you don’t know what it means.

    You did see that I wrote, “Fakhoury may well be innocent,” right?

    That’s called being objective. I have 11,000 lab coat lunatic behavior cases in my files, nearly all of whom were staunchly defended by folks who just couldn’t believe an MD could/would commit crimes.

    But 2,500 doctors will be found guilty this year of truly stupid behavior, and Fakhourly MD might well be one of them.

    • maggie

      Come on… Why didnt the woman screem when he did all these things they accuse him of. Why didnt she say help someone. ohhhhh I see she remembered after 2days to claim she’s been sexually assaulted by this innocent man. or some one asked her to do so??? think about it,…. it does not take medical terms or a genius , and the following day he assaulted another.. No one from his own private offices came out and said anything bad about him. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable for him to do such acts in his own office. Yet he never had a bad review. He is not going to do it in a small room almost public place and her not screeming or anything?????it sounds weird to me and many others. He is innocent.

    • Fakhoury Is Innocent

      @PatricParamedic… LLUMC (as well as several other medical and non-medical facilities) will put physicians, nurses, even the grounds crew on administrative leave until charges have been dropped. They do this to protect the patients, the funding of the hospitals, as well as protecting those accused from any further “new” allegations. Since you are so experienced in the area of “lab coat lunatic behavior” as you said, I am surprised that you didn’t know that.

      • PatricParamedic

        “This physician is no longer employed by Loma Linda University Family Medicine Group,” (LLUMC attorney stated)

        Fakhoury is innocent:

        What part of the above statement sounds like “administrative leave” to you?

    • Fakhoury Is Innocent

      I am assuming from your screen name that you are a Paramedic… Last time I checked paramedics didn’t investigate criminal charges so I’m wondering where these “cases in my files” that you reference come from? And if you are going to throw out statistics, can you give us the statistics of how many false charges were reported over the last year?

  • don

    Oh man so is he gona have a fill in doc i hope? man my ultrasound is in the morn an got to see Doc 3 days after lol poor doc hes cool…..Looks like he tokes but not a perv haha an iv been seen by him lots lol

  • Fakhoury Is Innocent

    Dr Fakhoury has been mine and my children’s physician for quite a long time – He is very professional, extremely thorough, and has a genuine caring attitude. Due to medical conditions, I had to see him approximately every 2 weeks for the past 6 months. I received not only the best medical care by him and his office staff but was also shown consideration and concern at all points of my care. I am very familiar with how he not only treated me and my children, but also how he treated the many people in our town that use him as their primary care physician. He is a wonderful physician – the best I’ve ever been to! And not only is he a wonderful physician, but he’s a fabulous medical teacher that donates much of his time to helping those in need, both to medical students as well as to low-income people in need of care. I am not saying that there aren’t people out there that do bad things but I will GUARANTEE you that Dr Fakhoury is NOT one of them!

  • Supportive

    Dr Fakhoury
    Lets all remember we live in a country that you are innocent until proven guilty! The media likes to jump on “news” and decide what they want to share to the public and since most of us get our information that way we are all quick to judge. The picture they are showing of course one who doesn’t know this man would be quick to say he is guilty but to all of us who are his patients and have dealt one on one with a man who has only shown compassion and complete professionalism know that he will be proven innocent. Dr. Fakhoury is in the heart of his career doing great things for people simply because he cares, he is a good man with a wonderful family and he comes from a family of doctors he would not risk his career and his family for something so ridiculous. In the end he knows the truth and so does God and whatever will be will be but Dr. Fakhoury your patients who know the real you and have been treated with noting but the upmost respect and kindness know you are innocent and I for one would not fear being treated by you ever. You care for your patients and you are dedicated to doing no harm to anyone you respect your oath and that will be proven!

    • Mary

      You said everything the rest of us wanted to say. Dr. Fakhoury we are all praying for you. You are a wonderful Doctor.

  • Karrie

    If you haven’t mean Dr, Fakhoury before, then please use consideration before passing comments or judgements. Like many people have stated, our law says you are “innocent until proven guilty”. An arrest doesn’t make you guilty, especially when he has been so cooperative that he turned himself in. I would bet my life on this man’s innocence. My family and I are all patients of his and we are 100% standing by his side right now. Please remember that this isn’t just a news story. It’s a real man. With a real family. And lets keep in mind too that these “victims” had family members present during their examination. Does it make sense for this upright citizen to throw away his life, his family and his career, all to molest someone whose family is standing right there??!!! Oh, and one of the “victims” has already sued 5 other Doctors. Know all the facts before forming your opinion and making such hurtful statements.

    • Trevor

      well said!

