Man Speaks Out After Allegedly Throwing Son, 7, Off OC Tour Boat

SANTA ANA (CBS) — The father who allegedly threw his son, 7, overboard during a boat tour in Newport Harbor this weekend is speaking out for the first time.

Sloane Briles said Tuesday that he didn’t slap his son or throw him off the boat in malice. He said they were playing around and that his son wanted to jump in the water and he jumped in after him.

“It didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary,” Briles said. “We were up to the key and him and I were screwing around and we just jumped out.

“There was no hitting, there was no striking of any kind, no anger whatsoever. … I put him over the edge, and then he jumped and I went in right after him. I don’t know where the ‘anger’ came from because we were having a pretty good harbor cruise,” Briles said.

Briles’s girlfriend, who was also aboard the boat, said there was nothing abusive about his behavior and that if there had been passengers would have intervened.

“If there was striking going on prior to being thrown overboard don’t you think people would have came and like, ‘Put your hands behind your back,’ or like ‘citizen’s arrest’ you?” Jennifer Burrel asked Briles during the CBS2 interview.

911 tapes released Tuesday tell a different story.

Callers described Briles as “violent” and “drunk”. They say he was arguing with his girlfriend when he slapped his “crying” 7-year-old son and, then, threw him off the boat Sunday afternoon.

Briles jumped in after his son but three boaters had already come to his son’s aid.

Police arrested Briles on charges of child endangerment and resisting arrest.

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  • tom

    Take him out a little further, @ 10 miles and go…… the other direction….fast.

  • Melissa O

    With an anchor to his leg

  • Kristi

    What an idiot girlfriend,,,”He’d never hurt his sons on purpose…” Way to stand by your drunken bully of a boyfriend and disregard the innocent kids. You are as bad as he is only in a self-serving, enabling way. Please get your tubes tied woman!

    This man needs to spend lots of time in jail for attempted manslaughter and child endangerment. Do society and his neighbors a favor.

  • Sloan

    Looks Mexican.

    • Jessenia Martinez

      Heh, you’re an idiot.

    • treason for any reason

      this has redneck written all over it…can’t find a scapegoat huh…lol



  • davo

    sounds more like to me that this lady was calling in to report somebody overboard. That was a pretty short clip, you have a recording of the full call? If so you should think about playing it. The way I see it right now this guy and his son jump to the water when they have gotten to a safe distance. After getting to shore he gets confronted unexpectedly by police officers who want to arrest him. What sort of psycho would not resist to some degree being unjustifiably detained. Like I said unless you got some better evidence to submit with this I gotta side with the dude, with the possibility of a wrongful arrest suit.

    • rich

      in both clips played the callers CLEARLY say he threw his son off the boat no one SOUNDS like they are reporting an adult overboard and when you resist it instantly says your guilty a person who is not guilty would have ZERO reason to resist

    • nojudgement

      I’m not sure about this… definitely need more information but… the dad said “he put him over the edge and the boy jumped” but how does a kid “jump” when he’s hanging overboard in the arms of his dad? It’s pretty hard to jump when there’s nothing under your feet. There isn’t a railing with a lower lip on the Queen boat shown in the video. I just can’t visualize what the dad is saying.

  • Gregg

    Alcoholic, notice his eyes are glazed over

  • mojo

    Crying screaming whining kids are annoying. They should ALL be thrown overboard along with their parents who can’t or won’t discipline them from the beginning

  • Jeezus

    The NEWS needs to be thrown overboard. I’m over it and bored.

    • cloudnine

      I agree completely!! Stop giving this so much attention… I didn’t even read the story I just went straight to the comments. Those are more interesting :)
      Ditto Jeezus!!!

  • CC

    His story seems so lame. With so many witnesses who saw what really happened, he shouldnt have even made any statements at all. Shame on the mother for not protecting her son from this abuser! Bratty kid or not, that was cruel, and she should not have defended that bully!

  • JAWS

    What a nasty looking GF

  • JAWS

    MOJO.. I totally AGREE!!!!

  • don't belive your eyes

    Convicted in the media, guilty till proven innocent. Whitnesses? I have twice landed my glider in an open field on a cross country flight and had 30 fire trucks respond to “aircraft down”. People think they see things that sometimes just not there.

  • To 'CC'

    The mother had NO part in this. If you can read correctly, it was the girlfriend who was there at the time, no the child’s mother. Get your eyes checked!

  • Pedro

    ‘Anchor” baby

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