LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Thousands of unemployed Angelenos headed down to the Crenshaw district Wednesday in search of their next job.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports on a job fair going on at the Crenshaw Christian Center at 79th and Vermont Avenue.

An estimated 4,000 people showed up to apply for as many as 2,500 jobs with over 160 potential employers ranging from Wells Fargo to the U.S. Coast Guard and the Fox entertainment conglomerate.

“Whatever job is willing to hire me on the spot, or either hire me in a day or two or a week, I’ll take it,” said one man.

The job fair — which is being put on by the Congressional Black Caucus — is the last stop on a jobs initiative tour to five cities that included town hall meetings, workshops and seminars.

Comments (5)
  1. Dtue Keke says:

    gotta love racist orgnaizations like the black caucus

  2. LaLaLaLa says:

    @ Dtue Keke

    No where in there did it say the fair was limited to blacks, however, it is being administered by them. Its no different than an organization that fights for women’s rights, disabled rights, etc. If the playing field were even, equal, moral, just their would be no need for groups to fight for equality. Organizations such as this came about due to racism & to protect those disenfranchised/marginalized by it, but since you are not subject to the same treatment as many other groups you have no clue so shut up

  3. tired of illegals... says:

    And just to think that most democratic blacks want to tear down the southern border and allow all of Mexico to liive here. How’s that working out for you???? and your psyco Maxine Waters couldn’t wait to get that dream act passed…..hows that hope and change doing for you? Keep voting in Democrats and this is what you get idiots….

  4. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    75 year old maxine Waters has the nicest thickest hair for that age, better than the late Michael Jacson, years ago colored people had kinky hair.

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