  • PatricParamedic

    Magically_Delicious said:

    “Is it safe to assume that many of the figures you present in this discussion come from your own book? Just wondering.”


    I did 12 years of physician misbehavior research before I wrote it, because when you write a book that names names, you’d better be sure every word is totally accurate.

    This particular doctor may well be Innocent, as I’ve stated since day one. But my point is, some of the arguments people are giving for his “innocence” are the same mindless ones heard in courtrooms 50 times a week in this country.

    The facts are undeniable: NO profession generates more criminal behavior, than the errant doctor population.

    If L.A. gang-bangers were a “profession” then bad doctors would be second on the list.

    If Loma Linda administration suspected the complaints were not credible, Fakhoury might well have been “suspended.”

    But he wasn’t.

    And at least part of the reason is because another physician reported what he knew about the case.

  • PatricParamedic

    To: Trevor, Karrie & Supportive:

    I honestly hope you are all 100% right.

    But to put the matter into proper perspective, 11,000 doctors have been found guilty of Felony-level crimes, in just the last 8 years.

    Patient sexual assault is one of the most common crimes that doctors are convicted of.

    The worst sexual molesters in U.S. history? According to the FBI, 5 out of the top 9 predators were doctors, including two twin brother pediatricians in Ohio, and a pediatrician in Delaware, who not only raped hundred of kids while their parents sat in another oom, but FILMED his assaults for his own enjoyment.

    Does any of this mean Fakhourly, MD is guilty? Of course not.

    What it does mean, is that of the quarter-million medical miscreants that are on file at the NPDB in Washington DC – every single one of them – including the Rapists, the Murderers, the Drug-Runners, those who secretly filmed their nude patients, and those hundreds who sexually assaulted patients – every one of them had ardent supporters, telling the world what a terrific doctor he was.

    One of the biggest mistakes a person can make, is assuming you “know” somebody, becuase of your own personal experience with them.

    Keep in mind, after Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of luring young boys to his house and eating them, his coworkers all reported he was, “really a nice, quiet guy.”

    Moral support is terrific & commendable. “Blind” loyality kills patients. About 400+ every single day, acually.

    • Non-Family Member

      Don’t let these people discourage you from educating the public on reality… They may be family of the doctor and just trying to keep his name clean. Fackoury maybe innocent until proven guilty… let us all wait on the court system to make the decision for us. The only person that has the right to judge and make conclusions on Fackhoury is GOD!

  • PatricParamedic

    Grace said:

    “If you know so many details of the case maybe you should practice a little thing called HIPPA. All your investigation should have taught you this and hopefully Loma Linda doesn’t get wind of your posts and turn you in.”

    As an emergency professional, I’ve honored Health Information protocols for most of the past three decades. Like most medics (and most investigators) I can recite the details of the HIPAA Act in my sleep.

    So I ask you, in view of this thread, which patient involved would you say has had her privacy violated?

  • SueTheVampireSlayer

    Mr. PatricParamedic…..Exactly what is your agenda here? We are all reading between the lines. My question to you is, how can you find time in between your researches on the “11,000 lab-coat criminal files”, your numerous “court sit-ins listening to the hundreds of cases” and the “FBI investigative file researches”, to possibly muster up enough time to plant yourself on this review board and actually argue and insult our comments, thoughts and opinions on Dr. Fakhoury? When most of these opinions are from real people sharing their genuine experiences, you on the other hand have never had ANY experience of your own, nor claim to know him, but so biased to challenge their opinions wow. Then on top of that you selfishly, disgustingly and ever so cleverly try to plug in your book which only makes for a despicable conclusion. You have spent so much time investigating these doctor claims, I wonder if you spent any of that time in investigating these patients claims. How about sharing your “back story” on these particular patient claims and share your opinion on them? Like for example the part where the 32 yr old patient returns 2 DAYS AFTER her urgent care visit to say she was raped with a foreign object but WASN’T AWARE OF IT AT THE TIME… about hearing your opinion on that…..oh wait……you can’t because you have pledged your allegiance to HIPPA’s policies and procedures, you simply cant share your “back story” on this, right? But you go as far as to say you know the back-story and perhaps maybe “a doctor must have contributed to this claim”…..hmmm….opinions and contributions from a “investigators” perspective who’s “investigating this case” is not a violation per HIPPA. Yeah, I’d say you’re loyal alright. So again, I’d like to ask you, exactly what is your agenda? Or better yet Pat the Paramedic…who do you really work for? I’d say the only “lunatic behavior” you missed in all your investigations was your own.

  • PatricParamedic

    Sue –

    Because you asked, here is my agenda, and it is simple and elementary:

    1. Some of the finest people in the world wear lab coats, and we own them a huge debt of gratitude.

    2. Some of the wackiest, most evil Americans graduated from the very same med schools as the good guys.

    3. NO group of professionals on the planet cause more death & suffering – unnecessarily – than the errant doctor population

    4. Bad doctoring kills 450+ innocent folks every day of the year.

    And I happen to believe people deserve the right to know about it.

    If you’ve paid any realt attention to what I’ve said here, it’s this:

    1. This particular doctor may well be innocent.

    2. But is’s childlike to believe he is, just because you happen to “know” him.

    And for the record, those of us who investigate, speak on & research physician misbehavior, are forwarded cases just like this one, by people who are aware of what we do.

    We get 50 reports a week as bad – and far, far worse – than this one.

    Sue, you can be as upset with anybody – myself included – that you want.

    But you cannot find fault with the facts. And the facts are these:

    NO professional group in society does more damage to citizens than badly=behaving doctors.

    NO one.

    That is my agenda.

    I ever have, is to warn the public in every way I can, that there is a preposterous volume of physician misbehavior going on

  • kat


    No one is disputing the horrendous statistics that you are throwing at us. There are a lot of bad people in the world and many bad doctors as well. But something that is not being discussed is the other side of the coin, which is how many people make false accusations to be able to sue people for money. I happen to know another doctor from this same urgent care, (and no, I do not work there) who had a patient ask for narcotics and when he refused to needlessly give them, she threatened him verbally that she would report that she had been sexually assaulted by him. People needing drugs do a lot of crazy things. i am not saying that these women are in that category but it is just as possible as what is being said against him. So many people are too quick to judge, in fact, I would go as far as to say that we are ALL guilty of it. How many times have I read a news story and judged for myself based on how “awful” the story was. But we don’t know all the facts and unless we are part of the inside investigation, we should keep our mouths shut. If the investigation concludes with a conviction, Mr. Paramedic, then you can add it to your little book of statistics, but until then, let the investigators “ON” the case handle it.

    • PatricParamedic

      Kat –

      I don’t disagree with anything you just said. And neither would I be even slightly surprised if it turns out that these woman have lied in order to gain something.

      I never assume an MD is guilty of misbehavior, just because somebody says so.

      That’s why the groups I belong to (such as Public Citizen & the USC Health Report) are alerted to these kinds of cases. We are medical professionals doing what needs to be done, to protect patients. We write, we do radio interviews, we enlighten patients to learn all they can about their doctors.

      The only reason I spoke out on this subject at all – on this forum – was to respond to some truly juvenile statements, such as one nut who implied that – even if the doctor was guilty of sexual assault – he ought to be allowed to simply retire without charges, for God sakes.

      Somebody else was under the feeble impression that physicians couldn’t be guilty, because they worked too hard to get where they are.

      So my comments were directed at those with nutty notions.

      One small correction: my book has nothing to do with statistics. It is a compilation of what 440 medical professionals had to say about goofy antics. And an impressive number were doctors, who themselves are often embarrassed by the antics of their 5% lunatic fringe.

      • kat

        thank you for your explanation,
        and i agree that if someone is guilty they need to be held accountable for their actions, which unfortunately too many people today don’t do and want to just blame somebody else. I also agree that there are a lot of people out there with immature and uneducated comments. What I do hope, is that the truth is revealed and justice is given where appropriate. What is sad, is that if this man is innocent of these crimes, it doesn’t change much for him. His name has been smeared across the media and if he is cleared of these charges, what does he have to go back to life to? and I can guarantee you that story won’t make the front page.

  • kat


    One more comment. You mentioned in one of your comments that “Bad doctoring kills 450+ innocent folks every day of the year.” I would like to respond to this comment, not necessarily in reference to this specific case, but to again point out the “other side of the coin”. Can you please give us the statistic of how many great doctors (who are all “human” by the way, that means they are allowed to make mistakes too) are out there risking their licenses and degrees to make great decisions everyday to save human lives and help care for our nations citizens. Doctors today have to carry sooooo much liability because of the sue happy population. I admire the responsiblity that they have to take on to make difficult decisions to care for people. I am not a doctor, nurse or medical provider by the way. There are very few professions that take on the responsibility and risks involved in making decisions with peoples health and lives as doctors and nurses and the rest of the medical field. We are so blessed to have people out there willing to take care of us and take those risks. And when something bad happens (not referring to this specific case!), and bad things happen sometimes because one, we are all human and two, that is life, instead of thanking our doctors and nurses for working so hard and trying, we slap them in the face with a lawsuit. It is a sad sad world and we need to remember that there is always more than one way to look at issues.

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